E-commerce sales with email marketing is a very important concept of marketing to boost sales of e-commerce companies. The use of email marketing in the eCommerce industry is huge. After all most of us only need to scroll through our inboxes to realize that. Now while the majority of the big retail brands have got. It covered with their regular newsletters, promotions and automated welcome, birthday and shopping cart reminder emails, there is a huge untapped opportunity for small to mid-sized retail businesses to leverage email and use it to attract, engage, convert and retain customers. With this in mind, here are 3 tips on how to best use email marketing for e-commerce and ultimately increase your sales.

E-commerce sales with email marketing, Email marketing for E-commerce

How to Increase E-commerce Sales with Email Marketing

1. Continually develop your mailing list

Growing your email mailing list, whether it be from scratch or as an ongoing effort, can be daunting, but fortunately for eCommerce brands, there are a number of things you can do to encourage both prospective and existing customers to subscribe to your email campaigns.

The key thing to remember here is that you will need to incentivize them and offer something of value, in exchange for their email address. For many types of businesses, one of the most effective ways to do this is through the use of an online contest.

2. Don’t just send an email newsletter

While it is likely you will want to create a regular email newsletter, there are various types of emails you can, and should, be sending your email subscribers.

Welcome emails are not only incredibly successful, achieving an average open rate of 50% and generating 320% more revenue per email than other promotional campaigns, but they are also increasingly expected by customers – specifically 74.4%.

Additionally, shopping cart abandonment emails can be incredibly powerful for increasing conversions. After all these customers have already shown intent to buy an item from you. And a simple reminder can persuade them to complete the purchase.

3. Ensure your emails actually drive action

Email campaigns are all well and good. But if you’re not actually driving any action then they are likely a wasted effort.

Before anything else, we should point out that this action doesn’t always have to be a sale. While this is obviously a key focus, eCommerce email campaigns can also encourage a number of other things. Including encouraging customers to read your blog, leave a review or whitelist your emails.

Regardless of which action your email focuses on, you should always use high-quality call-to-actions (CTAs). In other words, they should be easily identifiable as people tend to scan promotional emails. And contain compelling language that ultimately entices the recipient to click through.

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Another important thing to consider is the email subject line. At the end of the day, no matter how great your email is. If you fail to grab the recipient’s attention. Then your email probably won’t get read. For this reason, you should ensure that your subject line uses words. And phrases that both piques their interest and creates a sense of urgency. While also using actionable language such as “buy”, “purchase” and “take”. Personalization is also another great way to increase open rates!

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