The corporate world is increasing its pace with such a speed that one can hardly catch its breath to plan the exclusive market strategies. Some Email Marketing strategies still remain at the top of the priority list. One of them is undoubtedly Email Marketing. Business and tech experts around the world agree that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to develop a brand and target the customers to build a long-lasting professional relation.

Email marketing IndiaWhy Email Marketing Still Makes a Difference in Your Business Profits

Now you might be wondering why? In the era of social media, when it seems the world is too global to really on emails, why and how email marketing still works?

The answer is quite simple. Email marketing services are still in the game, a much more formal method of communication. According to a report, the world sends about 196 billion emails daily. Out of these 196 billion emails the majority, 109 billion, is business email.

But this is not it, there are other reasons for the importance of email marketing. Here are some of them.


There is no doubt, that social media is now being used more frequently. And it also considered being powerful as well to connect with people. But don’t forget it is quite a personal and informal platform. But when it comes to converting people into members, customers or supporters, email marketing is the way to go. A recent survey proves that Email marketing has already accounted for nearly 7% of all customer acquisitions that occurred online. This not only proves the professional dominance of the medium of email but also that it is a forever green phenomenon of marketing.


Marketing is the part of a business which takes almost half of your investment if to be done rightly. But email marketing cost almost nothing and provides double profits just by spending some time on the carefully crafted sales emails. Moreover, you don’t have to put a load on your pocket for printing an advertisement like in other mediums of marketing. With emails, you are still able to create the same imagery with the added benefit of having follow-up information instantly available with one click to your website.


One of the biggest reasons of why bulk email marketing is still a favorable method is that it generates immediate results. And you don’t have to wait to measure your success or failure level. Email is transaction by nature and you can use it to direct traffic to your website and ultimately drive sales. You can keep a clear track of the targets you have achieved which helps you in upgrading your progress even more.

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