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Reasons Why your Business Needs A Marketing Automation Platform

Based on the latest stats, nearly 54% of companies worldwide are using marketing automation platform. While 53% are planning to adopt the technology soon.

A report released by Salesforce titled State of Marketing (2017) states that 67% of marketing leads are currently using some type of marketing automation platform. The biggest growth in usage is seen in areas like the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence. The benefits of using marketing automation are humungous. With 89% of users agreeing that marketing automation is crucial to the overall success of their marketing efforts.

Here are the reasons why your business need a marketing automation platform

Save More Time

You don’t have to get into your workspace every morning and dive into a tool that schedules your posts for the entire day on social media or ship one-off emails. With marketing automation, it’s possible to schedule everything you require in advance. This will free you up to concentrate on other important marketing activities. After all, the idea of “setting it and forgetting it” can help you to loosen up a bit.

Adds Value To Your CRM

While marketing automation software and CRM software are greatly different, they can help you achieve more out of your marketing efforts.

Besides saving contact information, marketing automation tools give you insights on the location of your contacts in the marketing funnel, the resources they use, the web pages they interact with besides enabling you to establish processes that will perform important tasks automatically based on the interactions. When you integrate your CRM with marketing automation, you can send targeted emails to your contacts in your system.

Allows Personalization

With a great marketing tool, you can easily personalize content to your personas. For instance, in many automation tools Hubspot, Infusionsoft or Mailcot you can include personalized tokens into an email blast. Your emails will look more personal by incorporating such elements. It will appear as if they were sent particularly for them instead of a huge list. And when one of your contacts gets an email that looks more personalized, it’s likely they’ll open it.

Smarter Re-Engagement And Increased Campaign Efficiency

It’s a known fact that marketing automation can work well when it comes to driving engagement. But what happens when your prospects fail to engage, and instead, disappear into the wind? What happens when they slowly start fading away and lose interest? Before you lose hope, it’s useful to observe that marketing automation can also be used to re-engage customers in the same way as it is to entice and engage them in the first place. The first way you can achieve this is through smart segmentation. Most email lists are unsegmented, generic, and so broad that your customers see the exact same messages, no matter how much effort you invest to differentiate your audience. To make your emails effective, you can segregate your list based on the level of engagement-fully engaged, semi-engaged and least engaged.


You can rest easy with marketing automation software knowing that your audience on the internet will receive the same and consistent experience depending on their actions. For example, when a visitor subscribes to your blog, you can set up an automated workflow. It sends a welcome email recommending content along with a follow-up offer. Based on the set up of your blog, you can also have your new posts sent to your subscribers automatically. You don’t have to give a thought of manually sending your subscribers and email with the new article.

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