Transactional Email are important for emails that receive certain transactions. Therefore, these confirmation emails are sent immediately after purchase, password change, bill payment or those simple. ‘We miss you emails – they respond to some action or inaction through the email consumer. Traditionally used only to send data, the underlying power of those emails is not yet what most companies do. However, these emails can take advantage of providing up-sale, cross-sale or just personal information to build a deeper relationship with the client. Therefore, considering the high open and click-through rate of those emails, their impact can be maximized through better-targeted content.

Let’s have a look at how transactional email can actively influence a business:

How Transactional Email is Important For Your Business


How Transactional Email is Important For Your Business


1. Build trust: Triggered emails are timely, relevant and respond to customer actions. By sending these emails, you let your customers know that you are alert and attentive. Customers are more likely to have loyal and advocating brands who care about them.

2. Help to know customer: The information collected through those emails can be dissected to gain rich customer insights. Therefore, in turn, gives you an edge in all your marketing campaigns. The opportunity to drive positive brand awareness through greater degrees of customized content.

3. Engage customer a lower cost: Transaction email can be the critical best medium for announcing special incentives and personalized offers, receiving customer feedback or receiving referral customers – a cost-effective way of customer engagement on a one-to-one basis. In addition, metrics of transaction emails, their triggers, delivery times, open rates, click on rates, bounce rates, and many more. Similar analysis can be done to improve internal technologies and consumer engagement channels. This would save valuable manpower, money and time that could have been directed in this direction otherwise.

A trusted SMTP server that can help you collect all these metrics, real-time, will free up your resources for business, important tasks. Also, it has become imperative to have a clean and distinct infrastructure. Although, can’t only supply your emails speedy, but also track them and help you on your analytics.


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