E-mail is an efficient instrument to connect your company to clients. When my enterprise was in crowdfunding, emails made most of our promises and it remains one of the main traffic sources for our website. So this article will tell you how to send marketing emails to maximize the sales result.

I have a friend who is a fitness equipment supplier. They are very successful in email marketing. They send 10 emails to most registered users every week, sometimes more. However, the proportion of account cancellations and spam complaints is low.

They, in the end, is how successful marketing? The most important thing is to give customers what they want to see.

How to Send Marketing Emails

1.Initial Mail

When a new user enters your email list, a few initial emails are sent to explain what she will receive, which is of interest to her. Send messages of different content according to the source of the new user.


How to Send Marketing Emails

For example, if someone responds to “Get 5% off by signing up for our email list,” she might prefer a promotional email. The first email content – “Here’s your 5% off, and by the way, here’s why you should shop at our site”; the second email – “Have you used that 5% off yet? Here’s why we were founded, and what we’re really good at”; the third email – “Since you haven’t used your 5% off yet, here’s 7% off”. Or something like this.


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After sending the above email, put the registrant in the “normal” mail delivery object.

In contrast, if someone sends an initial message to your mailbox list because they bought a product or service, it is related to the product or service. The content of the email can be: “Thanks for your purchase. We’ve added you as a subscriber. Here’s what to expect”, and then attach the relevant product content.

2. Long Mail

Instead of sending a long email that takes 20 minutes to read, users prefer short emails, such as 5 minutes to read, and then attach a blog link. But sometimes, long messages can also be very effective.

Long message content must appeal to customers and potential customers. For example, if a user is interested in creating a garage gym, their company will send a lot of content related to this topic. The email tells the story of other fitness enthusiasts who have created a garage gym, as well as the specific equipment and fitness methods used.

3. Short Message

Sometimes, the effect of a short message is obvious. The clothing company Chubbies has done a good job in this regard. It likes to send short and interesting content to customers. Creating a lot of humorous email content in a week may not be easy, but if you have this skill, don’t hesitate to use it.


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4. Promotional Mail

Sellers can also send promotional emails directly, preferably on Christmas and Good Friday. Other time effects may not be as good. However, the content of the email should be carefully considered.

To be frank, if you send an email: “Hey, [product] is on sale”, people may not be interested. Think about how many promotional emails you have received yourself, do you care?

It’s best to have a message with helpful content and then attach a promotional message.

5. Monitor email performance

Regardless of the type of mail sent, the relevant criteria can be used to measure the effect. Sellers should pay special attention to the click-through rate, logout rate and spam complaint rate of the email. Revenue is also a standard that tells you if an email is an effective marketing tool. Speaking of marketing tools, you can also ask some third-party marketing software to do these repetitive and tedious tasks. For example, my friends have email marketing with SAP ERP, the effect is obvious, compared with the previous manual operation efficiency. Quality improvement. Below is a screenshot of the software

How to Send Marketing Emails, Marketing Emails

You will send better marketing emails with these five tips which will lead to a rise in replies.