The specific customers and environment faced by marketers are ever-changing, but there are always some rules that are universally applicable. If you grasp these rules, you can change them all the time! E-mail marketing continues to be a viable and cost-beneficial way of reaching existing clients and building confidence with those who have still to buy from you. A simple email letter can increase sales, make your brand more aware and link your prospects and customers more closely. But to implement this marketing strategy effectively, you should follow four principles of email marketing.

Principles of Email Marketing

1. Email marketing promotion

From the four principles of email marketing, it is the most important principle. You first need to get the user’s permission, but the mail marketing field in India is still in a non-permitted stage to a certain extent. The overall feeling of the user is that the marketing email is a lot of spam, even a lot. Users somewhat exclude from marketing emails. The inaccuracy of contacts in the mailing list is an important cause of this phenomenon. Registered users are not equal to subscribers.

The Four Key Principles of Email Marketing, Principles of Email Marketing

Companies should consider the difference between the two when designing a website. It is a good idea to make registration and subscription obvious and easy to operate. Only those who really interested in your product and subscribe to the newsletter. It is your quality customer, and when your mailing list is such a quality customer, the marketing effect is naturally very good.

2. Let your users master the choice

We must respect our customers. If customers do not like the services we provide, they have the right to cancel our attention at any time. This is in fact the same as the importance of obtaining user licenses. Subscriptions and unsubscribes are the power of users. Providing an unsubscribe button in a conspicuous position, and making the unsubscribe operation simple, not only can win the user’s trust, but also enhance the user experience.

The Four Key Principles of Email Marketing, Principles of Email Marketing

Sometimes, discarding users who don’t interest in you is actually a kind of acquisition. It maintains your good brand image and avoids too many users marking the mail as spam, which affects other mail distribution of the enterprise.

3. Bring value to customers

We all know very well that we usually subscribe to a certain brand of emails, mainly because we want to receive content that is of interest and value to me. It can be preferential information or information, but it must not be a constant service promotion or “false discount.” “information. Users will only continue to pay attention to the content of the email first, and gradually turn into a loyal customer, and then into a buyer.

The Four Key Principles of Email Marketing, Principles of Email Marketing

The email is too eager to urge and force users to click on the purchase, which is actually counterproductive. Today’s Internet users easily lost in the vast amount of information every day. The time for browsing a single piece of information is getting shorter and shorter, the trust in information is getting lower and lower. And the purpose is getting stronger and stronger. They may become lazy, so they may be lazy. Only by showing sincerity, making the operation simple, and bringing them the benefits of being visible, can they get their heart.

4. Continuously improve the customer experience

Every user-centric principle should run through every step of our email marketing. The whole process of email marketing can summarize as four steps: user analysis – mail production – mail delivery – user feedback. These four basic steps could use in the experience. For example, in the mail production, graphic and text Design style, previously mentioned unsubscribing function, convenient link operation, etc.

The Four Key Principles of Email Marketing, Principles of Email Marketing

Before delivery, you need to clean the mail receiving address. Avoid invalid address affecting ISP (network service provider) score, subdivide contacts, strive for precision the delivery. You need to fully test the mail, such as the compatibility of the mail. Whether the picture is displaying. Whether the reading is smooth in the feedback stage. Actively solve the problem with the customer. Analyze the data optimization mail, etc optimize Within the scope. Only by carefully treating customers and providing the services they want, the results will not be too bad.

I hope these four principles of email marketing will help you in your successful and effective email marketing campaign.