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Competitive Email Marketing Tips for B2B Marketing


Email marketing tips

email marketing tips, email marketing tips for b2b marketing, email marketing

Social media marketing and the content used, are excellent means for nurturing leads through the sales funnel but with limitations. These two have their own limitations. To get site content in front of leads requires high search rankings for relevant keywords. Similarly, social media posts have a short life span with a lot of competition.

There is no guarantee that the content published on these channels will discover. Therefore, email marketing is the way to increase the percentage that the content created will be consumed.

By adding email marketing tips or strategies of the modern world to existing lead nurturing efforts, one can deliver the right content, at the right time and at the right place. You can easily deliver personalized content directly to leads on a channel they monitor on a daily basis or actively.

6 Basic Tips For B2B Marketing

email marketing tips, email marketing tips for b2b marketing, email marketing tips for b2b marketer

Use the Account-Based Marketing Approach to Target

Today,s email marketing best strategies are less like social media marketing and more like account-based marketing. Instead of casting a wide net with an email blast, leads must be segmented into groups. Email blasts are dead. For nurturing leads, you must segment customers into groups according to their buying journey. This is simple if you have a list of contacts who’ve downloaded gated content. Try to determine particular positions in the buying journey or previous buying behavior that each piece of gated content caters to. And then follow up with individuals who have downloaded that content. Email marketing services help you to segment individuals and deliver emails according to their interests.    google 


Optimize Emails for Mobile

If emails forgo mobile optimization then you will definitely lose a huge portion of your audience. Most of the emails are opened on mobiles, there are a few percent of the audience who open emails on desktop. Structuring the content is important too. Always lead with the most important information to grab attention immediately. Use short and strong paragraphs for easy reading on mobile. On the top, you must include your call to action. Make sure buttons and links are big enough to tap easily.


Engage With Trigger-Based-Campaigns

Trigger-based email marketing automatically sends emails to individuals based on their actions. Trigger-based campaigns really shine in nurturing lead when you adopt a marketing automation platform. Email marketing tips for b2b marketing

For instance, trigger-based campaigns could send a welcome email, send a thank you email and send a reminder or discount code.

B2B Marketing

Personalize Emails

Personalized emails are more likely to be opened and will lead to more click rates. It is an effective means to build relations. For referring leads you should start with their names but there are many other ways to take personalization to a further step. Use DOB to send messages on their birthdays, send a thank you promotion message at that particular date on which the person subscribed and send messages from personal accounts instead of a business account. This will make the conversation more one-to-one.

email marketing tips

Customize Dynamic Content

It is also known as ‘smart content’. In dynamic content email displayed differently to each recipient based on collected data. The very first step is determining what data is important and to cater customers needs to utilize the data correctly. Like utilizing age, gender, etc will help you connect real contacts with buyers personas. This will be a guide to dynamic content decision making.     GOOGLE

email marketing tips for b2b marketing

Make Emails Interactive

An interactive email shows the functionality of the web page. It saves time on the recipient’s end and then they can respond instantly and easily. An interactive email will lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

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B2B Marketing 

B2B Marketing

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Email Hosting

Who are the top 5 Best Email Hosting Services Provider in India

Best Email Hosting Services Provider in India- MailCot, ipage, CloudOYE, HostGator, Octane. Are you looking for the best email hosting services provider? An Email Hosting Services is an Internet hosting services that operates email servers.   Also, It usually offers premium email as opposed to advertisement-supported free email or free web email. Also, it differs from typical end-user email provider such as webmail sites.

Ipage, CloudOYE, Octane, HostGator, Email Hosting services,

Benefits of Email Hosting Services

  • Secure:- Hence, It means the complete transition of data that takes place is completely encrypted. Because no unauthorized party has any access to it.
  • Address Book:- Hence, This is one of the most significant aspects of Email Services. So, The companies provide their users with the ability to share an address book.
  • Spam Filters:- The best part about going for these services is that these come with spam and virus filtering features. An email hosting service provider usually makes sure that spam emails always remain out of the mailbox.
  • Adequate Storage:- Companies offering this service also ensure that its users get adequate storage space. All hosting companies provide storage space that is more than adequate to store thousands of critical messages.

Top 5 Best Email Hosting Services Provider In India

In this article we suggest Who is the top 5 Best Email Hosting Services Provider In India. The name of MailCot is the first rank in this list because they are cheap and reliable email hosting service provider, These are some other Email Hosting Services Provider in India 2. ipage, 3. CloudOYE, 4. HostGator, 5. Octane,

1.  Mailcot

Top 5 Best Email Hosting Services Provider In India, ipage, CloudOYE, HostGator, Octane Email Hosting Services Provider

Mailcot is One of the Best Email Hosting services provider in India. The company was established in the year 2012, we are serving Email Hosting and Email Marketing in India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Singapore & Europe. So, Boost your sales and business with MailCot Email Hosting services.

2. ipage

Top 5 Best Email Hosting Services Provider In India, ipage, CloudOYE, HostGator, Octane Email Hosting Services Provider

ipage is a is an Endurance International Group brand. EIG owns some huge names. So, in the web hosting world like FatCow, Bluehost, HostMonster, Just Host, PowWeb, EasyCGI, StartLogic, Dot5Hosting, VPSLink, and more.

3. CloudOYE

Top 5 Best Email Hosting Services Provider In India, ipage, CloudOYE, HostGator, Octane Email Hosting Services Provider

CloudOYE Email hosting is a service offered by hosting service providers. Also, as a premium solution by hosting a wide array of email software applications on custom and dedicated email platforms.

4. HostGator


HostGator Set up your Business Email with email hosting services. So, Get on the fast-track with ✓99.9% Uptime Guarantee ✓5 GB storage ✓Email on Mobile ✓Super-Strong Spam Filters ✓45-Day Money Back Guarantee ✓24/7 Award-Winning Support and more.

5.  Octane

Ipage, CloudOYE, Octane, HostGator, Email Hosting services,

Octane Email Marketing India Octane Marketing is good services. so, No Spam. Business Booster 2.0 is a best-in-class service which allows you to boost your customer.

Marketing Automation

4 Marketing Automation Failure Reasons

Marketing Automation Failure ReasonsToday’s buyers have unlimited choices, access to a wealth of research, and are being bombarded with countless marketing messages each day. So it’s no wonder that many marketers are finding it difficult to break through the noise.

Let’s take a look at 4 pitfalls you need to avoid to ensure your marketing automation efforts are a resounding success:

1. Not treating your target audience as individuals.

Many marketing teams still operate in batch and blast mode, sending out a one size fits all message. This is problematic because, according to a study by Emarketer, more than 85% of internet users especially expect and accept personalization as a part of their online retail experience. In fact, CMO Council reports that more than half of senior marketers say that using enriched or personalized content and digital interactions yield higher response and engagement rates.

Marketing Automation Failure ReasonsYour customers want you to know them and remember them every time they interact with your brand. So to get started on the right foot, make sure that your messages are targeted at a specific segment of your database based on known preferences. Secondly, always personalize your content so your audience feels like they are having a conversation. One of my customers is realizing a 28% increase in lead generation through their email marketing activities based in large part to personalization and behavior-based triggers.

2. User behavior is not being used to target the audience.

This is another case where companies are blasting out unspecialized messages to assorted audiences with limited results. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to trigger your messages based on what a specific person is doing and respond with significant information. The matter is that a message sent based on customer actions gets more opens, clicks, and conversions because it is dependent.

Marketing Automation Failure ReasonsTo get started, you should first make assure you are listening to user behavior: pages they are visiting, emails they are opening, and links they are clicking. Secondly, set up a scoring model to help gauge overall interest. With this information, you can set up triggered responses to user performance and start engaging in meaningful conversation.

3. Marketing efforts are not designed to meet key business objectives.

The biggest mistake marketers today make is not tracking key performance indicators back to corporate business objectives. If you continue to gather traditional marketing metrics such as opens and clicks to support your decision-making, you may very well be setting yourself up to be excluded from a seat at the revenue table. While they can be an important measure of progress for a specific marketing activity for the marketer, most of these metrics are meaningless to key stakeholders because they don’t tie directly to revenue.

Marketing Automation Failure ReasonsFocusing on driving revenue is the best way to align with your executive leadership and even your revenue teams. To put this in another way, ask yourself, “How are my efforts contributing directly to the company’s bottom line?” This is simple than you think. For example, for your campaigns, you can track metrics such as cost per program success, new names per program, cost per opportunity, pipeline generated, and pipeline to investment.

4. Not being on the channel your buyer is on.

People don’t think in terms of what channel they’re going to be on. Global Marketing at Experian Marketing Services put it, “Consumers don’t wake up and say, ‘I’m going to be a mobile consumer today.’ They just use the channel that best fits the moment or task.”

Marketing Automation Failure ReasonsEngagement marketing is about more than being on as various channels as possible; it’s also about understanding how your buyers choose to engage and using those channels to communicate with them. This cross-channel approach is known by some as opti-channel marketing, in which you use the optimum channel your buyer prefers. A good example is that most millennials communicate using mobile, while retirees prefer to use email or direct mail. You have to know your audience and communicate with them where they are.


Top 6 Marketing Technologists Qualities

Marketing Technologists QualitiesTraditionally, the marketing specialists had been highly innovative in coming up with perfect plans for building product interest and gaining ability leads. but the digital penetration at scale, has not only changed overall marketing however it has developed a need for a special kind of marketing specialists: The marketing technology experts (men of advertising & technology).

That is an extraordinary breed of people who can be creative and innovative on the same time, who fathom the want to come up with a strategic digital plan and continuously make certain a great ROI by constantly analysing and bettering their solutions.

Here are the top 6 qualities that you must look for in every Marketing Technologist:

1.Strategic Planner: 

Marketing Technologists QualitiesA marketing Technologist, makes sure that the business desires of the customer are aligned to the generation innovation and the marketing thoughts which they share. besides understanding the customer’s requirement from the scratch and building a strategic modern plan for them, the marketing Technologist also makes sure that the initiatives and campaigns are performed on time. Being consistent and persistent in terms of providing out of the field ideas is now a 2d nature of every marketing technologist.

Analysing and further optimizing the campaigns is one of the core responsibilities – this helps create smart segments, optimize the frequency and quality of campaigns, therefore giving a good ROI.

2.Consistent Role-Player: 

A marketing Technologist is consistent with sharing ideas, analysis, technology consultancy and at times, even business consultancy. smart workshops on best practices and latest improvements is performed by way of the technologists each month or each quarter, to align the customers with their current and latest digital assets.

Marketing Technologists QualitiesAs a strategic partner, marketing technologists also circulate an “idea ebook” to all of the customers once each month which incorporates calendar events and ideas around them for the month. This helps clients to plot out their campaigns earlier, therefore giving the customers a true experience. 

3.“Make it Happen” is the motto

“Marketing Krypton” might exist, however, the men of technology might surely triumph over its weakness and get things done even if they should go that extra mile.

The motto always stays in getting things done even if it requires going that more mile, a marketing technologist makes sure she delivers an award-winning experience followed via remarkable results.

4.Creative Human:

Marketing Technologists QualitiesA marketing technologist has in her a flair of both an artist and a scientist. What good is a marketing technologist if she can not drive it with out out-of-the-box and actionable strategies.

5.All-time Leader:

A marketing Technologist is also a technological and strategic leader, who helps you drive and leads you for your preferred output. He acts like a real life “Bahubali” in some cases where impossible things are made possible.

6.Excellent Mentor:

It can be a outstanding asset to have a marketing Technologist working with your organization. She/he can not only be mentor however will also bring out the best – working hand in hand with your marketing teams.

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Campaigns You Should Be Using

In terms of marketing automation, it can be difficult to understand where to begin. The aspect about marketing and communication automation is that the opportunities are endless. you could use those automation platforms for outside communication with capability leads, ongoing engagement with your present clients, or even use it internally with your staff with a view to hold processes streamlined.

Marketing automation is now not only for lead nurturing campaigns and newsletters and is no longer limited to just email — even though those are still very much legitimate. but, those systems have the capability to offer so much more to your organization, customers, and leads. So, if you’re ready to get more out of your contact database and provide more to your contacts, it’s essential to identify what you desire to get out of using the platform. Having set goals will help focus your plan and help you hone in on what you may accomplish. That being said, there are a few campaigns that maximum, if not all, companies and organizations can take advantage of to enhance their overall marketing and communication strategies.

Welcome Campaigns

Marketing Automation CampaignsWhile a contact first signs up with you, whether it’s for extra information, a free trial, blog subscription, or whatever the case can be, it is important to have a customized welcome message primarily based on that topic. With marketing automation, you can essentially silo your welcome messages based totally on what you’re welcoming the contact for.

For instance, your blog welcome campaign might also include a welcome e-mail, any other email a few days later with your top three most famous blogs, after which proceeds into your everyday blog campaign where you send that week’s blog posts. this will be totally separate from your other welcome campaigns.

New Employee Welcome Campaign

Consider your employee on boarding process right now. How and while do new employees get their training materials? Are there a few they have to receive and overview first? agree with it or not, marketing automation can aid in welcoming your new employees by means of automatically sending them the training materials they need in a timely manner and automatically checking in on them to make sure they don’t need something. in the event that they do, your HR department is right away notified automatically.

New Customer Welcome Campaign

Marketing Automation CampaignsWhile on the subject of welcome campaigns, it is essential to specially observe the all-essential new customer welcome marketing campaign. even as other welcome campaigns have their area for your marketing automation strategy, the location wherein the platform can surely shine is its ability to offer new customers personalized data with the intention to simply appeal to their interests, displaying that your staff has taken the time to inspect what the customer desires.

Engagement Campaigns

How many methods do you connect with your leads and customers right now? Are all your messages consistent in timing, design, and tone? marketing automation is the perfect avenue for streamlining those techniques as you may set time delays, use the identical template designs, and make an effort to ensure the tone of your emails is steady.

Engagement campaigns are very important with regards to customer retention as they assist you to preserve customers up to date with your organisation news, special offers, new tools coming down the pipeline, and any other data it is crucial for them to know.

Marketing Automation CampaignsRe-Engagement Campaign

Without a marketing automation marketing campaign for this instance, a variety of inactive users just fall off, never to be heard of again.

instead of losing those contacts, can you believe the value-add on your organisation to be able to win them again and convert them into customers? With a re-engagement campaign, you could reach out to contacts who haven’t engaged with you for a set period of time and try to win them again with an exclusive offer or promotion.

Customer Engagement Campaign

It comes as no wonder that having a customer engagement campaign is beneficial for your organization. however, when it comes to engaging with active customers, you may provide them with campaigns to preserve them informed of the factors mentioned above, and you can additionally take this one step similarly with marketing automation.

Marketing Automation CampaignsIf you’re monitoring customer success metrics, you’re in an interesting position to cause customer engagement campaigns based on how active and engaged your customer is. Do you have a customer that makes use of your services or products properly and is a promoter? you can trigger campaigns asking them to be part of a case examine. as an alternative, if a customer isn’t taking full advantage of your product/service, you can automatically send them messages to assist them learn more and train them inside the use of your offering.

Internal Process Campaigns

Your staff is busy. And, once they’re too busy, things get missed. maybe a salesperson forgets to follow-up with a lead, or someone misses a shift. unload some of the manual work and assist your staff be extra organized and efficient with marketing automation campaigns. That’s the great factor about diverse marketing automation platforms; they allow for all sorts of communication automation, which might not be related to marketing at all.

Staff Happiness Campaign

Do you know right now how happy all your staff are at work? employee happiness is very important for preserving employees and making sure that they don’t pursue different positions because they are sad. Going around to each employee individually is a time-consuming task, and a few employees might not feel secure answering questions one-on-one. an automated staff happiness campaign allows you to acquire anonymous feedback and gives staff an area to voice concerns.

Marketing Automation Campaignssimply send around a survey that collects data from employees and gives all of the information to you in an easy-to-study report.

Follow-up Notification Campaign

Although automation can help you provide instantaneous information to leads and customers pertaining to their interests with your company, every so often there is just no alternative for the human contact. Having reps follow up with contacts at certain points within the customer life cycle is still a very important component of business and have to no longer be neglected.

In parts of your automation campaigns, you can pause the campaign, have a rep reach out individually, and then resume the automated part of the marketing campaign. those notifications make sure staff do not forget about follow-united states and allows you to include personal touches in your automated campaigns.

Shift Reminder Campaign

Marketing Automation CampaignsWhile you’re working a 9-5 job, it’s quite difficult to forget while your shift starts. however, for jobs that require different starting times every day, automatic shift reminders help ensure staff recognize exactly while their shifts are and helps reduce people coming in late or missing shifts altogether. Automating this process means that managers don’t need to call staff while they’re running late and don’t need to fear about anyone missing shifts.

There are only some of the many campaigns you could implement with the help of marketing automation.

Email Marketing

Emoji Concept in Email Subject Line

Emoji Concept in Email Subject LineA smiley emoji concept can carry that the mail is some thing to be completely satisfied about, and may almost broaden the open charges for you. Emojis can specific the content material within the e mail in a better approach, and appeal to the proper set of viewers. That’s why entrepreneurs are trying to fit in emojis strategically and creatively into the e-mail discipline lines.

There are apparent professionals and cons related to emojis in emails. Although entrepreneurs declare that it does make stronger open rates, if used too regularly, can even smash your marketing technique. You will have to accordingly comprehend when, why and the way to use emojis when working on your area line.

Benefits of Emojis in Email Subject Lines

1. It is more expressive:

If in case you have emojis in email discipline line, it helps carry what you desire to express better. The correct emoji now not simply captures the attention, but in addition consists of the emotion linked simply.

2. Improves the brand’s visibility:

When you include an emoji in your email area line, whatever the open or the relevance to the audience, they would remember your brand. You could possibly be of their prime remembers.

Emoji Concept in Email Subject Line3. Attracts subscribers & improves open rate:

This is, doubtless, the primary potential of using emojis in the area line. Assume reading a discipline line with a winking emoji on the finish of it. Wouldn’t that make you smile, and want to know what the email holds up for you? Interesting and simple emojis can support you expand your email opens. 56% of brands making use of emoji in their email area traces discovered a better distinctive open fee.

4. Fits the mobile screen size:

You effortlessly are not able to overlook that your audience is gift on the cell gadget, and tend to open their mails on the mobile. You can also want to make certain the field strains are right away visible when your subscriber opens the email on the phone. With a limit of 40 characters, the use of emojis can aid you retailer quite a few characters, and be visible on the mobile contraptions while.

Disadvantages of Emojis in Email Subject Lines

1. Emojis may not be fit for your brand:

Emojis should be used if they suit your company’s identification. A significant manufacturer utilising fun emojis within the area line can go against the manufacturer identification and customer belief. You may also want to identify whether or not emojis swimsuit the emails you ship and the way first-class you need to use them earlier than doing so.

Emoji Concept in Email Subject Line2. Rendering emojis on email clients:

You need to take into account your subscribers’ email purchaser when you are including emojis within the discipline line. Unique electronic mail consumers render emojis differently, and some of them won’t even render these emojis. So, which of the e-mail consumers may pose a difficulty for you? Gmail renders your emoji perfectly, irrespective of the OS you are using to entry the e-mail. Usually, the OS interprets the Unicode, but in case of Gmail, Google interprets the code.

3. Opening emails on different OS:

The very first thing you want to make certain, when sending emails with emojis within the discipline line, is that your subscribers are competent to view it. The subscriber can open the e-mail on a home windows XP patron or on an Android mobile. Emojis use a Unicode persona, which is interpreted differently by way of one of a kind operating programs.

Tips for Emojis in Email Subject Lines

Choose your Emoji well:

Alternative of emoji is determined by the content kind, what you are promoting sort, as well as the tone you’re utilizing in your content material. If you’re a significant business and want to make use of emojis, you may also want to find out emojis that are critical. A registered trademark image or the copyright image within the e-mail field line will convey what you need to assert. It is going to additionally support you stand out.

Emoji Concept in Email Subject LineKeep it contextual:

Use an emoji that is principal to the discipline line. You don’t wish to use an emoji that does not support convey what you’re planning to assert. With over 2000 emojis that duvet a range of objects and feelings, which you could always use them to communicate what can’t be said in phrases.

Express your emotions:

Expressing feelings by means of text can also be rather elaborate. The emoticon emojis support make clear the emotion and help specific better.

Create an impact:

The straightforward text area line would convey a designated thought but, should you desired to create an affect, you will have to don’t forget utilizing emojis. They aid emphasize the inspiration and appeal to the audience. Use them on the proper areas in the subject line.

Don’t send without testing:

You can also need to scan the discipline line earlier than you ship out the email. Ideally, see if the emojis are rendered in the one-of-a-kind e mail purchasers. Try A/B testing out with the area line to get an proposal of the number of clicks you could get.

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