Email marketing is a big platform— it is a powerful tool to reach out to fresh audiences, build healthy relationships with the customers, and vending any type of product or to offer any type of service. The hotel industry is no exemption.

Here in this blog, we’ll get to know about how to design email marketing for hotels, bringing your attention to the types of emails to send.

Start your email marketing with a high-profile mailing list

Hotels have an opportunity when it about to reach out to the customers — we can simply get the email addresses of new tourers both online or offline.

Offline, you can request for email addresses at the check-in or check-out right at the hotel and can offer a short form that people can fill in.

Online, you can put a form (subscription form) on your website. To make it extra appealing, you can offer a discount or maybe a gift. Set lead magnets on applicable pages of your website to bring something valuable in exchange for an email address.

For instance here is an enclosed subscription form on the Hotel website:

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The form offers people an opportunity to join a “VIP list” not just a mailing list and ensures insider news and special offers. By advancing exclusivity, the firm makes candidates feel special and try to win their trust.      email marketing for hotels

When signed up, candidates receive an email with confirmation with clear cut instructions:

hotel confirmation email example, email marketing for hotels, hotel email marketing,

Subscription form on the website + confirmation email (a double-opt-in subscription) is an easy and simple yet remarkable way to look after your mailing list from invalid emails. Furthermore, this method makes your email communication legal. As you approach only those customers who permitted you through the medium of email.

Customer Segmentation for Better Targeting

It doesn’t matter whom you address, your persistent guests or your expected guests. You must let them identify you apprehend the needs of them. So, your email content going to suit the expectations of all the guests, which is not possible without segmentation.

Auspiciously, hotels are some kind of the experts when it comes to flock together the data about customers. Consider leveraging it to divide your mailing list into segments for better targeting.

Some statistics display that segmented campaigns are more compelling compared to non-segmented ones:

  • 14.31% – higher opens;
  • 0.64% – higher unique opens;
  • 100.95% – higher clicks;
  • 4.65% – lower bounces;
  • 9.37% – reduced unsubscribes.

To gather information about your customers and prospects, ask them to fill out some details of their profiles on your website or practice check-in and check-out time to contact with customers face-to-face querying them about their choices. Put out surveys, request feedback/evaluation from those who have stayed at your hotel in the recent past, and use data from your CRM system.

Here are some probable options for segmenting the hotel guests:

  • international, national & local travelers;
  • summer, winter, autumn and spring birthdays;
  • children, family, couples and business travelers;
  • type of room;
  • duration and frequency of visits.

Afterward, you can tailor your offerings to disparate segments. For instance, when a customer travels for business, you can point out the quality of room service, the speed of WiFi, business arenas and conference rooms, leaving SPA-related and entertainment offers to other visitors.

Give your guests a warm welcome

Welcome email not only assists or serves as the inception of your relationship with a customer. It is a persuasive jumping-off point for the achievement of your marketing campaign.

As according to the statistics, the use of welcome emails leads to

  • Approximately a 320% of bigger revenue compared to promotional emails;=
  • and around 61.9% of higher opens as compared to the average rate.

Greet your guests or prospects with a warm welcome, let them understand who you are, share your values, and let them understand about your best or prominent products or services.

When looking for new ideas for your welcome email, create a list of the most – reoccured asked questions by the visitors and select the ones that you can answer in your very first email.

Some hotels present their probable guests a very nice welcome through their well-thought email. With some quality emotional photographs & structured friendly copy. This email gives information about everything a new subscriber or new guest may need to know which also includes the hotel deals and events.

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Sell with your hotel email by bringing value

Around 55% of guests are capable to accept personalized offers or promotions in a swap for personal details. Users only want relevant and personalized content which is related to them

The primary goal is to clear all possible doubts by making them believe why your hotel is worth the customer’s attention and providing value to people.

For example, some hotels decided to encourage some interest in their cruises with a “myth-busting” email. By waken-up their curiosity and sharing interesting facts, they give out a lot of information and address the potential “pain points” of their audience.

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You can provide the details of the present weather in the through the email. This idea is to show that the hotel takes care of their guests, and then they will feel appreciated. It brings value.  email marketing for hotels

Celebrate with your subscribers together

Approximately, 73% of guests appreciate loyalty programs with continual rewards that don’t depend on gaining points. Apart from Christmas, New Year and birthdays, each day could become a special occasion to reward your subscribers with something special.

Celtic Manor celebrated Father’s Day with a series of vouchers with, for 25% off. They fully explored and used up all the opportunities this holiday has to offer by making up “Luxury dads,” “Foodie dads” and other unusual ways to celebrate it.    email marketing for hotels

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Communicate with your hotel guests before and after their stay

The experience of your customers goes far more than the hotel property itself. Your strategies of email marketing must target the visitors at the particular stages of the guest’s journey, which also includes the time before and after their stay.

These are a few basic hotel emails you should send to your customers:

1. “Thank You for Booking”

Confirmation email will be sent immediately after the guest has just made their booking.

Express gratitude to the guests for picking your hotel. Give them information about the confirmation of booking and notify them with details about the possibility if they want to modify the booking. This must include check-in and check-out date and time. Tell them about the additional services available at your hotel.

2. “Your Upcoming Stay”

This should be sent two-three days before the check-in date.

Send all the information that can be useful for the customers. Prepare a checklist of items that are allowed for them to carry-on, provide a weather forecast as I have mentioned above with recommendations of what clothes. Provide a link for the directions to the hotel, closest tourist attractions as well as information about the transport.

3. “Thank You for Staying”

Send this a day after the check-out.

Convey thanks to your customers one more time and mention that you would be happy to see them again. Additionally, you can add a personal touch in your email and ask them to leave their feedback. One solution is that you can send them a survey to fill out in swap for a reward.


There are many ways for your hotel email marketing. But right now just remember, top three things:

  1. Always choose quality over quantity. Mainly when it comes to the subscribers count and the frequency of your emails.
  2. For segmenting your mailing list, use all the personal data you are having and send email content that will justify their expectations
  3. Get communicate with the subscribers during their journey and send useful information too with the promotional emails.

Finally, Mailcot always here to help you do email marketing for hotels.

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