Email marketing is an exquisite patron retention tool. You can’t expect immediate sales. However, you may count on expanded customer loyalty and repeat purchases whilst you start sending emails. The only tricky part of email marketing. However, is obtaining those emails and keeping them subscribed. As you’re reading through different blogs and publications to e-mail advertising, you may see facts about renting or shopping for lists. We endorse keeping off this in any respect costs. developing your list organically is viable and could carry you the satisfactory effects.

The Creative methods to increase Email Signups

Easy Sign up with Interest Categories

With the growing demand for personalization, we can all agree that user’s defining their own interests will help with the automation process. Throughout your website, we suggest setting up custom forms that filter signups into a specific list. This way, you can start sending relevant campaigns immediately. Read our next article “Segmenting Your Subscriber List in a Smart Way” for ideas on how to segment your subscribers.

Email-in or Text-in Deals & Giveaways

This method of email collection can be executed in a variety of ways. Choose what is best for your business by analyzing your customer’s behavior and watching your competitors.

Deals on Deals

Hanging up posters in your shop that offer a discount or giveaway in exchange for an email address will increase your signups exponentially. Who doesn’t like a good deal? This approach is useful only if you make your sales goals clear. Let them know why they should stay subscribed past this initial promotion. Will you be sending more deals and offers? If you have a membership program in place, will they get special benefits by subscribing?

One Time Promo

Like our ‘deals on deals’ suggestion, one time promos can be displayed throughout your store. Promote a killer discount or giveaway in exchange for an email address. If you’re not planning on emailing them more discount codes or sale promotions, make sure they’re aware that this is a one-time promo. List reasons why they’ll want to stay subscribed and give them some insight on how many emails they should expect.

Website Hook

Email-in and text-in promotions shouldn’t be limited to posters. Display your deals and giveaways online! Dedicating a footer widget, landing page section, or sidebar space to your sign-up deal can prove to be effective. Make it simple, but be clear about your intentions. (i.e., Sign up today for 10% off your first order. We send weekly emails with our latest sales and exclusive member discounts. You can unsubscribe at any time.)

Email Opt-In Box During Online Checkouts

Acquiring new emails doesn’t always mean you have to look far. Give your new (or returning) customers an easy way to opt-in to your list by adding a simple checkbox near the purchase button. Most online cart systems will collect and compile your email opt-ins into a downloadable list. If you integrate FireDrum’s API, you can have new opt-ins added to your account immediately.

Working with a mobile credit card processor (like Square or Clover)? Most processors offer a similar signup feature. Enable these settings in your account and watch your subscriber count grow!

Leave a Signup Sheet by the Register

Even in today’s fast-paced, digital age, a pen and paper are still useful. Leave a small note or poster alongside a signup form that encourages visitors to leave their email. Since this method doesn’t offer as much detail as a webpage might, it’s vital that you list the basic subscription facts. How many emails should they expect per month? Will you be sharing their email with other vendors? Will they receive any special deals or promotions by signing up?

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