Marketing Automation is the future of Digital Marketing. Automation plays a very important role in defining the work within the marketing and sales team. There are few listed reasons why marketing automation benefited businesses to generate leads and sales.




Make the Work more Efficient

Once marketing automation basics have been introduced in an organization and creating and modifying automation campaigns comes naturally in your marketing group, you can create an incredible amount of carefully targeted and relevant email messages in your target groups.

Combine marketing and sales

Marketing automation requires combining the goals of marketing and sales and defines the roles of both groups. After obtaining, activating and nurturing leads, marketing transfers the leads to sales for more personal communication. There must always be a clear point on while this happens.

The cooperation of sales and marketing must also continue inactivating current clients, and in possibly reactivating or saying goodbye to former customers.

Keep the CRM active

In addition to utilizing data from different sources, such as the CRM, marketing automation also works the other way round. Automation enriches the data on the CRM by adding the customer’s actions to their account. This improves customer management and makes operations more customer-oriented.

Save time with Marketing Automation

With marketing automation, you can get rid of many routine tasks. Free up your time for other important tasks. In marketing, this usually means new ideas, better content, and overall more creative work that is better organized. Hence for the sales-team automation frees up time for taking care of customer relationships and high-quality prospecting.

Create better online customer experiences

Marketing automation is first and foremost the foundation of a good customer experience. With automation, you make sure that suitable content is offered when a customer arrives on the site, relevant products are recommended, help is provided when a shopping cart has been abandoned and an interesting newsletter and SMS are sent.

Test what works

Automation systems show you clearly and quickly what works and what doesn’t – and it’s easy to modify your operations accordingly. A/B testing and conversion optimization turn into everyday tasks with automation.