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What is SMTP Server (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and it’s features ?

SMTP Server

SMTP is an application, its main purpose is to send, receive, or relay email between the sender and receiver. When we send and receive email through SMTP, SMTP has the address, that address is set by the application or mail client, and this is what we use. SMTP server address format is like, for eg.

As we see in the real world, the postman takes care of the envelope until it reaches the recipient, similarly, SMTP also gives complete protection to the email from sender to recipient.

SMTP Server

SMTP is used to set up communication rules between servers. The server has a way of identifying themselves and announce what kind of communication they are trying to perform. Therefore, they also have a way of handling the errors above all. For instance, In other words, if the recipient address is wrong, then receiving the server reply with an error message.


Moreover, it also supports:

  • It can send a single message to one or more recipients.
  • Send messages can include text, voice, video, or graphics.
  • Therefore, it can also send messages on the network outside the internet.


SMTP server

Working of SMTP

  • Composition of mail:- A user sends an e-mail by composing an electronic mail message using a Mail User Agent (MUA). It is a program that use to send and receive mail.
  • Submission of mail:- After composing a mail, the client submits the complete mail to the SMTP server.
  • Delivery of mail:- Email address contains two parts: username of the recipient and domain name. Moreover,  For instance, similarly where A is the username of the recipient and is the domain name.
  • Receipt and Processing of mail:- Therefore, the incoming messages receive, the exchange server delivers it to the incoming server which stores the e-mail where it waits for the user to retrieve it.
  • Access and retrieval of mail:- The stored email in MDA can retrieve by using MUA (Mail User Agent). MUA can access by using a login and password.


Features of an SMTP server

  • Dedicated IP address:- Use of dedicated IP address to increase your sender reputation and avoid blacklisting of your IP.
  • SPF & DKIM record:- It’s your own company and domain sending the message and minimizes the number of messages that are marked spam.
  • Servers you can trust:- This server sends your mails using a secure SSL connection.
  • Statistics:- you can discover the number of messages sent out.
  • Reports:- It generates their sending report and delivery error report.


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