Without the benefits of marketing automation, small businesses will always struggle to survive in a customer-centric environment. The truth is that the key to development is not the best product or services. It does not even have pricing strategies, nor is its customer service. This is customer experience. It is able to connect with customers, gives them what they want, and people feel special. It is a personal touch, capable of pulling out successful companies – even with the help of technologies such as large enterprise operations – Email marketing automation.

Without Marketing Automation, you always remain at the mercy of your competitors’ business and marketing decisions. With it, you have to do a lot because you will have the tools for which you need to increase and maintain your business. Take a look at the benefits of small businesses having experience with marketing automation.

Some benefits of Marketing Automation & Email Marketing For small businesses

Personalization will get more Attention

Personalized emails provide six times more transaction rates and result in higher free rates of 29 percent. 79 percent of consumers claim that if they are personalized to reflect the previous interaction, then they are more likely to engage with the proposal.

78 percent of internet users say that relevant material promotes equality that they will buy. With the marketing automation software, you can split into groups to help customers send and share relevant content only.

You can also manage emails with specific customer data including your name, preferences and transaction history. In this way, you are a debtor individually that they may be interested. Which means, they are more likely to answer.

Access to Insightful Customer Data

What do you know about your customers’ wants and needs? What are their barriers to making a purchase? Do you know when their expectations change?

With the right marketing automation platform, you can collect, organize, and analyze your customers’ data, offering a wealth of information at your fingertips. You can then use this information to create better buyer personas and to continually update them, to make smarter business decisions, and to create a better customer experience.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Getting customer experience right goes far beyond personalization. It’s about knowing what’s relevant to your customers. What channels they want to engage through. And what they expect at each touchpoint along the customer journey.

Any big brand marketing expert will tell you, delivering a customer experience your buyers can’t resist isn’t easy. There are a lot of moving parts because you have to factor in different buyer stages as well as buyer segments – and what is trending in your industry right now.

That’s why marketing automation is not just useful for Customer Experience, it’s necessary. Marketing automation is the platform from which you send out relevant email marketing campaigns and personalized follow-up messages. It’s where you can track your online interactions and use A/B testing to learn what actions and what content resonates the most with your customers.4

Marketing Automation is Lead Nurturing Platform

With your marketing automation software, you can nurture the leads you’ve worked so hard to generate with your content marketing strategy and other demand generation tactics. The benefit of your marketing automation is that you are able to clearly identify elements of high-performing nurture content when you keep a close eye on open, click through, and conversion rates. When you can see what is working to convince your leads to convert, you can further those elements in other areas of your marketing.

Workflow Efficiency

A lot of small businesses jump into marketing automation in the first place for this benefit – more efficiency. With the right technology, you can streamline your workflows, get more done with fewer resources, and cut costs. And this is where your investment in software starts to pay off.

But, this is also the benefit you want to examine closely when deciding which marketing automation platform is right for your organization. Marketing automation tools are an investment. The trick to not overextending your budget is to identify what you need and start there.

Let’s Conclude

With the help of the right marketing automation software, you can convert more leads into customers and retain more of the customers you already have. Which means, your business grows and your budget expands. What’s more, you get to finally take control of every decision – and stop leaving the fate of your business in the hands of an insecure budget.