Diwali is India’s largest Festival and also the largest Shopping Festival,  bringing more new customer with the help of Email Marketing Campaign. Any business having an online presence can Share there promotional Diwali offers with the help of well-designed Email Templates. This will bring more engagement and convert leads into sales, means the conversion rate will improve.

Email Campaign for Diwali Festival

In order to beat the competition in such a scenario (any Festival Season), deep pockets are simply not enough. You need data – accurate, timely and actionable data – if you harbor any hopes of cracking it during the ultra-competitive Diwali sale period.

Here are some small approaches that can generate big results:

Look at seasonal factors

When your revenue depends on the success of a short Email Marketing Campaign, the timing and relevance of your messaging become all the more important. During seasonal events festivals like Diwali, you might start out with the assumption that people would be looking for greeting Emails, images, wallpapers, shopping deals and so on. You can combine this with season-specific items like lights, crackers or gifts to get more context into the general purchase intent of users (Email Marketing Campaign).

  • Know exactly what customers are actively searching for and the search volume for those terms
  • Conduct accurate keyword research in order to determine factors like keyword difficulty and prioritize primary and secondary keywords to target
  • Dig into historical data to find out what is likely to sell during that time of the year

Understand audience behavior with Email Marketing

The key to targeting your customers better is to understand what makes them buy what they want and how they go about the purchase.

In emerging markets like India, a large chunk of the market has skipped the desktop devices on their way to becoming e-commerce consumers and directly made the mobile phone (Email Marketing) their sole instrument of online shopping. Four out of five people use their mobile devices to access their email.

Once you have an idea of the devices, software, and apps your customers like to use while shopping. You can zero in on their actual preferences and interests. You can send them email marketing campaign relevant to their searches, So here’s more likely to read emails.

Work on the content of the email

You know why the email is being sent, and you know to whom it is being sent. Now comes the answer to ‘what will be in the email marketing campaign?’ to work on this, get into the customer’s shoes and see what a customer would like to receive in their inbox. In short, be clear in your communication and answer the very simple question – ‘what’s in it for the customer?’ Besides just advertising about your new product or service, ensure that the customer has some benefit for them as well. You cannot always offer them ‘free’ Services. But you can always show them gratitude and thank them for being a valued customer of the firm.

With careful planning and meticulous evaluation of business intelligence, you have a good shot at coming out on top this Diwali.