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4 Areas Where Marketing Automation is Evolving: Marketing Solutions

Marketing Automation creates a multitude of ROI (return on investment) opportunities. Hence why it has some such a large influence on Advertising’s development. Below are four areas where marketing automation is evolving in 2018.

Contextual marketing

Most marketers can now agree that traditional Advertising no longer works. Consumers don’t enjoy the inherently inauthentic nature of advertising. Usually an interruption of what they’re watching (online or off), it’s too obviously shouting ‘buy me’. So this approach simply no longer holds appeal to the switched-on consumer.

Integrating advertising experiences contextually seen much more favorably since the ads tailored to individual customers. This, of course, requires automation to process and consolidate swathes of data into coherent and personalized content in a timely manner. Contextual marketing is the next step up from personalization. It reacts to demographic markers, encompassing indicators like location, mood, online behavior to deliver the most relevant and engaging content.

Semantic SEO

A little bit like an online mind reader, semantic SEO aims to decipher what kind of question the person typing words into a search bar is actually trying to answer. It’s about connecting those underlying dots and bringing the most relevant content, as fast as possible, to the end user.

Semantic SEO used to boost traditional optimization by adding automated analysis to traditional keyword strategy. This approach is about adding value to SEO for everyone involved as better content can be created and tailored to users whilst giving marketers a better understanding of user behavior.

Virtual Reality (VR)

VR remains a slightly fringe and unexplored territory for many markets. Not just marketers, but the possibilities are truly endless if the technology well utilized.

One way of creating valuable marketing experiences in VR would be through touch-points whereby a user, through interactions with VR objects. For example, triggers branded content that’s at once unique and part of the wider VR experience. It’s unrealistic to think that this technology will be managed and deployed manually so automation will be the tool for most of VR-specific marketing content.

Integrated Email Marketing workflows

Whilst email workflows are nothing new and used by many marketers the world over. They’re now able to integrate triggers from places outside simply email campaigns.

Now a selection of behavior triggers from display ads, social media, and beyond employed for new email content and Email marketing strategies. This method is more fluid and responsive to user activity providing specific and relevant messaging at the right time to improve engagement and hopefully boost conversion rates. Ultimately, it’s all about nurturing leads in the most relevant way by tailoring integrated email workflows for specific points in the customer journey.

The future of Email marketing automation is inevitably a personalized one. Customers will continue to search out brands and experiences that feel specifically tailored to them, turning further away from mass-messaging. The value of Email marketing automation then lies in delivering personalized Email marketing campaigns that feel innovative, authentic, and relevant.

Email Marketing

4 Essential points you should think before using email marketing services

Bulk email services are the service that allows you to send several emails in bulk in a single time. the availability of a lot of software program within the markets makes it easy so that it will send emails in bulk. however, you need to be very careful while using such a service. Here are a few points which you must keep in your mind before using bulk email services:

Create a list of Subscribers email

While using email marketing services, the first thing you should keep in mind is your subscriber’s email list. You need an email list of subscribers by using which you send bulk emails. So, create an email list in your email campaign to send transactional and promotional emails.

Email marketing

Frame a proper email message  that consists of applicable images and text

While writing an email for subscribers consider some images and write the appropriate content with an attractive subject line. It helps to improve your email open rate. If email open rate improves then obviously the ROI will also improve and your business will able to generate more revenue.

Design templates and pics

The Email Template is the most important part of an email. The email Template shows your email quality (Email marketing). It means, how you describe your service or product so the readers start taking interest in your service and wish to buy it. To design the best email template you can add extra features and offers that makes it look attractive.

Do proofreading the final draft, do editing of found mistakes and hit Send

In the end, you just need to finalize your content you have written. If there is any editing required just modify it. Make it clear that the email message you have written should have high readability and high open rates.

In the market, there are many tools for bulk email services that can produce you an extensive range of services. You need to examine the tools thoroughly before selecting such a tool. Your chosen tool should contain suitable options for adding and removing the recipients’ email address. It should be able to export the contacts from one system to another. You should ensure that your emails being sent should reach into the Inbox of the recipients. It is important as most of the people don’t read the emails that come into their spam box. Normally they delete the emails that fall in such boxes.

Your email service tool should have a Reply system to make the communication (Email Marketing)between you and your customers easier. In brief, your email service tool should be chosen very carefully.

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