Virtual receptionists are contract workers and they perform many of the same tasks as traditional receptionists handle. They can take messages, handle phone calls, make follow up phone calls, manage your schedule and more. This includes every time that they reach out to your business on callThe last thing you want, in this case, is for them to be on hold endlessly or not be able to reach the right team member who can offer them a timely solution.

With a virtual receptionist, you can cut the percentage of calls ending up as hang-ups on your answering machine to nearly none.Hence  As long as you use your VR properly, you don’t have to miss out on any opportunities any longer. A live person answering the phone will provide far better customer service than just a machine that most customers will hang up on anyway.

For virtual receptionist, we have to look at some important things:


Your customer does not have to know that you are working out of your basement. Your IVR should be customizable and made to sound professional so you can project yourself as an “established brand”. An automated welcome greeting that connects your customers to the right department would be ideal.

Basic customer service

Of all the virtual receptionist features, this one may be the most important to your callers – the ability to provide basic customer service over the phone. If someone calls inquiring about your business hours, what your company does, or location details, a virtual receptionist should be able to answer those questions with ease and keep the caller moving through the sales funnel.

Call tracking

A live receptionist should be able to track all incoming calls, outgoing calls, missed calls, calls made to each department and more. It will help you know your customers better and offer them a better experience in terms of what they’re looking to achieve from the call.

Customer service improvement

Since all the calls are tracked and monitored, the customer can be assured of exceptional service every single time. The dashboard has details of the conversation with a particular customer, so an agent knows to pick up the conversation exactly from where they left.


Get all relevant call reports, live analytics and campaign reports on a unified dashboard. Understand how customers are interacting with your business and make better business decisions.

Virtual Receptionist is Better than Traditional Call Centers :

Never Missed Any Calls

Virtual receptionist software keeps track of all the calls, it connects the customer to the right department instantly. In case a call is missed, it records the same with the customer input. This enables you to call the customer back as soon as possible with a solution.


Most of the virtual receptionist software offers a pay-as-you-go model. This makes them fit for fast scaling businesses and a more feasible alternative to setting up the traditional call center.

CRM integration

A virtual receptionist software can be integrated with most CRMs. This helps keep a record of all the customer data, the past and ongoing conversations made via SMS, calls or emails; which further lets you predict the changing needs of the customer and address them to build loyalty.

A single number for the entire business

A virtual receptionist doesn’t need you to get multiple phone numbers. Using one number, you can set up an IVR that directs the customer to different departments. It’s easy for the customer to remember and definitely easier for you to manage.

Hence Virtual Receptionist is Better than Traditional Call Centers


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