Effortlessly track, manage, and optimize your EV charging network

Vmayo charging management software lets you track, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging and earn additional revenue. From accessing advanced insights via our Business Portal to managing charging on-the-go via our Vmayo Charge app, going electric has never been easier.

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Why you should use EV Solution important?

Our white-label EV charging management software helps you to start and run your own EV charging business on a smart platform.

Provide your customers with a seamless charging experience in their language, currency, and tax regulations.

Best Electric Vehicle Sevices

1. Auto Service Center

Auto service center is one of the best thing that happened to car owners since the invention of cars. They are a place where you can take your motor vehicles and get it checked and serviced at a price that is affordable. There is nothing better than having everything taken care of under one roof. Whether you want to replace your brakes, change tires, fix a flat tire, change oil, check your air pressure, inspect your exhausts, or even change your brake pads, auto service centers are here to help.

2. Tire Services

A tire service center is a great place to go when you need to replace a damaged tire, fix a small puncture, or get some air put into your tires. A tire service center will offer you a wide range of different types of tires and brands, from the common name brand to local specialty tires. They will also give you advice on choosing the right size for your vehicle and recommend any necessary safety precautions.

3. Car Wash

If your car needs a wash, a car wash can be a good choice. A car wash offers many benefits including cleaning your vehicle, making sure it runs smoothly, and protecting its exterior from damage caused by the elements. Many car washes charge per visit, but they may offer discounts for large groups or regular customers.

4. Parts Department

Parts departments offer the same kind of services as a retail store. They often carry parts for various makes and models of vehicles, from new and used to classic car restoration parts. They can usually order replacement parts from original manufacturers if needed.


EV charging software solutions

Explore our solutions right now if you want to take your business to the next level!

Charge Point Operators (CPO)

We cater to specialized software solutions for Charge Point Operator businesses running a charging network. Ensure operational excellence, while reducing the cost of ownership and monetizing the chargers with innovative energy management tools.

Electric Vehicles Service Providers

Create a robust and interconnected network by connecting your e-mobility services with end-to-end EV charging solutions. Leverage an OCPP-compliant software to streamline operations and manage the access and usage of EV charging stations.

Electric Mobility Service Providers

We create solutions that enable mobile service providers to connect with EV charging networks, create custom billing packages, and manage drivers. We also specialize in creating branded white label apps for end-users.

Key Differentiators


Empowering EV software solutions that are OCPP Compliant for versions 1.xx to 2.0

Customer Friendliness

Feature-rich and user-friendly mobile apps with online and offline capabilities

Complete Control

Secure, cloud-based CRM solutions that offer end-to-end control to businesses and CPOs


Supports a variety of chargers, from Bharat Standard to CHAdeMO and Combined Charging Systems

Smart Charging

Create charging schedules and manage your stations' energy consumption. Whether it is to limit grid capacity or fluctuating energy prices, you are in full control.

Driver management

You can easily manage and configure the charge cards of your employees. You get insight into your employees’ charging-related data such as charge costs, kWh usage, and the number of charge sessions.

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Advantages of Electronic Vehicle

Electronic vehicles have been around for quite some time now, but they have only recently begun to gain popularity. These vehicles have many benefits, including being environmentally friendly, cheaper to maintain then traditional cars, and easier to operate. There are several different types of electric vehicles, including hybrids, plug-ins, and battery-powered vehicles. However, despite their many advantages, electronic vehicles still have one drawback – range anxiety. This is what makes these vehicles unique from conventional gasoline powered vehicles. While most people would love to live in a world where we could walk anywhere without needing a car, this isn't possible yet. Electric vehicles are great for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint, however, since they are not as efficient as gas-powered vehicles, they take longer to charge. This means that many people living in urban areas may not be able to afford these vehicles.

1. Fuel Efficiency Electronic vehicles (EVs) use electricity instead of petroleum-based gasoline. This means they produce less greenhouse gases. They also reduce noise pollution and improve air quality. Furthermore, EVs save a substantial amount of energy because electricity demands only 1/7th of the fuel compared to gas guzzling cars.

2. Reduction in Smog Smog is produced from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity. With EV technology, we won’t have to burn fossil fuels anymore. We are already seeing a reduction in smog levels around the world.

3. Better Battery Life Battery life is much longer for EVs than conventional vehicles. A Tesla Model S can travel up to 500 miles on a single charge, while a diesel truck may only travel 100 miles on a full tank of fuel.

4. Longer Range Electricity allows us to travel further distances without stopping for refueling. Electric vehicles can travel for hundreds of kilometers before needing a battery replacement.

Services Provided By Electronic Vehicle(EV)

1. Air Conditioning
Air conditioning is one of the most commonly used automotive service by drivers. With air conditioner, we can enjoy comfortable ride all time. This kind of car service is usually offered by luxury cars.

2. Brakes
Brakes are an important part of any vehicle. When we stop our car, we should pay attention to brake system to ensure safety and security.

3. Compass
Compass is a device which helps us navigate using magnetic north. We can consult this kind of car service from navigation devices.


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