No matter what you’re doing business, email marketing is to increase your sales. One of the most effective marketing channels and the amount of income. According to email experts, the average return on investment for email marketing is $44.25 for every dollar spend. This article will teach you How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing.

People who buy products by email are 138% more expensive than those who don’t. You have the opportunity to realize this and want to use this channel to increase your sales, revenue, and relationships with your customers.

How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

However, if you don’t get a similar return on investment from this channel, then some of the errors mentioned below. It can lead to your email marketing being in trouble:

1. You don’t have to spend a lot of time writing questions

You might think that a beautiful design and elaborate emails. As well as a good quote, are enough to get results. However, by improving your theme, you can increase your open rate by up to 203%.


If you find it difficult to make a great theme, here are some tips:

1. Wrap it in seven words.

2. Use a familiar sender name.

3. Use the individual without adding the recipient’s name.


Tip:  Keep A/B testing your subject line. The result will never be constant. Things that might work for you three months ago may no longer work.

2. You don’t effectively segment your email list

In the past, email explosions have become the primary means of email marketing. The ship is sailing now, you need to customize your information according to your potential customers’ interests and preferences if you want them to open and click on your email.


In other words, sending meaningful messages to your email marketing list is not possible, with no in-depth segmentation but few marketers are deeply segmented. They split the mailing list once and forget about it.


42% of marketers do not send targeted emails; only 4% use hierarchical targeting. (Market Professionals)


So if you want to make your email more meaningful, then your email list is constantly being split.


Here’s an example to show you how to do this:

How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

Customer segmentation concept


Tip: You need to be deeply involved to make sense.

3. You have not provided value

Let’s face it – even a simple design email should be designed if it passes on to the value of your customers. This design is important, but it is a value proposition that guides the reader to take action.


Let’s take a look at the email from BlueNile, an online jewelry store.


BlueNile Valentine’s Day Email

How to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

I received this email on February 13th. It’s clean, simple, and stock. It clearly highlights the value and proposals to induce action.

4. Your ad campaign goals must be defined

It’s important to set a goal for your marketing campaign, but after thousands of emails, we found that they didn’t focus on a specific goal and CTA. Many email campaigns have multiple CTAs that confuse readers and prevent them from clicking and converting.


Remember, “The more the better,” is not always true. In fact, a super-focused call-to-action language makes it easier for users to convert, increasing 371% of clicks and increasing sales by 1617%.


5. Your email is too long

Longer emails will only have participation and clickthrough rates. So why do marketers send long emails?


Most people check their emails on a small screen. Much retail business in the e-mail has been sent too long. The longer the email, the worse the readability.


Avoid creating longer emails. No matter how amazing they look, users like short, simple, targeted emails.


Your email should also:


It’s fun to read


Visually appealing




6. You send an email at the wrong time

If you don’t pay attention to your sending time, then you certainly haven’t got the best conversion from your email.


A/B tested its email sending time to determine if sending an email in the morning instead of at noon can make a difference. The results showed that at 10 am instead of noon, the revenue per email increased by 14%.


7. You pay more attention to sales rather than participation

Email marketers typically focus on what they get from email campaigns: sales, referral traffic, reviews, and more. But they rarely focus on providing value to subscribers.


Focusing on your goals is good, but if your users feel that all your emails are just trying to sell to them, they will leave a list of your emails. “People don’t like to be sold, but they like to buy.”


Don’t just use email to advertise your products and services. Use them to keep your users entertained and involved. Educate them and arouse their curiosity, they will continue to check your email. But that doesn’t mean you have to create a separate email to entertain your readers. You can add puns and provide a lot of information in your marketing mailer. Therefore, after reading, whether the promotion, shopping cart or order confirmation information will make your readers happy. Remember; as long as your email provides value, your email marketing will ultimately pay off.


Tip: Emails don’t always have to be sold. It can be used to keep your potential customers and customers involved and informed.


With the use of these tips, it’s time to start your email marketing program and look for errors that can be improved.