4 Ways To Build Your Lead Nurturing Emails Stand Out

4 Ways To Build Your Lead Nurturing Emails Stand Out

Write Subject Lines That Beg To Be Opened

Since the subject line is the first thing the recipient sees, it would be silly not to discuss that technique. After all, if no one opens it, your email doesn’t matter! Not every subject line needs to be a literary achievement, but a subject line has power that is magnetic.

Choose The Right Sender

Lead Nurturing Email is all about trust. You want the buyer to trust your communication otherwise they will always be ready to open them. Apart from the subject line, one way to build and confirm trust is with the sender name — or by name. If you think about it, would you open an email from someone you don’t know? Names can make all the difference and affect opening, clicking, and even spam complaints.

You can use the following options for “from” section: –

  1. Company or Brand Name
  2. Product or Service
  3. Name
  4. Campaign

Build A Strong Lead Nurturing Email Body

You want your email to be compelling, clear, actionable, and what is the answer for me? Question. Some things to consider are:

  1. Keep your email width 600px maximum. Any broad and likely to present some email client issues to you.
  2. Remember that rich media like Flash, JavaScript, and video won’t work in an HTML email.
  3. Focus on what will and will not be above the fold on the customer’s screen, whether it is on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device.
  4. Consider experimenting with the style of emails—sometimes heavy text works better than a beautiful visual.
  5. Always use alt tag. These tell users whose images are blocked they know what they are missing. They can help increase both open rates and click rates, so don’t go out.

Don’t Forget Segmentation

The task of segmenting your audience, dividing your leads into definitive and actionable parts, is essential to your marketing success – especially with lead nurturing. The more segments you do, the more relevant your lead nutrition programs are. If you are not relevant, your audience does not pay attention. Segmentation means high engagement.

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