Important of Email Marketing for eCommerce. Email marketing is not a new tool for the purpose of email marketing and improving sales in both ‘brick and mortar’ and eCommerce stores. Despite this and several predictions of its decline in recent years, it is, in fact, stronger than ever.

Online marketing is an integral part of e-commerce nowadays and includes many different ways of the company’s presentation, such as email marketing, content marketing, social media, affiliate marketing and so on.

The aim of the article is to highlight the importance of e-mail marketing due to the fact, it is considered as one of the most effective communication tools. Let’s start the topic Important of Email Marketing for eCommerce.

Important of Email Marketing for eCommerce

Email marketing success requires the acquisition of new customers, conversion of subscribers and retention of existing customers to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.  The following tips will give you essential guidelines as to how to put your email marketing together successfully for eCommerce-

Reaching the Inbox

Certified newsletter service providers are whitelisted to ensure that your emails reach the inbox without being filtered as spam.
Look out for certification logos and stamps such as the CSA, ISIPP, Return Path and Spamhaus.

Capturing the Inbox

Quality email content can easily swamp in the daily flood of emails. Make sure that your emails gain the visibility that they deserve. The best way to achieve this is to make sure that your recipient is online when you send an email.

Important of Email Marketing for eCommerceOptimising Your Open rates

If your email reaches the inbox and is well-placed to be noticed, you need to make sure that a trustworthy sender address and interesting subject line win over the reader – because an unopened email is a lost email.
• Unusual and creative subject lines generate curiosity
• Time deadlines (e.g. sale ends tomorrow) motivate the reader to take
instant action
• Unicode symbols can attract attention if used correctly and this
increases your open rate

Avoiding display Errors

If your recipient opens your email, the last thing that you want is for display issues to cause any professional impression to evaporate. To guarantee flawless display in all current email programs, you should definitely test your newsletter before dispatching it. Professional newsletter software offers pre-tested templates that you can use without having to worry about display.

Securing Content Display

Therefore it is important to make sure that your newsletter does not exceed 600px in width, otherwise, your recipient will be forced to scroll across laterally to reach all of the content.

Why Email Marketing Important for eCommerce?

Means that more people can expose your marketing, which can help improve sales, attract new potential customers and boost your overall commerce business. Although, If you do segmentation properly, people will always find that your emails provide them with offers and content that are tailored to their needs. The important thing is to acknowledge it’s a welcome email in the subject line.

Important of Email Marketing for eCommerce

Are you sending emails to your website visitors? If not, you’re missing out on a major opportunity to convert them to buyers. Email can directly use to sell by sending offers to users who abandoned shopping carts or haven’t purchased in a while. Or they can be used in a more indirect way to remind people that you exist and are still relevant to newsletters and helpful tips. And are you ready for the best part? Also, Important of Email marketing is inexpensive, which makes it easy to experience an impressive ROI!

How to use Email Marketing for eCommerce?

One of the main advantages of email is that it works perfectly across the entire customer lifecycle. Therefore, No matter if you’re looking to: acquire new leads, convert your leads into paying customers, or retain your existing customer’s email are going to help you grow your eCommerce business.

  1. Start With a Welcome Email Series
  2. Use Personalization to Target Different Segment
  3. Offer Exclusive Discounts to Loyal Customers
  4. Send Promotional Sales Emails for All Subscribers
  5. Create Responsive, Well-Designed Emails
  6. Test Your Email Marketing Campaigns
  7. Send an Abandoned Cart Email Series
  8. Grow Your Email List
  9. Ask Engaged Customers for Reviews
  10. Track Your Results