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Top Advantages of Email Marketing in 2020

Advantages of E-mail Marketing in 2020

There is no denying that email marketing is an advantage of software leads for B2B marketing research. But at this point, an email is a form of communication that seems easier to discount with more communication channels and social media sites than ever before to reach email users and customers. Fact is, this idea could not be further from the truth.

Email Marketing

Despite the popularity of other types of communication, email marketing is still a successful business. But why is email so important? Why is this a marketing strategy you need to take advantage of? Below, I’ve compiled some of the biggest reasons for the success of your business in 2020, and why it’s not happening soon.

Here are some 2020 email marketing advantages you need to know:

01# Email Marketing is very meaningful 

We can customize the message and provide content from our various customers and we can also promote for their profiles so that we can send emails continuously.

02# Email Marketing is Measurable

This type of direct, mail or other type of marketing cannot be expected to happen, promotional email marketing allows you to set a solid return on investment for all your efforts. Through email marketing, you can track who has opened your message. When they connect to your message, which mail client do they use, and which link do they click.

03# Email Marketing is easy

Advantage of email marketing is Sending a marketing message via email is as easy as writing an email.

04# Email Marketing is automatic

E-mail marketing consists of a tool called an “autoresponder“. For example, if you want to send a particular message to your recipients, you just create and schedule the message.

05# Email marketing optimization

Instead of guessing what message is going to resonate with most people. Therefore, you can segment your recipients and use replacement tags to communicate directly with your readers. This allows you to connect with them in a more personal way and drive higher engagement.

06# Email Marketing is fast and efficient

This is a quick and efficient method. Provides promotions via e-mail with a clear call that can have a tremendous impact on earnings. Channels cannot offer you any possibility for a short period of time so as to meet the customer directly.

How to segment your email list

Email is what your recipients are expecting, according to Adobe’s Email Marketing study, 63% of customers still prefer to receive marketing promotions and offers via email. This means that customers are not only expecting your messages, they want them! Make sure you are giving visitors to your site an option to subscribe to your messages, and then provide an email preference center so that you know which emails they are going to open.

Email from mobile

Email Marketing

    • Our customers have estimated that approximately 53% of people check email on their phones, meaning customers check email and purchase online whenever convenient.
    • As a market, whenever people check their inbox. You have the opportunity to create messages and target people for a mobile experience.
    • Email marketing is no longer the same. It’s just promotional material that your recipients are expecting in their inbox and it’s definitely not “spam“. If you haven’t already, it’s time to build a modern, effective email marketing program.

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Email Subject Lines: Some Tips to Win Your Audience in the Inbox

Email subject lines are the common crucial factor in deciding whether or not a recipient will open your email. Here are some tips to help you reach out from the crowd and increase your email open rates!

People are continually being attacked by emails every day, which means it’s becoming more and more challenging for email marketers to get regarded among all of the competition and influence readers to open their message.

The most obvious, and arguably the most important, factor that contacts see for your email campaign is the email subject line. This also makes it the main factor that you can squeeze to improve your open rate and get higher engagement when sending an email newsletter or bulk email campaign.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips to help you build email subject lines that will:

  • Grab readers’ awareness
  • Convey a more powerful quality level of content in your message
  • Induce recipients to open

1. Keep it Short

email subject lines

A great email subject line should be rather short to keep the reader’s attention and evade being trimmed by email clients.

In theory, there is no precise limit to the length of your email subject line (though some tools will place their own limit on how much you can input to the field). In actuality, long subject lines will nevermore be read in full anyway because several email inbox software providers are only competent in performing a certain number of characters before the text is cut off.

2. Put the Common Essential Information First

email subject lines


Highlight the most important information that you want to communicate upfront in your subject line to maximize the chances that people want to engage with your content.

For the identical reasons that you want to keep the subject line short, you should also put the most relevant information first. Since you have no control over the number of characters that will be presented to the reader, the only thing you can do is highlight what you want upfront so they have the highest likelihood of seeing it.

Additionally, users manage to only take a glimpse at the subject line, so the first few words are where you want to catch their attention with the usual valuable stuff.

By “important,” I mean anything that will effectively capture the reader’s consideration quickly:

  • The central point of your email
  • Features about a promotional discount
  • A date or time goal showing urgency
  • An interesting phrase that bothers the reader’s interest

3. Withdraw using Spam Words

188 Spam Words to Avoid: How to Stay Out of Spam Filters

Spam words are the words that email inbox providers use to verify whether a message is spam — and they also regularly give readers a bad opinion of your email as well!

The last thing you want is an email marketer is to be recognized as a spammer by your audience. But, depending on the language you use in your email subject lines and message, your readers might be thinking just that.

Some words that are known to be connected with spamming can often trigger a feeling of uncertainty among recipients, and even worse, they can manage email inbox providers like Mailcot transfer your emails straight to the spam folder. These words include things like:

  • Free
  • Promotion
  • Hot
  • Casino
  • Urgent

I guess you get the idea. If you can, try to avoid using this type of language, particularly in your email subject lines because it will likely hurt your campaign’s action rate.

4. Spice Things up with using Emojis

Capture your Customer's Emotions with Emojis — Astra Digital

When used with individual care, emojis can give your email subject lines more clarity in the inbox, making it more powerful and attractive to possible readers.

Like any marketing advice, you need to first consider your audience before combining this tip into your email marketing strategy. You don’t want to give the opposite result. For example, if you’re a financial advisor, your clients might not want to see a smiley face in the subject line of your emails! However, if your brand has a smaller marketing strategy, then emojis could be the ideal way to supercharge your email subject line and increase your open rates.

Not only are emojis great for fast communicating an idea with fewer characters — making your subject line more concise and leaving you more room for other information — but they also help you accurately stand out from other subject lines that only include text.

Which subject line stands out most from the crowd?

You can also get around the problem of communicating information ordering spam words — just substitute them with emojis!

  • ⏲ can replace “urgent”
  • ? can replace “gift”
  • ? can replace “hot” or send the demand for some items

But, be careful when you start including emojis in your emails and subject lines! Depending on the device and the email client, emojis may be performed separately. To make sure you’re getting it right.

5. Maintain it Simple and Professional

Next steps

Don’t overload it with unnecessary capitalization, unique characters, or punctuation in your email subject lines.

Just because something helps you stand out in the inbox doesn’t certainly mean it’s a good idea to perform in your subject lines! Sometimes, quick “hacks” that might, in theory, give you more visibility can actually have very negative results.

For example, including things like, “EXCLUSIVE OFFER” and “LIMITED TIME ONLY,” or you add too many special characters, such as “SAVE $$$$,” you could actually end up being classified as spam.

And even if you make it to the inbox, this type of email subject line content isn’t likely to leave a vast impact on your contacts.

6. Choose sustainability above fast wins

Top 10 Indicators of Financial Stability - Korapay - Medium

If your subject line creates a higher open rate but hurts the relationship and trust that you have with contacts, it’s time to go back to the drawing board.

This is apparently the most valuable tip I can give you: a good email subject line isn’t just centered on maximizing the open rate of your email campaign. It should also build trust and set your email up for success in terms of engagement and conversion (hopefully you want people to do more than just open ? ).

Evading clickbait tactics or other things focused on short-term gains is the best way to accomplish this and continue strengthening your contact relationships.

The most simple example of this in action is when a subject line creates unreal expectations that are finally not met by the email content. Design is a very powerful sentiment, but you need to make sure that you give the reader the wrong idea. An example of this would be using a subject line like, “You’ll never guess what we’ve got for you!” for an email that simply promotes a new product.

This type of communication can really hurt your brand in the eyes of your contacts, so you have to be very careful and always take a customer-first strategy.

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Email Spam

How to Block Emails on iPhone


How to Block Emails on iPhone


To Block Emails on the iPhone, there are various reasons to block the sender of an email. They can be annoying scammer, but they keep on sending us unimportant press releases or it can also happen that we do not want to deal with them. Unlikely, an email blocking the address of our iPhone or any iPad is not quite normal. So now we will move forward to look at how to Block Emails on iPhone.

Email marketing

1. Why we Cannot Block Using an Email?


 How to block email on iPhoneAn application called Apple’s Mail is considered a convenient email client.

Designing is done with the help of various email providers in thought because of this there is not only one type of size which fits the level of email marketing.

Each email provider uses this feature in its own way. Therefore, we cannot block the senders by swiping or tapping the button available on the application.

Because of this reason, the best solution is to think about an email as a platform for email providers in comparison to the addition of service. By blocking any contact of our iPhone, will not obviously protect it to reach by email. Even if the email address is available.

Blocking an IOS will only influence messages, calls and also face time which people love to do. Other email apps on an iPhone run in a limited way except they are created by any service provider. If we have many email accounts, we’ll have many email applications on our phone because of this reason.

The filtering process in most of the emails is done on the server. Instead of reaching the email in the inbox, redirecting it anywhere else. Mail providers help to prevent the message to reach the inbox by catching it as soon as it delivers. Blocking email like this, the need depends upon accessing the mail provider’s details. The best way to block an email sender is to the first login through the desktop browser. By this, we can get access to all the features.

block emails on iphone

2. Block Messages of Gmail on iPhone

Steps for how to block emails on iPhone


Block emails on iPhone can be done by using Gmail. A sender can be blocked with the device by downloading the free application of Gmail available on the App Store. Also, we can use another substitute called SAFARI to approach the desktop version. But as we all know that Gmail will not work with this device.

email marketing india

Steps are as follows:


Firstly, we have to download the Gmail application available on the app store. Then launch it and log in

Secondly, find the sender’s email which we want to block and just tap on it.

Thirdly, click on the three-dots available on the top right corner.

In the end, choose Block “sender’s name” from the drop-down list.


3. Try Using Provider’s IOS App


yahooLikewise Google, providers usually have specific iPhone applications. These applications provide access to various special features. Miserably, there is not any other way to test every single mail provider web. On the positive side, these company applications for services of email are mostly free. Therefore, it will take less time to find out.


Blocking Email is not so Simple on an iPhone


To maintain a sound email blocklist for our ios device, the following are the three options :

  1. Download the provider’s application which must have built-in blocking functionality.
  2. When you want to block a sender’s email address, you have to log-in to Safari and request the desktop version of the site.
  3. You have to wait until you get back to your computer. Then do it from there.

block emails on iphone

block emails on iphone


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3 Advice to Improve Email Deliverability in Inbox

 Email Deliverability



improve email deliverability

Improve email deliverability

Various types of advice are flying around the internet which is informing business marketers about Email Deliverability. To avoid spam filters, we need to ensure top inbox placement hidden engagement metrics that keep email marketers up at night. And, yes there are some things we can do as a marketer to ensure top inbox placement.      email marketing india

Improve email deliverability

An email service provider (ESP) is providing services to us. Unless employed as the head of deliverability at a large corporation have the own, in-house email sending architecture. Besides, there is a lot of the advice is there for email deliverability which doesn’t apply to us. Also, building an understanding helps us to select the right email service provider.


Email deliverability is also known as “Inbox Placement” as it is an important topic. This tells us about the working of spam filters as well as tells us about the traveling of email on the internet. Additionally, this defines the 76 key terms of email deliverability.

Improve Email Deliverabilityimprove email deliverability

The Facts About Email Deliverability


  • It measures the chance of email to the recipient’s inboxes, not spam folders. This is called Inbox Placement. In addition, this examines technical factors that affect an email’s journey. It is done between pressing send and landing in inboxes.

Email Marketing India

  • With low deliverability, many messages are destroyed to the spam folder.


  • It is not similar to the delivery rate.


  • It helps in measuring the percentage of sent emails delivered to an inbox provider server.

Improve email deliverability

What Do You Understand by Spam in Email Marketing?

improve email deliverability

For understanding email deliverability firstly, we need to understand what is spam in Email Marketing? The First email came. Then came the spam after then spam filters. Therefore an email marketing service providers and inbox placement concerns came into existence. 


Spam is classified as an email needs to meet two criteria:

  1. It is outcast or undesirable. This means the recipient does not ask for the email.   
  2. It is sent in volume to various recipients because it is a commercial offer.

spam, ways, imorove email deliverabilityA recipient explains to us about spamming, not the sender. The signing of recipients in email marketing and after that forgetting about it is unfortunately still a type of spam because it is outcast. We need to provide the option of unsubscribing from the email list to every email which we send to our recipients. If an email is spam, decided by any contact and they have a quick and easy way to stop receiving emails from us.

As an email marketer, it is not your duty to decide whether your email is spam or not, this will be decided by the contacts.

improve email deliverability

An Email’s Long Journey in Inbox, iPhone,    

Step 1: Clicking Send

We click send and the message leaves from the outbox. At this time, we need to compose a mailing and clicks send to distribute the message to different recipients waiting for it.


Step 2: Leaving the MTA (Message Transfer Agent)

The message is passed through outbound filters of MTA. Before the transfer of the message an agent (MTA) releases our email from the server or ESPs to the internet. It checks by internal filters. If ESP is not doing its job when it doesn’t have internal filters to set up for monitoring and catching spam.


Step 3: The Internet Travelling

Tiny bits of data have a journey of messages from router to router on the internet. Traveling from router to router the runner which carry message gets mixed with other types of email messages send around the world every day.


Step 4: Survive from Gateway Filter

ISP’s gateway filter checks the messages and enters the server or it rejects. It is the first step to filter our message which may encounter. Moreover, if it fails to guard this gate it may not be coming into the server of ISP’s.


Step 5: Sorting with Internal Spam Filters

The message is passed through internal spam filters and is sent to the inbox spam folder or it rejects completely.


Step 6: Passing with Black-Box Filter

It is a personal filter that sort messages in the form of inbox or spam. Evens so, it functions at the level of the inbox and learned through recipients’ previous choices. Without a doubt, they are always machine-learning filters.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

Step 7: Landing in the Inbox

The message is achieved with inbox placement. The message arrives when it expects to go. Whether the message is open by the recipient or not it is all up to us as a marketer.

in inbox in inbox    

 “Spam and Email Go Hand-In-Hand”   email filter

Improve email deliverability

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