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5 Best Practices for E-mail Marketing Testing

Here are five pro tips for email testing:

 E-mail Marketing Testing

Keep it simple : E-mail Marketing Testing

Test the basic elements first: subject lines, “from” names, and email copy. It does not take too much time or creative work to come up with some simple tests.

Standardize email send times : E-mail Marketing Testing

When running any A / B test, make sure to normalize your sent time. Even a 30-minute difference can change the results of your test. Do your best to send emails simultaneously to send the optimal time to your customers.

Choose your sample sizes wisely : E-mail Marketing Testing

If your sample size is too small, you can actually say a winner without one. As a good rule of thumb, make sure you have at least 1,000 observations for any test. For example, if a subject line exam is underway, you need to make at least 1,000 openings per email to see statistical significance. If you did not find the significance, you should run the test again and collect the data.

Test one element at a time : E-mail Marketing Testing

It wants to test more than one variable at a time, because the more you test at once, the bigger the impact you can make and the faster you can improve. But the challenge is that you will not know the individual improvement or decline in each variable. Test one variable at a time, measure the results and roll out the winners in your new email over time.

Listen to your test results : E-mail Marketing Testing

You will see the test result which has no meaning. You do not want to believe your eyes. But email marketing is not a cupcake competition. The best, most engaging email may not be the most beautiful or your favorite. Trust the data and your email results will be starred! [: Gb]

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Best Marketing Automation India

The Marketing Automation India story is yet in its initial steps. Most famous views globally still imply that there is less than 10% approval of marketing software platforms also when you join up the customer part of all primary providers.

Globally the Marketing Automation software market will be worth $7.63 Billion by 2025 as per estimates by various researches. The market is supposed to increase between 2016 to 2025 with India and China witnessing the tremendous growth in the customer base. As per estimates, the size of India market alone is over USD 500 million.

Story- Marketing Automation India

 marketing automation india

Marketing Automation India as the name sounds somewhat amorphous for a whole industry. The marketing automation market in India also started with lead generation and nurturing technologies gradually providing a wide array of analytics and social media management capabilities.

By the time the marketing automation wave hit the country, entrepreneurs in India had realized that they can’t understand the approach of building an “all you ever need” package for marketers. The marketing automation India wouldn’t be concluded without considering serial-entrepreneurs. Marketers have also embraced automation to simplify their tasks.

Challenges For Marketing Automation India

 challenges for marketing automation india

1. Budget Constraints & ROI Enigma

Most marketers connect low marketing budgets as one of the logic for the non-adoption of marketing automation resolutions. For some who take the leap of belief to use a marketing automation solution but only assess it in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) leave to see the value.

Another mistake that marketers could find to see the return on investment (ROI) reaching up, but sales dip. This could be a consequence of some simple causes and effects. As media expansion increase across channels, the reach has decreased for almost every channel and publisher. Growing costs coupled with declining reach drives up Cost-Per-Point (CPP), which means your original needs to be exponentially more efficient to deliver the same results. In most cases, even the greatest creative cannot compensate for the decline in efficiency.

2. First Think Content Strategy

The latest report suggests that the number of marketing tools competing a marketer’s attention raised by 40%  from the previous year. With so many marketing tools available, the choice to pick a marketing automation solution is usually driven by FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).

Outwardly a sharply defined content approach, the automation solution only stops up showing the incompetence in the marketing department. Content lies at the core of any marketing automation solution hence it is risky to guarantee that you have a documented strategy of content in status before you design your marketing technology.

3. Automation Detox

The industry as a complete wants some sort of detoxification for putting stand-alone applications like marketing automation suites. The difficulty lies in the mindset that marketing automation is expected to automate repeated tasks that destroy the very nature of what marketers do.

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If you are a business owner then firstly understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communication efforts. Mailcot Email Solutions focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI. Email marketing India /Email Hosting India is all about setting a goal and reach the goal in the given time period. You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to your door.

Being online every business wants to be top and the higher rate of ROI, For this, they are competing with each other, So MailCot provides a wide variety of Bulk Email Marketing Services and Email Hosting Services (either it is transactional or Marketing Email) to generate sales and attract grand new customers depending on their email campaign. Mailcot also provide email Marketing Reseller program.

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B2B Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing Tips

Competitive Email Marketing Tips for B2B Marketing


Email marketing tips

email marketing tips, email marketing tips for b2b marketing, email marketing

Social media marketing and the content used, are excellent means for nurturing leads through the sales funnel but with limitations. These two have their own limitations. To get site content in front of leads requires high search rankings for relevant keywords. Similarly, social media posts have a short life span with a lot of competition.

There is no guarantee that the content published on these channels will discover. Therefore, email marketing is the way to increase the percentage that the content created will be consumed.

By adding email marketing tips or strategies of the modern world to existing lead nurturing efforts, one can deliver the right content, at the right time and at the right place. You can easily deliver personalized content directly to leads on a channel they monitor on a daily basis or actively.

6 Basic Tips For B2B Marketing

email marketing tips, email marketing tips for b2b marketing, email marketing tips for b2b marketer

Use the Account-Based Marketing Approach to Target

Today,s email marketing best strategies are less like social media marketing and more like account-based marketing. Instead of casting a wide net with an email blast, leads must be segmented into groups. Email blasts are dead. For nurturing leads, you must segment customers into groups according to their buying journey. This is simple if you have a list of contacts who’ve downloaded gated content. Try to determine particular positions in the buying journey or previous buying behavior that each piece of gated content caters to. And then follow up with individuals who have downloaded that content. Email marketing services help you to segment individuals and deliver emails according to their interests.    google 


Optimize Emails for Mobile

If emails forgo mobile optimization then you will definitely lose a huge portion of your audience. Most of the emails are opened on mobiles, there are a few percent of the audience who open emails on desktop. Structuring the content is important too. Always lead with the most important information to grab attention immediately. Use short and strong paragraphs for easy reading on mobile. On the top, you must include your call to action. Make sure buttons and links are big enough to tap easily.


Engage With Trigger-Based-Campaigns

Trigger-based email marketing automatically sends emails to individuals based on their actions. Trigger-based campaigns really shine in nurturing lead when you adopt a marketing automation platform. Email marketing tips for b2b marketing

For instance, trigger-based campaigns could send a welcome email, send a thank you email and send a reminder or discount code.

B2B Marketing

Personalize Emails

Personalized emails are more likely to be opened and will lead to more click rates. It is an effective means to build relations. For referring leads you should start with their names but there are many other ways to take personalization to a further step. Use DOB to send messages on their birthdays, send a thank you promotion message at that particular date on which the person subscribed and send messages from personal accounts instead of a business account. This will make the conversation more one-to-one.

email marketing tips

Customize Dynamic Content

It is also known as ‘smart content’. In dynamic content email displayed differently to each recipient based on collected data. The very first step is determining what data is important and to cater customers needs to utilize the data correctly. Like utilizing age, gender, etc will help you connect real contacts with buyers personas. This will be a guide to dynamic content decision making.     GOOGLE

email marketing tips for b2b marketing

Make Emails Interactive

An interactive email shows the functionality of the web page. It saves time on the recipient’s end and then they can respond instantly and easily. An interactive email will lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

Email marketing India         B2B Marketer      b2b business    email marketing service providers 

B2B Marketing 

B2B Marketing

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Marketing Automation

How Marketing Automation helps your business to get Leads Faster

Automation has quickly become a critical component of today’s successful marketing strategies (Marketing Automation). It can boost sales productivity by 14.5% on average, and reduce marketing overhead by 12.2%. The ever-increasing number of platforms and channels means customers are easier to reach than ever before and, as such, marketers are eager to implement cross-platform, omnichannel campaigns.

But to run these campaigns and reach customers efficiently and effectively, brands must push the capabilities of their marketing automation platforms to take over some of the more operational tasks, allowing them to allocate more time and energy to strategy, content, and creativity.

So, what can marketing automation technology do to help best engage customers and improve the business?

Fully Automated Welcome Programs

One way a brand can begin to create a lasting relationship with a customer is through a simple welcome program. By reaching out with an initial email after a customer subscribes to an email newsletter or creates an account, marketers can let the customer know what to expect, share more about the brand, and encourage the new customer to begin shopping. Welcome emails can also be an opportunity to gather even more information about the new customer.

Powerful Customer Retention Programs

Advanced lifecycle campaign automation, such as win-back and abandoned cart campaigns, can have a huge impact on a brand’s bottom line. No matter how great the brand, the product, or the website, life can occasionally get in the way of a customer making that final purchase. Customer retention is one of the easiest ways to raise profits. In fact, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% can increase a company’s overall profits by up to 95%.

Coordinated Multi-Channel Campaign Automation

Most marketers understand the need to coordinate their campaigns across multiple platforms, channels, and devices. Because today’s shoppers often jump from one to another. When customers are everywhere, the brand should be as well. Using marketing automation can make this omnipresent status significantly easier for businesses to achieve.

Improved Customer Personalization

No one wants to feel like a number, particularly by their favorite retail brand. Marketing automation can help businesses create strong, fruitful, holistic customer profiles. Businesses can analyze these profiles and segment their customers into highly targeted audiences, ensuring the right message gets to the right person, on the right channel, at just the right time. These profiles can be continuously and automatically updated through the marketing automation solution.

The Ability to Test, Optimize, and Test Again

While all of the above are great ways marketing automation can help businesses run better, this is by far one of the best. Marketing teams can instantly understand which messages best resonate with each target audience. As well as where, when, and how to send them for optimal results. They can continuously test, optimize, and re-test different messages, creative executions, and even subject lines

Email Marketing

Why nothing matters more than your email’s subject line

The average person receives between 120 and 130 emails per day. Ponder that for a moment. Between the massive volume of work emails, personal emails and, you guessed it, marketing emails, our eyes are saturated with copy 24/7, whether we’re actively looking for it or not. When it comes to sending an important email, whether it be to one person or a mass marketing communication, the key to success is creating engaging content. With email marketing, the aim is to achieve a high open rate and, ideally, a high click rate. Though the body of an email is always the most important element to focus on, the first section that will engage your audience is the subject line.

Why is the subject line important?

Typically, the subject line often left until the last minute and doesn’t have a lot of thought put into it. Using an attention-grabbing subject line, however, is always one of the best ways to achieve high email engagement (marketing Emails) levels.

Many workers receive hundreds of emails a day, and many of these will often go unnoticed. The subject line is one of the first things a recipient will see. So it’s essential that yours is the one that stands out and catches their attention.

What makes an engaging subject line?

There isn’t a guaranteed way to create the perfect subject line, but there are a few tips you can use to make it a lot easier.

Keep your Subject Line short and sweet

The key to a catchy subject-line is one that quickly and descriptively summarizes the nature of your email in as few words as possible. However, don’t make it too short. You’ll ideally want to make your subject line between 30-50 characters (Marketing Emails).

Example: “New cloud-based Office 365 service launched by Exclaimer”

Hook your audience

Use incentivized language to grab your audience’s attention immediately and give them a reason to open your email. Try asking a question that will make them want to find out more.

Example: “Migrating to Office 365? Try Exclaimer Cloud!”

Do not mislead

You must make sure your subject lines accurately reflect the content of the email you are sending. It must not be used to make false promises as this will only encourage recipients to unsubscribe or even complain. Make sure your subject line is as specific as possible so your audience knows exactly what it is they’re about to read.

Do some Email testing

Are you struggling to decide between two or more subject lines? Then, try some A/B testing!

If you’re sending an email communication to 1,000 people, first send out an email with subject A to 100 people. Then subject B to another 100. Whichever subject lines perform best, use that for the remaining 800 emails.

When you take the time to write an email with great content, don’t ruin your chances of the email being opened by not putting enough thought into your subject line. By using enticing language and the tips we’ve given, you will see a rise in your open and click rates!

Email Campaign, Email Marketing

Top 5 Email Marketing Trends in 2018

85% of consumers prefer email as the primary method of outreach from a brand. How you leverage this marketing tool determines whether you engage subscribers or find your ROI falling flat. Email marketing without the right strategy leads to a lot of tedious work without the payoff. But these email marketing trends are connecting with people.

Let’s talk about the latest trends in Email marketing

Instantly Usable Content

We’ll start our effective email marketing trends with the one you can instantly use. Begin increasing your open rate with this simple technique. That’s what you want right, right? You need something that you can quickly apply and get instant results. Guess what? That’s what your customers want as well. They want it fast, they want it now. They want to see an immediate change in their lives as a result of opening your email.

Examples of Instantly Useable Content

This content serves an immediate need for the recipient. Because they use it immediately, they remember your brand. Any brand can do this. For example:

  • Mindfulness brand = short guided meditation
  • Healthy snack company = easy recipe
  • Fashion or interior design brand = ensemble for the week
  • Plumber = plumbing tip of the week
  • Lawyer = legal tip
  • Non-profit = 1 simple way you can help
  • Entertainment = A joke, funny image or video
  • Any company can send out a weekly how-to video related to their brand

Emails Become More Human through AI

AI continues to revolutionize marketing. It’s no surprise that it’s taking over email marketing trends. Your small business can use machine learning technologies to send people more personalized and relevant content.

You may feel like a superhero some days, as you switch hats and get things done in your business. But no human could develop the level of hyper-segmentation you can achieve with this technology.

AI technologies allow you to reach particular segments with a more tailored message and offers. When people get relevant emails they actually open and interact with them.

58% of people say that marketing emails rarely apply to them. 43% of people say they unsubscribe to branded emails when they find they’re not relevant. 15% of people mark emails they don’t want as spam instead of unsubscribing. That hurts your reputation.

Mobile-First Is Not an Option

81% of people read their emails on mobile devices. 68% of consumers say they delete emails that don’t render on mobile. They don’t wait until they get home to their laptop or to their work computer. You don’t get a second chance.

This is one of those email marketing trends that’s been in the works for some time. But up until last year, a small business could get away with not having mobile-friendly emails. Your email almost assuredly goes to junk if it doesn’t render well on mobile.

Let’s look at the 7 steps to a mobile-friendly email

  1. Have very short subject lines
  2. Use a single column template
  3. Use a larger font
  4. Size images properly for faster load time
  5. Have a clear call to action
  6. Don’t put links near each other
  7. Test your emails on multiple devices. You can find free tools online that allow you to test your email on all the popular devices.

Protecting Customer Data

This email marketing trend arises from the years of excessive and careless collection, selling and using of personal data. It goes far beyond the Can-Spam Act.

Customers know that you collect a lot of data on them. They understand that you use this data to create a more personalized experience. But they’re also tired of having this data used to harass them.

We’ve all experienced this. You sign a new mortgage. Now, you’re getting endless offers for home warranties. You have more credit card debt than you’d like. You’re overwhelmed with offers to consolidate or re-fi. You give some money to a charity. Suddenly 20 charities are emailing you.

In order for your email marketing campaigns to be successful, a person must trust you. Without that trust, they won’t provide you with their email and other identifying information.

Interactive Content

29% of surveyed marketers say they’re focused on putting more interactive content in emails. They understand people’s drive to interact. They’re leveraging this to increase open rates and engagement. Not only do these interactions engage. You can also learn more about your customers based upon how they interact. Start with basics like social media icons and gifs. So as you branch out, find new and interesting ways to be more interactive.

Email Campaign, Email Marketing

Major Concerns While Sending Email To Subscribers

What is Email marketing?

Basically, the use of Email is provided services or product but a better definition is the use of email to develop relationships with potential customers or client. Email marketing campaign is the one segment of internet marketing so basically the use of email to promote the product or services.

Email Marketing Services

Why Email Marketing Works?

Email marketing is an effective and measurable way of reaching your contacts or current customers. Cheaper than some other direct advertising and marketing method, email marketing helps you to tailor your messages to different types of customers, build customer relationships and drive direct sales.
Most of your clients probably test their email daily. Consequently, email may be an effective advertising device in your business. Email-marketing should be used responsibly and it is extremely important to gain your customers’ consent before sending emails.

Here we talk about measure concerns while sending email to subscribers

1. Improving Deliverability

It received remember in case you craft a compelling email with an interesting subject line if all your emails get sent directly to the spam box. Passing the spam filter has always been one of the massive email marketing challenges for marketers. There also are deliverability problems arising out of a complete inbox or non-existent email address.
When your deliverability rate is exceptionally low, you may get blocked by Internet service providers. Low deliverability is also a sign of wasted time, money and effort.

2. Spamming

When beginning an email marketing campaign one should never buy an email mailing listing. Sending an email to consumers who did not subscribe to you goes against the CAN-spam Act and can result in spamming reviews and eventually get your email black-listed and banned. The best results from email marketing come from beginning a mailing list from scratch to people who actually subscribe to your service.

3. Reputation

A business puts its recognition on the line when starting an email marketing campaign, that’s why it is important for businesses to stay genuine when sending out an email.
If you’re not sure about your email, follow these points which have been laid out by the CAN-spam Act:
• Don’t use false or misleading header information
• Don’t use a deceptive subject line

Email Campaign, Email Marketing

Email Marketing Tips for Small Business: Marketing Solutions

With a large array of email marketing software tools available today, it should not be difficult to find one that is budget friendly. Besides providing the right infrastructure to send mass emails, email service providers also offer additional services like responsive templates, analytics, and automation which make it easy to create and send emails. Having features such as analytics, allows easy access to obtain data regarding open rates. Click through and conversions enabling businesses to see what is working or to make adjustments very quickly.

It’s amazing how many small businesses want ‘to do email’ but don’t think beyond that. It’s important to understand your customer’s journey and relationship with your brand because that will help determine the top priorities for email marketing. Your email marketing focus will depend on your business, brand and the customers’ buying habits. So figure out what makes the most sense for you before sending out emails, be it promotional or newsletters.

A good strategy is to regularly test various options and analyze the data (open rate, clicks, and conversions) to find out what works optimally.

Find the Right Frequency

How frequently you send emails is a balancing act. The good news is that consumers like getting emails, just as long as they aren’t redundant. As a general rule of thumb, most businesses find it helpful to email their entire list on a monthly basis and send segmented communications on a weekly basis. According to Marketing Sherpa’s survey, 60% of the customers surveyed prefer a weekly frequency. A higher than a weekly frequency could get a higher number of unsubscribes. While with a less frequency, a business runs the risk of becoming irrelevant.

Once you have a strategy figured out based on your business, brand, and customer habits, think about what gets the best engagement. The frequency of the emails can be determined thereafter.

Keep your current customers close to you

Most businesses undervalue the use of email to keep the connection with their existing customers. They focus on sending primarily promotional type emails centered around making a sale or they will send holiday wishes a few times in the year.

Use your email marketing to connect smartly and frequently with your customers and stay top mind. Regardless of the buying cycle of your business, it’s important to stay connected with your current customers to encourage repeat sales, loyalty or word of mouth marketing. The key is to ensure the content is useful to your customers. Examples of such content might be tips, guides, or how-tos. Let’s say, you have a local boutique selling women’s clothes.

Segmentation is Key

With today’s technology, creating segments of your email lists is easy and a must! Your customers are not all same; they have different needs at different times. Hence, one message should not fit all. There is enough data that shows when you group your email list into segments and send customized emails that are relevant to the group. Those emails are more likely to be opened, clicked and acted upon, thereby increasing the conversions manifold. Segmentation is key to increasing revenue from email marketing.

Choosing the Right Email Service Provider

Last but not least, a critical step, is choosing the right email service provider for your business. You, as the owner, will send out your emails through their servers that are specifically set up for these services. If you tried to send mass emails through your regular Internet Service Provider (ISP), your campaign could be blocked. Because regular ISPs not developed for mass mailings.

Therefore make sure you do your research really well when shopping for an ESP. Evaluate at least 3 services and consider their value, features, customer service, infrastructure, speed to send, ease of use, analytics and overall reputation of the service.

Email Marketing

5 Best Practices for Email Marketing in Healthcare

In today’s world, with information at one’s fingertips – and the variety of choices out there for healthcare – healthcare industries must nurture relationships with current and prospective patients. This includes educating about treatments, as well as offering general health and wellness information(Email Marketing). This will keep your brand top of mind when a patient or prospect needs something health-related.

Enter email marketing

A hospital’s patient communications can be a lot more than transactional emails. Through working with many of the largest hospitals in India. We have gathered some best practices when it comes to using email as a communication and/or marketing tactic within the healthcare industries.

Here are 5 Email Marketing best practices to staying top of mind with prospective and current patients:

Build a Benchmark to Measure Against

Health-related content directed towards patients tends to engage a lot more than it would in traditional B2B marketing. Using traditional industry benchmarks could hurt you in the long run. Making it look like your campaigns (Email marketing Campaign) are running much better than they truly are.

We recommend pulling historical data and build your own specific benchmarks based on past and future email marketing communications. This way, you are comparing any future emails and programs to your particular audience and marketing tactics.

Educational Content Over Direct Sale

When it comes to the health problems for yourself or loved ones, there is no higher priority. Therefore, people tend to research on their own a lot more than they would to buy a product, hire a company or sell a service.

We have seen more educational-based emails with topics like patient treatment options, wellness tips, and ways to improve comfort, as well as general information on a diagnosis have gone a lot farther than immediate requests for an appointment or finding a location.

Give the Ability To Move Quickly If Needed

As mentioned above, we are in an “information first” world, with many different ways to find and consume information. This has changed the patient journey dramatically in the last 10-15 years, giving patients the ability to be more educated and move through the process at their own pace. So, even though we said above that educational emails are better than the direct sale in terms of engagement and keeping your brand top of mind, it’s imperative to make it easy for those entering the journey, yet ready to schedule an appointment or make a decision. This way, at any time, one can click through, call to schedule an appointment or visit a location.

Map The Patient Journey to the Content of Email

Understanding the diagnosis, treatment options, and how patients inform themselves about their recent diagnosis helps align your content strategy. By doing so, you share the most relevant content to the right person at the right time and place. It does not help to share discharge and recovery information about a surgical procedure before they even know what their treatment options are. Ensuring the content flows with the patient journey through a specific disease helps patients stay informed.

Be Hyper-Targeted and Sensitive with Content

Health information is a very sensitive subject. So when sharing and Educating, you want to be extra careful that you target the right audience. And not accidentally scare or instill fear in anyone. As a best practice, use a gated asset that someone needs to opt-into for information about a particular disease. This way, you know for sure they are interested in receiving additional info about procedures or treatment options. Also share broader information about treatment options or health and wellness tips that help with a disease ( Healthcare industries), not specific medications/remedies or diagnoses that a doctor or medical expert would provide.

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