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5 Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise

Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise has become the most preferred internet marketing tool for various Enterprises. When done properly, this method of marketing can generate the right Enterprise leads for online Enterprises. According to the 2016 State of Small Enterprise Report, 54% of small Enterprise use an email marketing strategy. Since email marketing has the highest return on investment on most traditional marketing tactics and is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, more than half of small Enterprises using this strategy should be. here 5 Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise:-

5 Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise

Now Let me tell you the 5 Significance of E-mail Marketing for Small Enterprise-

Cost Effective:

It is easy, effective and inexpensive. Email marketing allows Enterprise owners to reach a large number of consumers at a rate of almost nothing per message. For small Enterprise owners on a budget, this makes it a better choice than traditional marketing channels such as TV, radio or direct mail.

Complete Control:

A major advantage of email marketing is that your email list is under you and under your control. Unlike marketing strategies through their social media platforms, which are online real estate that can change at one time – such as Facebook’s topical algorithm – your ability to reach customers on your email list does not change, unless fixed. As such, they do not unsubscribe.


When you use an email marketing software, you can track who opened your email, which link is clicked, and how many people are unsubscribed. You can easily get a picture of how your email campaigns are performing, make adjustments and improve your effectiveness. It is important to remember the email marketing matrix as you monitor and measure your internet marketing strategy.

Higher Conversion:

Your customers have agreed to contact you by adding you to their email list. You have already converted them. Furthermore, joining your email list suggests that they are already interested enough in your company and want to know more. There is a high probability that they will actually read or attach the information you have sent.

More effective than social media:

Social media is an extremely important component in the marketing strategy of any Enterprise. Social media is a great channel for interacting with your audience and strengthening your personal relationships with them. And because of that, it is an important first step towards reaching its ultimate goal – dialogue.

Email marketing has become the most preferred internet marketing tool for various Enterprises. When done properly, this method of marketing can generate the right Enterprise leads for online Enterprises. According to the 2016 State of Small Enterprise Report, 54% of small Enterprise use email marketing strategies. Since email marketing has the highest return on investment on most traditional marketing strategies and is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools, more than half of small Enterprises using this strategy should be.

For more related information, you can check Mailcot and Migomail.

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6 Email Marketing Best Practices : Email Marketing

Here we will explain some basics of email marketing and email marketing best practices.  And, how it works. Once you have finished reading this out you will have the idea about how to launch email marketing for your business. 

What is email marketing?


Importance of email marketing in 2020

From the basic order confirmations to the newsletters, emails are a quintessential viewpoint of the growth and command of your business.

Informing, influencing, and winning the loyalty of recipients who are interested in your offerings.

Marketing emails include a distinct call-to-action intended to generate sales or induce traffic to particular pages of your site.

email marketing, email marketing best practices

Some business goals accomplished by email marketing

There are three categories of objectives that can be achieved with the help of Email Marketing. 

  • Growth or Conversion (selling your offerings)
  • Loyalty of Customer
  • Brand awareness

It is a great channel because email has a specific degree of confidence attached to it. There are so many people, for whom the inbox is an information space loaded with messages from their favorite brands.

Via contacting straight into a recipient’s email inbox, you have an unprecedented opportunity to be present in their everyday lives. This has more impact than posting on social media, where you cannot be certain about the possibilities of seeing your post at all.

Aside from intimacy, email has the inherent etiquette when it comes to delivering important messages. This would explain the importance of email for brands for choosing this channel even in this COVID-19 pandemic for delivering the right pieces of information.

Email plays a vital role in each stage of the buyer’s cycle: Starting with information and prospection stage, even during conversion, and also there is a role of email later on for customer retention.

One of the main advantages of email marketing is its scalability. This refers to the fact that emails can be deployed on a large scale to a wide number of recipients.

The state of email marketing in 2020

Email is a very old technology it isn’t new. In fact, email was one of the first channels for communicating digitally. But at around 50 years old, email marketing is now more extensively used than ever before.

Email has one of the excellent things that is it’s convenience/accessibility.

It lets you approach a large-scale range of diverse audiences, and this also includes those who are not surely comfortable using the internet. This presents it as the most common mainstream form of marketing.

Additionally, email marketing creates an opportunity or a chance to build long-lasting relationships with your leads and customers.

Here are some statistics:

  • Around 80% of Americans check their email at least once per day, with almost one-fourth of them check their personal email inbox many times a day. This report is according to a data of 2018 Inbox Report.
  • Buyers who buy merchandise by email, spend around 138 percent more than those who don’t receive offers through email.
  • More than 85% of business professionals prefer email as a communication channel.

By seeing these figures now it is not a surprising fact that email is recognized as the most effective channel in B2B marketing.

If you are not applying any email marketing strategy this means you are missing out on sales opportunities and the opportunity to strengthen your relations with customers. email marketing best practices email marketing best practices email marketing best practices

Now’s the time to get your email marketing up and running – and we’re going to explain to you how.

Getting started: choosing the right email marketing solution

Benefits of emailing marketing software

The first and foremost step towards performing an effective strategy of emailing is to choose the right emailing marketing solution.

Some reasons are here why it is worth spending in a dedicated email marketing service to create and send marketing emails.

Platforms of email marketing (like Mailcot) have the basic support or infrastructure in place to assure deliverability of email – This is something which you cannot guarantee while sending an email campaign with a regular Internet Service Provider like Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook.

Another use of an email service is that you can manage your email subscribers and also segment them into email lists.

And when you talk about designing marketing emails, you find that most of the email services usually offer ready-made templates and easy-to-use email editors. In a few clicks, you can create a newsletter very easily. No HTML coding skills or graphic designs are necessary.

You will also get the insights into email campaign performance. You’ will get to see which emails were most successful and learn more about your audience thanks to open rates, click-through rates, and reactivity insights.

Comparing different solutions

There are various distinctive emailing solutions to pick from. For choosing a relevant one for your business, some questions are here to consider:

  • The number of contacts you have now and in one year what is your planning to increase this number?
  • No. of emails you are planning to send?
  • What sorts of emails do you wish to send? Is it promotional, transactional, or both?
  • Your budget?

When you are comparing email services there is another factor you m just take into consideration, that is scalability and the associated costs. When you are up to starting your business of email marketing it is anticipated that your contact list will be short or small – but as the time goes on it will grow ideally.

With Mailcot, you will only pay for the number of email sents – not the number of contacts stored.

There are different types of marketing emails

Promotional emails

This type of email is sent as and when it is needed, in line with the of your business.

Newsletters present news that is associated with your business. Such as your new breakthroughs reached, product capabilities, or for highlighting a product use case. It is a tendency to stay at the forefront of your connections’ minds and inspire them to engage with you more.

Email campaigns are highly focused on marketing and sales. A campaign could consist of 3 to10 emails sent over many days or weeks. These types of emails are sent with a particular purpose in mind – be it to promote some exclusive offers, boost the downloading of a white paper, or to sign up for a webinar.

Automated emails

Automated emails save a lot of time and do miracles for fostering customer relationships.

It is as simpler as a welcome email sent to a fresh newsletter signup or a personalized email based on the buyer’s behavior or existing knowledge or information.

The special thing about automated emails is that nobody has had to present there physically to hit the send button.

Mailcot email automation feature lets you set up automated emails that are sent out in answer to a specific ‘trigger’ event that’s pre-defined by you.

There are lots of email automation possibilities.

Different types of automated emails

Automated marketing emails:

Transactional emails: 

Mailcot caters for both transactional and promotional emails. Big thanks to our strong SMTP service.

Email marketing best practices 

Now you are well known to the different types of emails and benefits of them for your business. So, now its time to grab some very important features of email marketing.   email marketing best practices

These are the points which will help you done your email marketing with legality. Pay attention!

Collect email addresses legally

sign up form  

This is obvious that if you are sending emails you must need email addresses. Though, the way in which you collect those email addresses is very important.

The GDPR is a regulation in EU law that protects the personal data and privacy of consumers, including their email addresses.

For legally collecting email addresses, you need the ‘opt-in’ process.

This is a method by which a client or lead share you their consent by an online form for collecting and use their information/data.

Segment your mailing list

As when your list of email expands, it is destined to hold diverse buyer profiles.

Segmentation means parting down your email list and creating more petite sub-lists of contacts those who have something in common.

For instance, age, geographic location, lead score, first-time purchase, etc.

This enables you to maintain proposing content that is both relevant and personalized for each person on your mailing list.

Optimize your deliverability

Email deliverability basically means the ability of an email to land in a subscriber’s inbox. For marketers this is an important concept because it shows that emails have rightly reached their destination, rather than stopping up in the junk folder where they are improbable to be read.

This depends on technical and behavioral factors. For situation, the quality affects your deliverability.

Must ensure quality.

Further reading: Improve Email Deliverability in Inbox

Choose an email design that works for your brand & audience

The design is just as important as the content.

Catch your contacts’ attention with your design.    email marketing best practices email marketing best practices 

The email design and its feel is going to communicate a word about your company and its values. It is worth spending your time on.

A good email design also helps you make your content more clear, legible, and structured.  

Save time with email templates

Create reusable email templates. Pick an email template and then personalize it with your brand. And, when this is done you will only need to modify the text each time for sending different emails.

Personalize your emails

All of us like to feel special when it is about our favorite brand. We relish it when brands add a special personal touch and pay attention to small details.  email marketing best practices 

This also sounds true in the case of email marketing.

Personalizing emails is necessary to build relationships with your leads and customers.

So, personalize your email in this modern era, you necessitate to make the most out of it at every opportunity.

Start Your Email Marketing with Mailcot

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Reasons: Why Effective Email Marketing is Still a Useful Tool

Many companies shy away from email marketing campaigns because they think it’s an outdated approach. But 65 percent of B2B marketers said email is the most effective channel for revenue generation. And in 2014, email marketing listed as the most powerful tool for customer retention.

effective email marketing campaigns, effective email marketing, effective email, email marketing campaigns, email marketingYou should still use effective email marketing for these six reasons.

1. Effective email marketing can help create lasting relationships

A brand with a strong email marketing strategy can become the local news anchor everyone is excited to see. With useful advice and the latest information, he draws individuals in with his engaging personality and then builds trust so his viewers look forward to hearing from him. Receiving emails that are consistently appealing helps prospects and customers feel connected to your brand.

2. Marketing emails can be hyper-personalized and targeted

With other marketing channels—for example, social media—targeting can only be so granular. In fact, many channels have audience-size thresholds that marketers must meet before their ads will even be served. On the contrary, marketing emails highly targeted and personalized down to an individual user level.

With email marketing software, you can analyze user data, segment your contact lists based on common factors and then send emails addressing the specific needs of recipients. Prospects and customers will appreciate this personal touch and be more inspired to interact with your brand.

3. Effective email marketing keeps your brand top of mind

According to a study by Blue Hornet, 34 percent of Americans check their email “throughout the day,” which means companies that aren’t using email marketing are missing out on countless opportunities to link up with prospects and customers.

Your content should be where your target buyers spend their time. If you have their email addresses, you know they have an inbox they are checking regularly. So be there when they are.

4. Effective Email Marketing Campaigns are (relatively) inexpensive

Should you decide to purchase marketing automation or customer relationship management software (which we highly recommend), there will be an initial financial investment. However, after that first expenditure, the cost is often less than a penny per message. With email marketing, you won’t have to worry about media buys or postage or print charges (like in direct mail).

On top of that, marketing automation software reduces the time commitment associated with email marketing—scheduling, sending, database maintenance—making these campaigns even more cost-effective.

5. Emails, in general, are action-oriented

Emails naturally prompt responses—replying, forwarding, clicking through. By including direct calls-to-action (CTAs) with clear benefits in your messages, you can take advantage of this impulse to react and drive traffic to your site or encourage the desired conversion event.

Don’t be afraid to include multiple CTAs in your emails. A common mistake marketers make is stuffing as much into the message as possible. A better tactic is to provide enough information to pick the target’s interest and then include links where he can learn more. But be sure not to use too many CTAs, which can overwhelm the reader—try to keep the total below three.

6. Email marketing is measurable and testable.

One of the great things about email marketing campaigns is the objective metrics—delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate, among others. Marketers can evaluate performance and make data-driven decisions about how and where to optimize. This is a benefit not all marketing avenues have.

Email marketing also lends itself well to A/B testing. Marketers can test several different elements, including the subject line, email length and CTAs. You can make confident decisions about which approaches work and which don’t.

While email marketing is a great strategy, it’s important to keep in mind that if your messages not crafted properly, it may be all for naught.

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Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India – 2019

In this Article Mailcot Define “Who are Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India 2019“, MailCot is the Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India, We provide Email Marketing Services, Marketing Automation, and SMTP Server Services, We are best in our work to Try it.

Email Marketing is the best solution for a new business to get leads and customers so it helps a business to make a reputational image in this digital market. So that Email Marketing Services brings more and more lead by sharing product and service information to users or customers. It provides a cost-effective solution for a newly opened business organization who can’t afford door to door marketing or any big promotion. Email Marketing Simply sends well designed and formatted email relevant to the product or service. Predesigned email templates help businesses to get real leads and sales.

So Email Marketing is the most benefited tool and today more than 50% of organizations are preferring Email Marketing. There are top 5 email service providers listed below which derv their best solutions for email marketing

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services provider in India, Best Email Marketing Services provider in India, Email Marketing Services provider, Email Marketing Services provider in India

Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India 2019


1. MailCot:- 

It is the most powerful tool which provides Email Marketing Software & Services. It provides high reliability and 99% inbox delivery so a user doesn’t need to suffer anymore. Well, reliability and deliverability are the main concern while choosing emailing solutions. Hence MailCot provides other extra features for better user experience.

Mailcot Services

  1. Email Marketing Services:- This definitely applies to your business. So many businesses (likely your competitors) do not use Email Marketing responsibly. You should constantly blast them with your latest blog posts or sales pitches. It is such a powerful channel. Let’s take a look at MailCot Email Marketing Services Why is so more important for increase your business
  2. Transactional Email Service:- You probably have an application that sends out either marketing or transactional messages and is searching for a host to relay these messages in bulk. would like to find a single provider to handle your deliveries. Let’s take a look Mailcot Transactional SMTP Services and Servers.
  3. Marketing Automation Platform:- Treat each customer uniquely with targeted emails triggered by their behavior. Marketing Automation Platform allows you to send what your customers want to hear and when they choose to hear it.
  4. Lead Nurturing Platform:- Our Lead Nurturing Platform also helps you attract buyers and nurture them with personalized campaigns. So sales can step in when they are engaged and ready. Let’s take a look Our Lead Nurturing Platform

Email Design Features

  • Email Personalization
  • Advanced segmentation tools help to create a new list based on the user’s behavior
  • Easy, Automatic Unsubscribes
  • Dynamic Content Blocks
  • Send Now or Later
  • Pause & Resume Sending

Statistics & Reporting

MailCot bulk email service in the USA, UK, Australia, India, and Singapore provides a basic plan starting from INR 12,000 for 20,000 email credits and so on.  So that for more details visit Mailcot pricing.

2. MailGet:-

One of the Best Email Marketing Services provider in India owned by Magnet Brains Pvt. Ltd headquartered in Bhopal, India. MailGet also offers a world-class email marketing software solution at a very affordable rate.

It is a very powerful email software tool that helps you to boost up your business also and ensure high email deliveries.

Features of MailGet

  • Responsive Email Template Builder to customize your emails as much as you want.
  • Email Marketing for a large volume of email subscribers.
  • Social Integrations to increase your product branding also in the market.
  • Affordable pricing based on the number of subscribers.
  • Email drip campaigns technology improves also an email open rate up to 99%.
  • They offer more options to import email lists as well as email list cleaning is also available.

3. Mail Marketer:-

In the list Mail Marketer is a pioneer of web-based Email Marketing Services in India that is providing a dedicated email platform since 2008 used by corporations and entrepreneurs.

Mail marketer ensures the business continuity plans that help to become a leader in the email market industry.

Features of MailMarketer

  • Built-in WYSIWYG HTML editor.
  • Spam checker & inbuilt Bounce handling.
  • Google Analytics integration.
  • Real-time tracking reports.

4. Octane:-


Image result for octane logoIt provides you with a state of the art email, web marketing, and SMS platform marketing technology. It is capturing the integrated market with API for ERP/ CRM and Google Analytics integration.


Features of Octane are:-

  • Email Personalization
  • Email scheduling
  • Upload and import contact

5. Kenscio

Kenscio Digital Marketing Pvt. Ltd.Kenscio is built on a scalable and reliable infrastructure where you can transact email send marketing messages or other high-quality content to your clients. The service is used also for a marketing perspective to promote services and products to a large number of the customer base.

Features of Kenscio includes

  • Strategy making to deliver high-quality contents that are valuable to your existing customers
  • Campaign designing to get improved performance
  • Email campaign monitoring and analytical inputs for effective targeting
  • Testing & Deployment

These above are the topmost Email Marketing Software tools that provide also the best marketing automation platform and email solutions to enhance business sales and help businesses to reach on a different level.


In this Article Mailcot Define Who are Top 5 Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India 2019, MailCot is the Best Email Marketing Services Provider in India. So that we provide Email Marketing Services, Marketing Automation, and SMTP Server Services, We are best in our work to Try it. Due to a rise in email marketing competition over the Indian market.  So it is important for an email marketing company in India to understand what the client needs and to add more features to cope up with the user’s requirement.

Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing Campaign works in India

When it comes to the universal question of how to reach hundreds and thousands of potential buyers in the lowest possible time, bulk email or email marketing India come across as the most desirable solution. This holds even more true in the context of small businesses in India. As Indian economy experiences a surge in the numbers of start-ups and small businesses, more and more email marketing campaigns are being launched to create brand awareness and recognition.

What makes email marketing campaigns in India really effective is the fact that the base of internet users in India has grown manifold. It is a country of young and aware internet users who actively engage with product information, services offered, sales and discounts and relevant business updates.

email marketing campaigns

Email Marketing campaign

Here some of the key benefits that good email marketing campaigns (Email Marketing India) can deliver.

1. Email marketing campaigns are highly cost-effective

For a small business, the cost is a major consideration. Email marketing campaigns simply work best for them. By launching your email marketing campaign under the supervision of a bulk email service provider you save money, time and effort. With email marketing services (Email Marketing India ) you avoid the cost of promotional materials like print, paper, ink and other such charges.

2. Email marketing campaigns are better targeted

Reaching out the right people is essential to any marketing strategy. Poor targeting means that your intended message sent to the wrong audience. Therefore ruining your whole marketing plan. With email marketing campaigns the chances of right targeting are the highest because mailing lists from mail houses are most reliable. You can segment your mailing list according to factors such as customers’ likes and dislikes, their buying behavior, etc. Thus ensuring that your prospects receive more personalized messages that have the information they would likely interested in. Today many effective email marketing software comes laden with such features that help you create efficient recipient segments and track performance of your email marketing campaign.

3. Email marketing campaigns deliver higher customer receptivity

You may involve television, radio, newspaper or other such mediums in your email marketing campaign. However, how high are the chances that your message get ‘actively’ registered in the prospects’ mind? People may or may not notice an advertisement on TV, radio or newspaper. But they surely go through their emails. Email marketing services (Email Marketing India) can surely have a better effect. Although it is customer’s decision to pursue your offer or not. They will surely get to know about you and your business.

4. Email marketing campaigns run on their own

Another great aspect of email marketing campaigns is that they run by themselves. Readers or viewers themselves take the initiative to know more about your business and offerings. Opt-in emails come as newsletters, promotions, special offers, etc. and requested by internet users on websites they visit. If any customer no longer wishes to receive such emails, he can simply opt out from mailing lists. Opt-in and opt-out mailing help deliver your business messages to the prospects without wasting your time and efforts.

For more information about Email Marketing Campaigns, You can check- Mailcot, Rccess, and Telcob.

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