Marketing has the power to make or mar your business. If done well, it could increase business like nothing else can. And if done in a incorrect way, it can cause irreparable harm for your brand.

While there are innumerable tips and tricks out there that talk about the do’s of properly marketing, but it’s far equally important to know the don’ts lest you have to reason your self any loss.

Here, we are listing down 8 methods, marketing practices that may bring you sure-shot failure. Please ensure you DO not follow them!

1.Generate leads and forget them

Focus only and only on generating leads through all means, and don’t put in even half the effort in nurturing them. that is the unfailing formula to make sure all the marketing investment goes in vain, and none of the leads ever convert to clients.

Despite having the capability to touch 92 percent of leads, Forbes’ research shows that brands touch base with most effective a quarter of them & 71 percent of generated leads damage due to the fact companies don’t react soon sufficient. this is where lead nurturing can play a vital role, permitting you to educate, inform, and build a solid relationship with the ones leads to push them closer toward the bottom of the funnel.

2.Overload your contacts with immense information

Bombard your contacts with messages, emails, and notifications. send them as much content as you can. This way, you’re certain to piss them off and make sure they hate you.

As rightly said James Gleik, “while information is cheap, attention becomes expensive.”

The customers are not foolish. They smart enough to cut through sensationalist, opportunistic, spams or thinly-veiled attempts to marketplace to them in the past. too much of information overload does more harm than good. So send customized and relevant content only, at the proper time and through the right means.

3.Don’t bother to measure your results

Keep on spending on marketing but never analyse, track and measure the results and effect of your campaigns. assume some thing you’re making an investment is bringing you definitely desirable results. this is the most silly way of doing business.

In case you fail to measure the results of your marketing campaigns, you don’t have any idea what’s working and what’s not. you may waste money on marketing efforts that are doing nothing that will help you grow sales, and you would possibly fail to do things that could improve the bottom line. Failing to analyse the achievement of your advertising and marketing efforts can cost your company time and money.

4.Juggle too many channels

Use all possible ways to reach out on your contacts, without trying to understand their favored channels. Use e-mail, SMS, social media, voice calls – any channel without any thought. this is any other perfect way to put off your contacts and losing out on opportunities.

Before deciding on a channel for your marketing, you must understand your audience. you might have multiple target audience and each will have its own channel they use to receive data and spend time on. rushing into marketing without knowing your audience and how to select the right channel is likely to result in a disappointing ROI and wasted money.

5.Don’t care about making your website mobile friendly

Just turn a blind eye to need of creating mobile responsive internet site. tell yourself that each one your customers visit your website via laptops or computers, and even if they do so through their smart phones, they would not mind distortions inside the internet site when opened on phones. properly, congratulations! You just gave your customers a horrible experience.

The fact of life is the customers of today aren’t sitting in front of desktops or laptops. they’re using their phones and tablets for viewing your website.

If you don’t give them a seamless mobile experience, a good way to browse and shop while cell, they’ll go someplace else. no matter on what device your potential customers view your internet site, they’re getting the experience they want – A great one!

6.Undermine the importance of retargeting

Forget those who forget you. just do not bother to reach out to those who once have been loyal clients or have been brought to you via your sales team as hot leads. Retargeting – what does that mean?

Well, that is some other mantra to ensure you’re losing out on potential clients and all the marketing effort is going in drain.

On-line clients are exactly the same people as offline clients, yet advertisers tend to think of them as an entirely different species. Don’t you need your brand to be the one people think about immediately and feel the best about when they finally want what you sell?

7.Don’t capture repeat customers

Give no cost to loyal customers. always tell yourself that they’re coming to you because you’re that good. Leverage on the loyalty of repeat customers – what? we are too busy for that.

Remember that when marketing 80% of your business comes from existing customers and 20% comes from new customers. Failing to resell to your current consumer base could have a very bad effect for your ROI. It charges you 5 times the expense to sell to a new consumer than to sell to an existing customer.

8.Don’t care about your competitors

Never pay heed to what your competitors are doing. because, you are not afraid. you are super confident about what you offer, so why waste time on researching on competitions. Chuck that! we are the great.

The moment you start thinking on this way, your decline would start.

It’s far said, “extremely good people learn from other people’s mistakes.” you can leverage every one of their successes and failures. you may learn from every mistake they make. You just have to pay attention. And knowing what your competition is doing, with always preserve you for your toes! it is highly competitive world after all.

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