Successful Email Marketing Campaign

In the Successful Email Marketing industry today, it is simply not enough to have great email content. Marketers need to ensure that it reaches the right inbox at the right time. But what exactly does ‘delivery’ mean? Statistics show that 1 in every 5 emails fails to land in the inbox, meaning that 20% opportunities to connect with regularly missed customers.

3 Importance Successful Email Marketing Campaign

1. Deliverability

An email is believed to be sent if it does not bounce or return to the mail server. The delivery rate is a calculation of the mail that subtracts the volume that is subtracted. But to be able to truly consider campaigns to be successful, marketers need to make sure that what they are sending is not getting stuck in spam – or ignored. Overall, delivery is ensuring that you are doing what you can to get yourself in the best position to be truly seen by your customers.

2. Spam and Blocking

72% of mail sent globally is considered spam, and these filters significantly reduce the amount of incoming inboxes. However, the interpretation of spam varies from person to person, so to say that ‘one person’s spam is another person’s ham’. As a result, the blocker locally gives the recipient the power to control their inbox.

3. Make The Grade

Email is becoming increasingly important in communication; Creating your email is the key to a successful mail program.

With the recent update of Google’s Gmail Android app, customers were given more control of their mailboxes on their personal devices. Therefore blocking a sender means that all future mailings immediately went to the spam folder.

It is necessary to ensure that your participants really want to receive your message. Personalization and relevance are important. There is nothing to lose. So by placing your consumer at the center of your email marketing strategy, you are providing a more relevant and positive customer experience.

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