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Email automation is a capability that triggers a customer to take time and action with relevant information. Is it a triggered workflow that helps with new leads, birthday wishes that add a personal touch, or automated blog updates that take your audience out of touch.Email marketing is a great way to reach your readers, much better than posting to social media and hoping to reach a bigger audience. It’s also a great way to keep in touch with your readers throughout the year and in between campaigns. Email marketing is the practice of sending email messages to members of a target audience. The main purpose of email marketing is to generate interest in a company’s products or services among prospective customers. It is also used to encourage current customers to purchase additional products from the company.

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Why are Email Marketing & Automation important?

Email marketing is a great way to connect with your audience and to build relationships with them. However, only a small percentage of emails are actually opened. This means that if you aren’t sending emails that your readers want to open, you aren’t going to generate much return on your investment. Instead, you should focus on email design that is easy to read and understand.

In Vmayo email automation, a trigger is the action of a specific date, event, or contact that tells your system to send the corresponding message. Email automation helps you avoid this trap as it lets you announce products to particular customers based on their interests.

The use of automation for email campaigns is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with potential customers and followers who are genuinely interested after an update to a business or brand. With email automation tools, you won’t have to miss another opportunity to generate leads, sales and revenue again.

what is Email Marketing

Email Marketing is about sending messages (emails) to your customers and prospects. Companies use email marketing to send newsletters, coupons, special promotions, and even sales alerts. Email marketing allows companies to build relationships with their customers over time. You can do things like collect subscribers' names and email addresses, sell products, offer special deals, and describe your company's services. There are many reasons to include emails in your business plan, but the main reason to create a list of potential clients is that they are already interested in what you have to say. By creating a relationship with your audience, you're able to stay top-of-mind after you've promoted your product or service.

Types of Email Marketing

1. Direct Email Marketing
Direct emailing uses email addresses that are either purchased through an opt-in list or collected from your website visitors. This type of email marketing is generally used to send out promotional information about products offered by companies.

2. Newsletter Email Marketing
This type of email marketing allows you to send emails periodically to subscribers who have opted-in to receive them. In general, these emails contain a summary of articles published in your newsletter.

3. Affiliate (Promotional) Emails
An affiliate (promotional) email can help you generate sales leads and increase brand awareness. You may use this kind of email to promote other businesses, their products, services or websites.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email Marketing is free!

You can do any amount of marketing that you want at no cost whatsoever. You don’t have to spend money on printing flyers, hiring a professional photographer to take pictures, paying someone to create graphics, or using expensive billboards, because you are not obligated to buy anything from us after you receive our emails.

Your subscribers will love your emails!

These emails come directly from you to their inboxes. They are not spammy, nor are they annoying. These are messages that are personalized just for them. We know how much some people hate being spammed, but we believe that a well-written message will win over even the toughest heart.

You get to make real friends!

We are always willing to help out fellow marketers who need advice, tips, or tricks. We have been doing this since 2008, and we have learned many things along the way. If you ever look at something that we have done and think “I could have done that better,” please let us know about it. We would like nothing more than to learn to improve our craft so we can give back to the community.


Why Traders Choose Us

Email editor and design

The first thing that comes to mind when we think about creating an effective email campaign is having a good email editor. This is where you can make your emails look professional and appealing.One of the main things to consider when looking at a new email marketing platform is to create a successful email campaign.

When designing your email, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of message you are trying to send. Are you trying to sell something? Do you want to inform people about an event? Or do you just want to share information? Once you know what you are trying to say, you can start thinking about how you want to present this information. Is it best to put everything in one big block of text? Should you break it up into paragraphs? How much space should you give each element?

Reliability and support

As obvious as it may sound, reliability should be the first thing to research when picking a new email marketing platform.Reliability is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a service like this. Luckily, we have built our own software that is very reliable.which is provide best feature and working properly . But after some few years that is creating some issue . If your provider is not offering any kind of reliability guarantee, then you should look elsewhere.

Tool Integrations

Marketing automation software should have the ability to integrate with other powerful tools used by enterprise organizations.

For example Evernote is your digital notebook which helps you to keep organized. By using this you can create free text notes, take pictures, record voice memos, attach files or even send them to other users using various platforms.


Our Services

Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are messages that confirm opt-in and wish your new customers the best. Sending a series of welcome emails or welcome emails is the simplest form of email marketing automation.

Onboarding Emails

Someone purchasing your product or service is the right opportunity for the user to start an onboarding sequence. Onboarding emails are great for explaining product features to new customers and sharing hidden benefits. You can also use them to link customers to posts for support resources, training, or best practices and more.

Special Event Emails

Sending messages on special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries, is also a great way to keep pace with your customers. In fact, an email with a personal message usually has an open rate of up to 18.8%!

Happy Clients

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