Despite social media marketing and its widespread reach over the past few years, email marketing and promotional email still retains its strong position and is one of the tools used by companies to promote their goods and services. No matter whether you operate a B2B or B2C company, however, for a successful campaign you need a basic and engaging e-mail that can drive the user action and as a result, more leads and higher Revenue can be.

Email Marketing

According to a recent study, global email users reached 3.7 billion in 2017, and in 2022 is expected to grow to 4.3 billion. This suggests that great potential e-mail marketing campaigns can give the fact that marketers are able to come out with a copy that will grab the attention of the user and cause the desired action. One of the ways to do this is to get advice from experienced writers.

The email copy that runs the desired user action should include some attributes that will cause click-through and conversions. Here are some great tips that instruct you on how to organize promotional emails so that they can achieve their goals. It is also important to know which one can use the most successful promotional email types in your campaign.

Here Are Some Great Email Marketing Tips on How to Write a Promotional Email That Drives User Action

According to 2017 Marketing Statistics, you should send your promotional email on Monday as Mondays have the highest email open rate of 13.3%, while Fridays are at the end of the line with 11.9%.

Use Small Subject Lines

A concise subject line generally leads to higher open rates. Try to keep it short, simple but catchy so that it grabs the attention of the receiver and sparks curiosity and the desire to find out more. Short subject lines play an important technical role as well. Keep in mind that desktops, tablets, and smartphones display e-mails differently. Your aim is to communicate the most important information in the subject line and if possible in its beginning so that you are sure that your message will be seen regardless of the screen the reader uses. A good trick, especially if you already have an established relationship with your customers, is to include your brand name in the subject line. This will evoke positive emotions and boost open rate

Promotional Email

Ask A Question or Urge For Action In The Subject Line

One of the ways to grab the attention is by asking a question in the subject line of your promotional e-mail. This will urge the user to open it and find the answer. Implying urgency also a useful trick for a subject line – users tempted to open the e-mail in order not to miss a good deal.

Activate The Reader’s Wishes In The Email Body

In order to get your e-mail not only opened but also read, you need to list the benefits of the product that the user will experience. The features of a certain product may grab the interest of the user but it is the benefits it has that sell it. Present the good/service you are promoting in the context of your subscriber’s needs and everyday life and point out how it will improve them.

Choose A Design That Enhances The Content

Good email marketing design is of paramount importance if you want to grab the interest of the readers but at the same time avoid distracting them from the main point of your content. You should be smart and careful when using capital letters or bolded text and you need to choose your color combinations carefully as the color is one of the main elements that help people judge a given brand or product. Your design needs to support the content and it is good to use engaging photos, well-structured points and a clear call to action. Make sure that social media icons

placed at the end of the copy, otherwise, the readers may click on them prior to taking the desired action.

Enter A Clear Call To Action

If you want conversion rates you need a clear call to action that urges the user to click on the button and get the item you are offering. The Mailcot Email Marketing click here has a much lower conversion rate. It then a benefit-centered call to action that clearly shows the advantage of taking an action now. A message like Click and save 20% now is much more likely to get higher click-through rates. It is important to make your call to action buttons clearly visible and links easy to follow so that the user can easily complete the action.