85% of consumers prefer email as the primary method of outreach from a brand. How you leverage this marketing tool determines whether you engage subscribers or find your ROI falling flat. Email marketing without the right strategy leads to a lot of tedious work without the payoff. But these email marketing trends are connecting with people.

Let’s talk about the latest trends in Email marketing

Instantly Usable Content

We’ll start our effective email marketing trends with the one you can instantly use. Begin increasing your open rate with this simple technique. That’s what you want right, right? You need something that you can quickly apply and get instant results. Guess what? That’s what your customers want as well. They want it fast, they want it now. They want to see an immediate change in their lives as a result of opening your email.

Examples of Instantly Useable Content

This content serves an immediate need for the recipient. Because they use it immediately, they remember your brand. Any brand can do this. For example:

  • Mindfulness brand = short guided meditation
  • Healthy snack company = easy recipe
  • Fashion or interior design brand = ensemble for the week
  • Plumber = plumbing tip of the week
  • Lawyer = legal tip
  • Non-profit = 1 simple way you can help
  • Entertainment = A joke, funny image or video
  • Any company can send out a weekly how-to video related to their brand

Emails Become More Human through AI

AI continues to revolutionize marketing. It’s no surprise that it’s taking over email marketing trends. Your small business can use machine learning technologies to send people more personalized and relevant content.

You may feel like a superhero some days, as you switch hats and get things done in your business. But no human could develop the level of hyper-segmentation you can achieve with this technology.

AI technologies allow you to reach particular segments with a more tailored message and offers. When people get relevant emails they actually open and interact with them.

58% of people say that marketing emails rarely apply to them. 43% of people say they unsubscribe to branded emails when they find they’re not relevant. 15% of people mark emails they don’t want as spam instead of unsubscribing. That hurts your reputation.

Mobile-First Is Not an Option

81% of people read their emails on mobile devices. 68% of consumers say they delete emails that don’t render on mobile. They don’t wait until they get home to their laptop or to their work computer. You don’t get a second chance.

This is one of those email marketing trends that’s been in the works for some time. But up until last year, a small business could get away with not having mobile-friendly emails. Your email almost assuredly goes to junk if it doesn’t render well on mobile.

Let’s look at the 7 steps to a mobile-friendly email

  1. Have very short subject lines
  2. Use a single column template
  3. Use a larger font
  4. Size images properly for faster load time
  5. Have a clear call to action
  6. Don’t put links near each other
  7. Test your emails on multiple devices. You can find free tools online that allow you to test your email on all the popular devices.

Protecting Customer Data

This email marketing trend arises from the years of excessive and careless collection, selling and using of personal data. It goes far beyond the Can-Spam Act.

Customers know that you collect a lot of data on them. They understand that you use this data to create a more personalized experience. But they’re also tired of having this data used to harass them.

We’ve all experienced this. You sign a new mortgage. Now, you’re getting endless offers for home warranties. You have more credit card debt than you’d like. You’re overwhelmed with offers to consolidate or re-fi. You give some money to a charity. Suddenly 20 charities are emailing you.

In order for your email marketing campaigns to be successful, a person must trust you. Without that trust, they won’t provide you with their email and other identifying information.

Interactive Content

29% of surveyed marketers say they’re focused on putting more interactive content in emails. They understand people’s drive to interact. They’re leveraging this to increase open rates and engagement. Not only do these interactions engage. You can also learn more about your customers based upon how they interact. Start with basics like social media icons and gifs. So as you branch out, find new and interesting ways to be more interactive.