When we hear the term marketing automation then suddenly things appear in our mind that marketing like Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing completes through the special tool, robots or software.

Marketing Automation is a marketing tool which implies Correct Message at Correct Time. With the help of marketing automation, you can save your time, eliminate repetitive task and focus on your business.

Marketing Technology target customer on the basis of search, interest, Preference, earlier sales and tries to make greetings for the new customer and retarget the earlier visitor.

Key Feature of Marketing Automation

Attach Multiple Contact List

Marketing automation connects various contact lists through marketing channels like social networks, email marketing, and content marketing.

Marketing AutomationSend Personal

Advertising automation gives your team the potential to add greater personal touches for your marketing campaign through gathering information on a prospect’s hobbies and goals, you could custom-tailor destiny gives so that they may be more relevant.


Marketing automation is one of the most user-friendly advertising and marketing channels available as it’s obtained from customized user reviews. You’re no longer booming audiences with advertising and marketing messages. Believe rather that you’re nurturing leads and guiding possibilities through the sales conversion funnel.

Feedback loop

When you send information to someone, the receiver may have any kind of response to that, even though that response is to do nothing in any respect. That response is a part of your feedback loop.

Marketing Automation
To the point

Make your point clear and quick. Furthermore, create a unique campaign to interact new customer and retarget the previous visitor.

Avoid looking spammed

some things will always look spammy, such as typing in all capital letters, overusing the color red, and using too many hyperlinks within the frame of the message. in case you’re going to apply symbols to your subject traces or messages, don’t use to lots of them.

Why Marketing Automation?

The best strategy for marketing is to stand out of the competition. This Automation provides different types of functionality and depth insights and also offers more metrics.

Email marketing is a comprehensive part of marketing and advertising automation. For some instance, email marketing is one of the best parts for marketing because it offers basic information about the receiver interaction.

While these automation programs allow you to get much more hyper-segmented.

Marketing automation needs constant attention and refinement to ensure it’s as successful as possible.