Brief introduction to Voice broadcasting service

Voice broadcasting is a popular method for direct marketing of your business. Voice broadcasting service is an efficient and cost-effective way to deliver appointment reminders, promote events, conduct surveys, automate customer alerts, and more.

At once you can broadcast telephone messages to hundreds and thousands of call recipients. Both commercial and community applications are under this technology. Voice broadcasting service allows you easily to instantly send interactive phone calls easily. And you can manage the entire process directly from the web.

Benefits or key features of voice broadcasting

Message Personalization with text-To-Speech:-

You can customize your voice broadcasting for each recipient via having the text-to-speech feature, insert their name, organization, account balance, or other information you need in the voice notification and so on.

Interaction with IVR: –

Use outbound IVR to add an interactive capability to your voice notifications to gather information or tailor specific messages based totally on responses.

Consistency: –

Calling the individuals manually cannot be consistent. The human effort behind such calls asks for the investment of time and money. Voice broadcasting service gives the customer, a consistency of broadcasting to many.

Personalized Messages: –

Voice messages are given more importance and it also becomes easier for the listener to listen and understand than read a long mail and get the meaningful points out of it.

Get real-Time Reporting: –

You don’t need to wait to receive reports from an account manager. You can access real-time voice notification reports on your voice campaigns online whenever you want, as compared to other services.

Cost Effectiveness: –

The cost-effectiveness of voice broadcasting service is one of the most useful features as they help to get connected with the customers without any separate special setup. It has less cost as compared to other services.

Best voice Broadcasting service provider in India: –

If you want to use voice broadcasting service for your business with the advanced features, you can depend on Telcob services. Telcob is leading voice broadcasting service provider in India. It is providing best services because it is having latest features and offers. The cost of telcob’s voice broadcasting service is less, as compared to other service providers. You can try its demo by visiting its official website named “”.

It is providing other voice broadcasting services. These services like personalized messages, leaving messages to the customers, campaign scheduling, and campaign management too.

Telcob Voice broadcasting service phone software manages a huge database of your phone and digitalized messages too. These computers can simultaneously deliver thousands of phone messages by using VOIP, analog or digital telephony components. Hence Telcob services are far better as compared to other service providers.voice broadcasting services

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