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Best Marketing Automation India

The Marketing Automation India story is yet in its initial steps. Most famous views globally still imply that there is less than 10% approval of marketing software platforms also when you join up the customer part of all primary providers.

Globally the Marketing Automation software market will be worth $7.63 Billion by 2025 as per estimates by various researches. The market is supposed to increase between 2016 to 2025 with India and China witnessing the tremendous growth in the customer base. As per estimates, the size of India market alone is over USD 500 million.

Story- Marketing Automation India

 marketing automation india

Marketing Automation India as the name sounds somewhat amorphous for a whole industry. The marketing automation market in India also started with lead generation and nurturing technologies gradually providing a wide array of analytics and social media management capabilities.

By the time the marketing automation wave hit the country, entrepreneurs in India had realized that they can’t understand the approach of building an “all you ever need” package for marketers. The marketing automation India wouldn’t be concluded without considering serial-entrepreneurs. Marketers have also embraced automation to simplify their tasks.

Challenges For Marketing Automation India

 challenges for marketing automation india

1. Budget Constraints & ROI Enigma

Most marketers connect low marketing budgets as one of the logic for the non-adoption of marketing automation resolutions. For some who take the leap of belief to use a marketing automation solution but only assess it in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) leave to see the value.

Another mistake that marketers could find to see the return on investment (ROI) reaching up, but sales dip. This could be a consequence of some simple causes and effects. As media expansion increase across channels, the reach has decreased for almost every channel and publisher. Growing costs coupled with declining reach drives up Cost-Per-Point (CPP), which means your original needs to be exponentially more efficient to deliver the same results. In most cases, even the greatest creative cannot compensate for the decline in efficiency.

2. First Think Content Strategy

The latest report suggests that the number of marketing tools competing a marketer’s attention raised by 40%  from the previous year. With so many marketing tools available, the choice to pick a marketing automation solution is usually driven by FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).

Outwardly a sharply defined content approach, the automation solution only stops up showing the incompetence in the marketing department. Content lies at the core of any marketing automation solution hence it is risky to guarantee that you have a documented strategy of content in status before you design your marketing technology.

3. Automation Detox

The industry as a complete wants some sort of detoxification for putting stand-alone applications like marketing automation suites. The difficulty lies in the mindset that marketing automation is expected to automate repeated tasks that destroy the very nature of what marketers do.

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If you are a business owner then firstly understand why and how your audience uses technology and then start trying to align your communication efforts. Mailcot Email Solutions focus on growing your list all of the time as newer subscribers are more engaged adding to healthier open rates and ROI. Email marketing India /Email Hosting India is all about setting a goal and reach the goal in the given time period. You can’t expect to just write and have visitors come to your door.

Being online every business wants to be top and the higher rate of ROI, For this, they are competing with each other, So MailCot provides a wide variety of Bulk Email Marketing Services and Email Hosting Services (either it is transactional or Marketing Email) to generate sales and attract grand new customers depending on their email campaign. Mailcot also provide email Marketing Reseller program.

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Marketing Automation for any small Business

Without the benefits of marketing automation, small businesses will always struggle to survive in a customer-centric environment. The truth is that the key to development is not the best product or services. It does not even have pricing strategies, nor is its customer service. This is customer experience. It is able to connect with customers, gives them what they want, and people feel special. It is a personal touch, capable of pulling out successful companies – even with the help of technologies such as large enterprise operations – Email marketing automation.

Without Marketing Automation, you always remain at the mercy of your competitors’ business and marketing decisions. With it, you have to do a lot because you will have the tools for which you need to increase and maintain your business. Take a look at the benefits of small businesses having experience with marketing automation.

Some benefits of Marketing Automation & Email Marketing For small businesses

Personalization will get more Attention

Personalized emails provide six times more transaction rates and result in higher free rates of 29 percent. 79 percent of consumers claim that if they are personalized to reflect the previous interaction, then they are more likely to engage with the proposal.

78 percent of internet users say that relevant material promotes equality that they will buy. With the marketing automation software, you can split into groups to help customers send and share relevant content only.

You can also manage emails with specific customer data including your name, preferences and transaction history. In this way, you are a debtor individually that they may be interested. Which means, they are more likely to answer.

Access to Insightful Customer Data

What do you know about your customers’ wants and needs? What are their barriers to making a purchase? Do you know when their expectations change?

With the right marketing automation platform, you can collect, organize, and analyze your customers’ data, offering a wealth of information at your fingertips. You can then use this information to create better buyer personas and to continually update them, to make smarter business decisions, and to create a better customer experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Getting customer experience right goes far beyond personalization. It’s about knowing what’s relevant to your customers. What channels they want to engage through. And what they expect at each touchpoint along the customer journey.

Any big brand marketing expert will tell you, delivering a customer experience your buyers can’t resist isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts because you have to factor in different buyer stages as well as buyer segments – and what is trending in your industry right now.

That’s why marketing automation is not just useful for Customer Experience, it’s necessary. Marketing automation is the platform from which you send out relevant email marketing campaigns and personalized follow-up messages. It’s where you can track your online interactions and use A/B testing to learn what actions and what content resonates the most with your customers.4

Marketing Automation is Lead Nurturing Platform

With your marketing automation software, you can nurture the leads you’ve worked so hard to generate with your content marketing strategy and other demand generation tactics. The benefit of your marketing automation is that you are able to clearly identify elements of high-performing nurture content when you keep a close eye on open, click through, and conversion rates. When you can see what is working to convince your leads to convert, you can further those elements in other areas of your marketing.

Workflow Efficiency

A lot of small businesses jump into marketing automation in the first place for this benefit – more efficiency. With the right technology, you can streamline your workflows, get more done with fewer resources, and cut costs. And this is where your investment in software starts to pay off.

But, this is also the benefit you want to examine closely when deciding which marketing automation platform is right for your organization. Marketing automation tools are an investment. The trick to not overextending your budget is to identify what you need and start there.

Let’s Conclude

With the help of the right marketing automation software, you can convert more leads into customers and retain more of the customers you already have. Which means, your business grows and your budget expands. What’s more, you get to finally take control of every decision – and stop leaving the fate of your business in the hands of an insecure budget.

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7 Tips to Perfect Your Email Marketing this Holiday Season

As the Festivals are coming, now is the time for you to ramp up your email marketing. Here’s what you should do to make your holiday email marketing a success.

Make a Game Plan

Your first step is to make sure that you have a game plan. Every email marketer knows that armed with the right strategy, there’s no way you’ll lose sight of the bigger picture. Decide how and when you want to market this holiday season, and prepare a solid, well-thought-out plan.

You do not have to get an email for every holiday and opportunity (Holiday Email Marketing), but it’s good to know what’s going on, and for whom you want to make a market. Once you know it, the types of offers and imagery you are going to use will be easy to sync.

Make a Date of Email Marketing

Holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve will always fall on the same date each year, but remember the days of the week shift. So when you’re planning out your holiday Email Marketing strategy, be sure to keep that in mind.

Make it Mobile Friendly

As the working year winds to a close and schools start to let out, more and more of your customers and clients will be going on leave. Chances are, they won’t be checking your emails on their work computer anymore. Best you make sure your emails are mobile friendly, so your subscribers can read them from anywhere. It’s vitally important that not only are your emails legible and functional on mobile, but they also need to look fantastic as well.

Send Automated Emails

Holidays are busy times for all retailers and marketers. Instead of extracting valuable time from your sales and other responsibilities, you can use automated email to do all the work for yourself. Already set up, these automated emails will send the correct email to the right customer at the right time.

You can create a series of emails reaching certain holidays, with special mail sent on specific dates. You can split your automation and trigger different emails to different customers, depending on how they interact with your mail. Once this is all right, you can sit back and relax.

Grab Attention with Images

Using big, bold hero images is one of the easiest ways to showcase your products and keep you top of mind, all at one go. Make your hero images around the holidays that you are marketing to get the most impact.

Get personal with your offers

If you are not using dynamic content, then you run the risk of boring your customers with your generic, one-size-fits-all campaigns. Start making your holiday marketing more relevant by customizing your subject line, copy, or even entire content sections based on your individual segments.

In this way, you will deliver targeted, special offers and content directly to those people who find it most relevant, and you will see a direct promotion.

Make it urgent

One way to guarantee your subscribers jump at whatever offer you throw at them is to make it urgent. Nobody wants to be the only person to miss out on something. The best place to do this is in your subject line.

Things like “One day only sale”, “specials for Christmas only”, “don’t miss out” and “last call” will all drive home the urgency and importance of your marketing.

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8 Tips To Create Marketing Emails And Get High Open Rates And More Leads

Create Marketing Emails with High Open Rates

Marketing Emails are a great way for marketers to connect with leads and customers. Not only do they have a higher reach than social media sites, but they also afford marketers the chance to establish unique personal communication with an individual. However, unlike social media sites, where viewers can see your offer in an instant, emails are only effective if their recipients open and read through them. Hence, it’s essential for marketers to ensure high open rates, and subsequently click-through rates, for their email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Services to engage Faster

Here are Eight Tips Explaining How You Can Make This Happen:-

1). Send Emails From A Person, Not Your Company

People are more likely to open emails sent from a real person as compared to ones sent by a company. If the email sender is a company, there are good chances that a recipient will dismiss it as spam without giving it a second glance. To avoid this and increase open rates, it’s a good practice to send emails from the company account of a person ( rather than a generic company email id (

2). The Subject Line And Preview Text

The subject line should entice recipients into opening the email. Writing clear, concise, and understandable copy in the subject line is crucial for increasing open rates. You should avoid exclamations, capital letters, and spam trigger words (like ‘help’, ‘reminder’, ‘save’) in your subject lines. The preview text is also an important aspect for drafting emails with high open rates. Email clients, like Gmail and Outlook, take the first few lines from your email as the preview text by default. To give the recipients a better idea of what the email is about. You can set a different preview text that explains what’s in it for them if they open the email.

3). Appealing Design And Clear CTA

Just like any form of marketing, emails should be visually appealing to viewers. Incorporating a clean and attractive design, with a detailed yet concise body of text, can do wonders for your click-through rate. Your email should also have a clear call-to-action which, when clicked, should lead the viewers to the specific page which features exactly what your email is offering (Email Marketing). The CTA itself should bold and descriptive, giving recipients the chance to understand the purpose of the email even if they don’t read its copy.

4). Get To The Point

People will rarely read through marketing emails in detail. And if your email features a long text filled with unnecessary information. They will mostly lose interest before reaching the CTA button. Your email copy should be descriptive yet concise; stick to the purpose of the email and explain it in an engaging (Email Marketing) tone while using as few words as possible.

5). Optimize Your Email For Mobile

Emails are viewed more on mobile than on any other platform. Despite this, few marketers optimize their emails to be mobile-friendly. Using email design templates specifically created for mobile viewing guarantees higher click-through rates. Optimizing elements like images, which should be compressed to reduce file size, and CTA buttons, which should be large enough to be easily clickable, should also be considered while designing marketing emails.

6). Add Alt Tags To Your Images And CTA Button

Not all email clients display images, and many people opt out of viewing images in the emails they receive. Alt tags, which are short descriptions that inform the viewer what the image is about, are essential for conveying information to such email recipients who otherwise can’t view important elements like the CTA button.

7). Add Social Sharing And Forwarding Options

The chances of your link being clicked increase dramatically with the number of people who see it. Adding buttons for sharing on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter makes it easy for recipients to share your email with their friends. Adding a forwarding option with a ready-made template (which includes the subject and body so that a person can forward it with just a click) also increases the chances of more people viewing your email.

8). Take It Slow

There’s nothing worse for a brand than alienating its customers. A few businesses think it’s prudent to send marketing emails every two-three days but all that does is irritate customers. Who’ll begin viewing every subsequent message from the company as spam? Limiting email communication to those times when it’s absolutely necessary improves your brand’s credibility among customers. Who will then be more likely to read the emails they receive from you.

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The best email marketing examples that will Inspire you

Best Email marketing is a powerful tool to speak to your audience, generate leads, share information, and be remembered by prospects. Email marketing has been written off several times over since the era of Web 2.0 and beyond. But the truth remains that Gmail has over 1 billion active users. Add to that the less popular email service, work emails, college communities and more; emails remain one of the highest used communication tools of the connected era.

Best Email Marketing

However, breaking the clutter is a challenge across most marketing functions today. Email marketing is no different. Sometimes, all you need to come up with an idea that stands out is creativity. But some days, it could be just plain inspiration. So we went out and looked for some examples for the next time you need the inspiration to make the most of your best email marketing effort.

Here Are 4 Best Email Marketing Examples That Will Leave You Inspired And Force You to Think –


Much like its website, devices, advertisement, and product launch press conferences. Apple’s email marketing is minimalistic and truly mirrors the brand personality.

It says all that it needs to, without an overdose of words and pictures to dilute the message. It only says what is important and that alone is enough to make you want to switch or upgrade as the case may be.


Yet another brand that gets its email marketing right is Mango. Simple, clear albeit persuasive graphics, extremely relevant updates, and ones that are helpful to both fashion conscious and fashion ignorant shoppers. Add to that their end of season sale alerts being more honest and to the point than most other clothing companies, and you have a formidable brand loved the world over. That is the kind of authenticity it takes to win hearts of such a diverse, global club of fans.


Although Urban Ladder’s frequency of emails can get a little intimidating considering the category they operate in, sometimes their emails get it really right. The #ULStory campaign on social media and its application in best email marketing was once such example. They gathered examples of how Urban Ladder furniture was used among its customers and used their creativity as inspiration for prospects in what was a minimalistic yet function and good-looking email. Since most of these ideas came from real users, they looked practical and realistic. Way more inspirational than a Photoshop image of what can only be a hotel room for most people. Kudos for this one, Urban Ladder!


Indigo’s special brand of irreverence in an industry that had thus far strived on luxury clichés, was truly a game changer. From check-in signages to magazines, in-flight announcements to meal packaging, Indigo does many things right and in style. Their email marketing is no different. I started 2016 with a whole series of Indigo flights through India, visiting friends and relatives. A few months later, I get an email in my inbox from a brand that not only tells me they are giving me a discount but also, that they miss me. While the offer details at the bottom might be a legal boilerplate. Everything else about this emailer is fun, friendly, and persuasive. In short, truly Indigo.

Believe it or not, our favorite emails don’t even try too hard to be clever. They say what they need to, and they do it well. And what’s more is that they get out of your way quickly. Few things reflect the character of a brand better than respecting your customers’ time and intelligence.

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4 Areas Where Marketing Automation is Evolving: Marketing Solutions

Marketing Automation creates a multitude of ROI (return on investment) opportunities. Hence why it has some such a large influence on Advertising’s development. Below are four areas where marketing automation is evolving in 2018.

Contextual marketing

Most marketers can now agree that traditional Advertising no longer works. Consumers don’t enjoy the inherently inauthentic nature of advertising. Usually an interruption of what they’re watching (online or off), it’s too obviously shouting ‘buy me’. So this approach simply no longer holds appeal to the switched-on consumer.

Integrating advertising experiences contextually seen much more favorably since the ads tailored to individual customers. This, of course, requires automation to process and consolidate swathes of data into coherent and personalized content in a timely manner. Contextual marketing is the next step up from personalization. It reacts to demographic markers, encompassing indicators like location, mood, online behavior to deliver the most relevant and engaging content.

Semantic SEO

A little bit like an online mind reader, semantic SEO aims to decipher what kind of question the person typing words into a search bar is actually trying to answer. It’s about connecting those underlying dots and bringing the most relevant content, as fast as possible, to the end user.

Semantic SEO used to boost traditional optimization by adding automated analysis to traditional keyword strategy. This approach is about adding value to SEO for everyone involved as better content can be created and tailored to users whilst giving marketers a better understanding of user behavior.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR remains a slightly fringe and unexplored territory for many markets. Not just marketers, but the possibilities are truly endless if the technology well utilized.

One way of creating valuable marketing experiences in VR would be through touch-points whereby a user, through interactions with VR objects. For example, triggers branded content that’s at once unique and part of the wider VR experience. It’s unrealistic to think that this technology will be managed and deployed manually so automation will be the tool for most of VR-specific marketing content.

Integrated Email Marketing workflows

Whilst email workflows are nothing new and used by many marketers the world over. They’re now able to integrate triggers from places outside simply email campaigns.

Now a selection of behavior triggers from display ads, social media, and beyond employed for new email content and Email marketing strategies. This method is more fluid and responsive to user activity providing specific and relevant messaging at the right time to improve engagement and hopefully boost conversion rates. Ultimately, it’s all about nurturing leads in the most relevant way by tailoring integrated email workflows for specific points in the customer journey.

The future of Email marketing automation is inevitably a personalized one. Customers will continue to search out brands and experiences that feel specifically tailored to them, turning further away from mass-messaging. The value of Email marketing automation then lies in delivering personalized Email marketing campaigns that feel innovative, authentic, and relevant.

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