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Best Marketing Automation India

The Marketing Automation India story is yet in its initial steps. Most famous views globally still imply that there is less than 10% approval of marketing software platforms also when you join up the customer part of all primary providers.

Globally the Marketing Automation software market will be worth $7.63 Billion by 2025 as per estimates by various researches. The market is supposed to increase between 2016 to 2025 with India and China witnessing the tremendous growth in the customer base. As per estimates, the size of India market alone is over USD 500 million.

Story- Marketing Automation India

 marketing automation india

Marketing Automation India as the name sounds somewhat amorphous for a whole industry. The marketing automation market in India also started with lead generation and nurturing technologies gradually providing a wide array of analytics and social media management capabilities.

By the time the marketing automation wave hit the country, entrepreneurs in India had realized that they can’t understand the approach of building an “all you ever need” package for marketers. The marketing automation India wouldn’t be concluded without considering serial-entrepreneurs. Marketers have also embraced automation to simplify their tasks.

Challenges For Marketing Automation India

 challenges for marketing automation india

1. Budget Constraints & ROI Enigma

Most marketers connect low marketing budgets as one of the logic for the non-adoption of marketing automation resolutions. For some who take the leap of belief to use a marketing automation solution but only assess it in terms of Return on Investment (ROI) leave to see the value.

Another mistake that marketers could find to see the return on investment (ROI) reaching up, but sales dip. This could be a consequence of some simple causes and effects. As media expansion increase across channels, the reach has decreased for almost every channel and publisher. Growing costs coupled with declining reach drives up Cost-Per-Point (CPP), which means your original needs to be exponentially more efficient to deliver the same results. In most cases, even the greatest creative cannot compensate for the decline in efficiency.

2. First Think Content Strategy

The latest report suggests that the number of marketing tools competing a marketer’s attention raised by 40%  from the previous year. With so many marketing tools available, the choice to pick a marketing automation solution is usually driven by FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).

Outwardly a sharply defined content approach, the automation solution only stops up showing the incompetence in the marketing department. Content lies at the core of any marketing automation solution hence it is risky to guarantee that you have a documented strategy of content in status before you design your marketing technology.

3. Automation Detox

The industry as a complete wants some sort of detoxification for putting stand-alone applications like marketing automation suites. The difficulty lies in the mindset that marketing automation is expected to automate repeated tasks that destroy the very nature of what marketers do.

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Being online every business wants to be top and the higher rate of ROI, For this, they are competing with each other, So MailCot provides a wide variety of Bulk Email Marketing Services and Email Hosting Services (either it is transactional or Marketing Email) to generate sales and attract grand new customers depending on their email campaign. Mailcot also provide email Marketing Reseller program.

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Email Campaign

Tips to Create an Engaging Email Marketing Campaign

As a marketer, this puts you in a difficult spot. Because you know how important an effective email marketing campaign is. The problem is, if your email marketing campaigns don’t stand out, you’ll just be another part of the deluge of content no one wants to read–which is a waste of time, effort and opportunity.

So how do you create an effective email marketing campaign that people will pay attention to and, actually appreciate?

effective email marketing campaign
Here are five easy to follow tips for executing an effective email marketing campaign.

1. Hook them with an enticing subject line

This is a very basic tip but it’s worth repeating because it’s essential. When it comes to email marketing, you need to convince people that your email is worth opening in the first place.

I’ve found that when it comes to email subject lines, the more straightforward, the better. If the content that you’re promoting has an intriguing title, then you could simply make that the subject line. But this isn’t necessarily the most effective approach.

Let’s say you’re promoting an article you published on your blog. If you make your subject line the title of the article, this means that when they open your email, they’ll be met with the same title in the body of the email, which is repetitive. But if you pull the most shocking statistic or fact from your article and make that the subject line, then readers will be enticed to find out more. Then boom, there’s the equally enticing title of the article. Now they’ve got to click through to your site.

2. Offer real value to your subscribers

It’s not enough to simply say, “Look what we have here!” Every email subscribers receive is telling them to look at something. Who has time to look at everything?

Real value can come in several different forms: it could be something valuable for its exclusiveness like a discount or a free piece of content like an ebook, or through; it could also be valuable information, like an article that walks readers through a process; it could even be emotional value, as an inspirational video that subscribers will want to share with their friends.

3. Keep it short and to the point

While Statista’s emails are like mini reports unto themselves, most marketing campaign emails should be even shorter. This is especially true if you’re promoting an article or a video. Remember, the goal of an effective email marketing is to get subscribers to click through to your site. Offer them only the smallest and juiciest piece of bait that will make them want to learn more.

From my experience, a marketing campaign email shouldn’t be any longer than about three sentences. Just enough to give them a sense of what you are promoting, without giving too much away.

4. Don’t overdo it

While certain companies will use a daily email approach, it’s not advisable for everyone to do it. Often, subscribers will get frustrated by daily emails. Scarcity has something to do with this–while you may think that frequent emails show you are engaged with your subscribers, your subscribers probably don’t want to hear from you that much. Sorry, they’re just not that into you.

The thing is, there’s no hard and fast rule for how often you should email your subscribers. The frequency of emails that subscribers will accept varies depending on the industry and a particular brand. You will have to monitor your metrics over a couple of months to see what your subscribers’ behavior is.

5. Mix it up

In line with not overdoing it, it’s also a good idea to mix up the types of emails that you send. For example, then you may send out an email every time you publish a new article on your brand’s blog, and these emails might follow a similar format of header images, article title, and a short description. But don’t make this the only kind of email you send out.

Email Marketing

Reasons: Why Effective Email Marketing is Still a Useful Tool

Many companies shy away from email marketing campaigns because they think it’s an outdated approach. But 65 percent of B2B marketers said email is the most effective channel for revenue generation. And in 2014, email marketing listed as the most powerful tool for customer retention.

effective email marketing campaigns, effective email marketing, effective email, email marketing campaigns, email marketingYou should still use effective email marketing for these six reasons.

1. Effective email marketing can help create lasting relationships

A brand with a strong email marketing strategy can become the local news anchor everyone is excited to see. With useful advice and the latest information, he draws individuals in with his engaging personality and then builds trust so his viewers look forward to hearing from him. Receiving emails that are consistently appealing helps prospects and customers feel connected to your brand.

2. Marketing emails can be hyper-personalized and targeted

With other marketing channels—for example, social media—targeting can only be so granular. In fact, many channels have audience-size thresholds that marketers must meet before their ads will even be served. On the contrary, marketing emails highly targeted and personalized down to an individual user level.

With email marketing software, you can analyze user data, segment your contact lists based on common factors and then send emails addressing the specific needs of recipients. Prospects and customers will appreciate this personal touch and be more inspired to interact with your brand.

3. Effective email marketing keeps your brand top of mind

According to a study by Blue Hornet, 34 percent of Americans check their email “throughout the day,” which means companies that aren’t using email marketing are missing out on countless opportunities to link up with prospects and customers.

Your content should be where your target buyers spend their time. If you have their email addresses, you know they have an inbox they are checking regularly. So be there when they are.

4. Effective Email Marketing Campaigns are (relatively) inexpensive

Should you decide to purchase marketing automation or customer relationship management software (which we highly recommend), there will be an initial financial investment. However, after that first expenditure, the cost is often less than a penny per message. With email marketing, you won’t have to worry about media buys or postage or print charges (like in direct mail).

On top of that, marketing automation software reduces the time commitment associated with email marketing—scheduling, sending, database maintenance—making these campaigns even more cost-effective.

5. Emails, in general, are action-oriented

Emails naturally prompt responses—replying, forwarding, clicking through. By including direct calls-to-action (CTAs) with clear benefits in your messages, you can take advantage of this impulse to react and drive traffic to your site or encourage the desired conversion event.

Don’t be afraid to include multiple CTAs in your emails. A common mistake marketers make is stuffing as much into the message as possible. A better tactic is to provide enough information to pick the target’s interest and then include links where he can learn more. But be sure not to use too many CTAs, which can overwhelm the reader—try to keep the total below three.

6. Email marketing is measurable and testable.

One of the great things about email marketing campaigns is the objective metrics—delivery rate, open rate, and click-through rate, among others. Marketers can evaluate performance and make data-driven decisions about how and where to optimize. This is a benefit not all marketing avenues have.

Email marketing also lends itself well to A/B testing. Marketers can test several different elements, including the subject line, email length and CTAs. You can make confident decisions about which approaches work and which don’t.

While email marketing is a great strategy, it’s important to keep in mind that if your messages not crafted properly, it may be all for naught.

Email Marketing

How to Get Attention Using Email Marketing Campaign

What Makes an Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

Effective email marketing campaigns need to be cleverly written to get attention in busy inboxes. Here are three things your next email campaign should have.

Email Marketing Campaign

Personalization and Imagery

Marketing Emails personalized to the reader and filled with interesting graphics. Few people want to read emails that addressed “Dear Sir/Madam” — as opposed to their first or last name — and even some users want to read an email that simply gives them a wall of text. Visuals help your recipients quickly understand what the point of the email is.

Responsive Design

Effective email marketing campaigns designed for all devices on which users can read their emails — desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Email marketing campaigns that designed for mobile devices are especially important — a quality known as “responsive design”. In fact, 68% of emails today are read on either a smartphone or tablet.

An Appropriate Call-to-Action

Above all, exceptional marketing emails must contain a meaningful call-to-action (CTA). After all, if brands are taking up subscribers’ time — and inbox space — with another email, every message must have a point to it. Internet users get multiple emails per day — why should they care about yours?

You probably receive enough emails as it is, and it’s tough to know which newsletters are worth subscribing to, So we have the best solution for email marketing campaign designing tool- Mailcot. Mailcot Providing High open rates and high deliverability with the fastest email service.

Email Marketing

Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Here’s some tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaign :-

You’ll want to by using desirous about the cause of your campaign, then the more than a few procedures that you just could use to gain that cause. This requires that you boost an working out of your viewers, the types of messages that they will be more likely to reply positively to, and likewise the timing of the messages you’re sending out.

Specified Email Marketing Campaign take slightly bit of time and endurance to gain success. Many men and women make the mistake of thinking that their e mail campaigns consists principally of without difficulty sending out emails. In fact, much of the good-deliberate marketing crusade should take situation before a single message ever goes out to anyone.

Right here’s how one can create an Email Marketing Campaign Plan.

Detect The motive of Your Email Campaign

Effective Email Marketing Campaignyou might be about to send a message to a bunch of people who had been interested sufficient in you and your products that they agreed to be contacted. What if that is the one message from you that they ever open? If there’s no important cause for the message, then your most effective danger to connect with a incredibly qualified lead could be waste.

Don’t misunderstand–this does not imply that every message you send out must push the difficult sale. That’s not going to work for many persons either. But there must be a reason for each and every message, something that it objectives to accomplish. In lots of instances, this can be as simple as building believe. Email marketing campaigns are pleasant avenues for constructing believe previous to soliciting for the sale, but you gained’t build up that trust simply by using virtue of having dispatched out four hundred words of reproduction. You have to be lively in undertaking the intention of your mailing, and it helps to have a transparent proposal of that goal in advance.

Market To Your Goal Audience

Suppose what would happen when you created a specific record phase containing most effective individuals who’ve recounted your services or products on their blogs. Now there’s a group of humans to pitch a targeted offer to. Email marketing campaign application is important for setting up this form of market segmentation to your email campaigns.

The objectives of your message will have to have a lot to do with the individuals it’s being dispatched to. This goes above and past the ordinary demographic concentrating on, to looking on the types of actions that a character in your list has carried out. If you’re going to send out a sales letter, consider about whether or not or not it is going to benefit you to send it to people who have already purchased your product. Or whether or not there’s some add-on or up-sell that you just could be pitching to them as an alternative.

What variety Of Message fine suits Your Email Marketing Campaign?

Effective Email Marketing CampaignIf people are signing up to your record after shopping your product, your messages to them will have to be reasonably distinct than messages for individuals who are signing up from informational pages on your website online. For informational subscribers, there’s normally no better or extra efficient technique than to use electronic mail auto responds to construct up slowly to the decision to action. This fashion which you can lovingly hand-craft a series of trust-building earnings messages that delicately woo the competencies consumer, and give them over a tested period of time. The satisfactory section is that you only have got to write the email sequence once, after which once the subscriber buys you should use 1-2-All’s subscriber actions to have them automatically switched over to your ‘relationship administration’ list for present buyers.

Time For Your Email Marketing Campaign

Most individuals just choose an arbitrary frequency to send their newsletters out, and check out to persist with that schedule. This is a good tactic for promoting an air of steadiness in your organization. If that is your crusade approach, you’ll wish to hooked up a calendar or timetable for yourself so that you simply’re no longer rushing to supply sub-par content on the last minute a week or month.

On the other hand, usually it may be wiser to take into account the average fluctuations of your market. If you’re selling a seasonal product, no person goes to be focused on reading about it unless the season tactics. So in the event you send out a newsletter each month, humans will already be used to ignoring you by the point the appointed season comes around. On this case you’ll in most cases honestly make extra revenue with the aid of no longer sending whatever out for months at a time.

Email Marketing, Marketing Automation

The First-Rate Stored Personal in Email Marketing

The first-rate stored personal in email marketing

Within the email industry, mailcot is widely identified as a leading transactional email company. Our reputation round transactional email once in a while overshadows the truth that mailcot also powers email marketing programs for a few of the most state-of-the-art, maximum-scale entrepreneurs within the global. In fact, greater than half of the ten billion emails we ship each month are marketing emails.

During the last several years, we’ve visible more and more foremost B2C brands flow their advertising programs from traditional email carrier vendors to mailcot. Why are these customers transitioning from conventional marketing software program to mailcot’s platform? The answer is that they see mailcot presenting a higher manner to make sure transport of the proper message, to the proper recipient, at the proper time.

Greater powerful focused on and personalization

Present day email marketing is facts-pushed and rather personalized to every person recipient. Manufacturers and shop wealthy information about their users—such things as demographics, engagement history, and purchase/activity history—in numerous internal databases. To correctly leverage this consumer information and create personalized content, customers ought to push facts among their inner records warehouses and their e-mail machine, and programmatically generate electronic mail content.

With many structures, syncing and merging person statistics into focused campaigns is bulky and slow. Also, it is necessary that all the information has batched in a regular i.e. in an hour /day /months. Even for optimized messages for hundreds of lots, or thousands and thousands of recipients at a time. The end result is both behind schedule campaigns,

Campaigns with less personalization

Mailcot’s present-day API architecture allows each non-stop low-latency records syncing and speedy programmatic message era at excessive-scale. This empowers top B2C brands to ship distinctly-targeted offers, digests, engagement emails, and different campaigns to their users.

Faster advertising speed

Other challenge for email marketers is, many ESP systems don’t offer email marketing campaign reporting on a timely foundation. Customers wait hours, days, and in intense instances weeks to acquire campaign performance information. Extra over, the layout wherein this performance information is received is not usually without problems. Therefore, marketing campaign new release and optimization cycles suffer.

Mailcot presents customers with real-time email analytics through webhook, displaying deliveries, bounces, opens, clicks, and greater all the way down to the person recipient degree. Such information can easily drop into customer’s databases as well as API systems, allowing the email crew to speedy examine marketing campaign overall performance, check and iterate messaging and segmentation, and pick out opportunities for new campaigns.

Greater dependable and timely deliverability

As once the campaign generated. And the speed i.e. arrives in recipient’s inbox. Even, that is also important to get emails in the inbox. Speedy transport can provide a tremendous advantage over competitors Those are competing for each other for sharing their products or services. Conversely, gradual delivery will become a competitive legal responsibility.

Email Marketing

Design a Powerful event welcome email campaign

Components of a powerful event welcome email campaign

Regardless of whether it’s a launch occasion, networking occasion or a gathering. Also, the effectiveness of your occasion is directly related to the number of participants you get through the door. And also, there’s no better approach to reach an audience and build participants than e-mail.

In this post, we’ll share with you the 3 key components of an effective event welcome email and show you some examples from our client email exhibition of occasion welcome email campaigns that got it right.

What is an occasion welcome email?

An event welcome email is a battle designed to increase attention of your event and encourage people to attend.

Here’s a great illustration from email campaign Monitor client Hidden Dinner.

As you can see, the event welcome email tells their subscribers about the upcoming event. And also, gives an invitation to take action to see the menu and reserve seats.

The 3 key components of a powerful occasion welcome email

In order to get the maximum amount of awareness and participants from your event welcome email, have a go at including these 3 distinct components in the battle.

Value Proposition

In any event welcome email, the quality suggestion ought to be a short statement that concisely explains why the beneficiary ought to go to the occasion.

As you can see, the email contains an unmistakable value proposition that reads ‘Whisk your family away to an enchanted world’.

A detailed description of the occasion

And now, you’ve caught your subscriber’s attention with the value of suggestion. it’s an opportunity to back it up with a detailed description of the event that outlines exactly what participants can hope to see and do at the event and what they will get from going to.

Social Proof

Even if your event is free, individuals are paying with their time and may have some common delay and anxiety towards attending.

This can be brought on by any number of things:

Worry that your event isn’t worth their time and/or cash,

Stress that your event isn’t relevant to them,

Doubt that your occasion will convey the quality you claim it will.

In conclusion

The event welcome email is one the most imperative email campaigns you can send to increase the visibility of your events.

So next time you are making one, ensure it has the 3 key elements:

  • An advantage centered quality proposition
  • Compelling event data that outlines what attendees can expect at the occasion
  • Components of social proof to reduce anxiety around the value of your event

By including these 3 components, you ensure that you get the best results possible from your event welcome campaign and drive large quantities of participants who will make your event a success.

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