Business Intelligence

The Vmayo Business Intelligence Initiative is for making better business decisions that enable organizations to increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage over business rivals. To achieve that goal, business intelligence combines various methods for managing and analyzing data in tandem with analytics, data management, and reporting tools.

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Why Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence leverages data and services that convert data into actionable insights that inform the organization’s strategic and strategic business decisions. Business intelligence tools use data sets and present analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps, providing users with detailed information about the state of the business.

Vmayo offers several self-service business intelligence tools and platforms streamlining process analysis. This makes it easier for people with no technical know-how to look at their data and understand how to find the data themselves. There are platforms for multiple levels of business intelligence users such as ad hoc reporting, data visualization and creating customized dashboards.

Why does companies use Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is the tool that is used to extract meaningful insights from data. BI can give you valuable information to help increase productivity, make better decisions, and improve your bottom line. There are many different types of BI tools available today. Some of them are free while others require a monthly fee. You have to do some research and know what you want before deciding which type of BI tool you need. Read this article to discover how business intelligence works.

What are some common uses for Business Intelligence

1. Data Mining - Analysis of large volumes of data that often contain useful information to help business decision making.

2. Business Decision Support Systems (BDSS) - An automated system that helps businesses make better decisions through the use of predictive analytics technology.

3. Predictive Analytics – A type of analysis used in business intelligence that provides insight into future events or trends.

4. Market Intelligence - A method of gathering information about consumer behavior regarding products or services, and then using this information to inform marketing strategies.

5. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - Software designed to facilitate interactions between service providers and customers. CRM can be used to track orders, perform market research, and automate customer communication.

6. Demand Planning - A method of forecasting demand for a product or service, usually based on historical performance, to determine whether manufacturing processes should be changed.


Why Traders Choose Us

Ranking Reports

Ranking reports can easily show you the best and worst performing aspects of your business, from products to marketing campaigns to salespersons.

What-If Analysis

If you’re curious how a future decision will affect your business, you can run a “what-if” analysis using past data to predict potential impacts.

Executive Dashboards

Executive dashboards give your organization’s leaders real-time observations of your business in the form of graphs, charts, summaries, and other information reports.


Our Services

The Data Analyst

Data analyst likes data. This type of user continuously collects data, organizes, analyzes and presents the data. Making decisions based on gut feeling is out of the question. The data analyst looks at the data and asks the rationale for every decision, big or small.

The Executive

The management of your equipment dealership uses BI to make the organization more efficient, reduce costs, and enable growth. These types of users are interested in dashboards with KPIs and in periodic management reports.

Advanced Business User

For business users of BI solutions, we can distinguish between advanced and regular users. The business user is often a manager. For example, Sales Manager, Rental Manager, Service Manager or Parts Manager.

Regular Business User

A regular business user is also a manager at your appliance dealership. But unlike an advanced BI user, this manager requires predefined dashboards and standard management reports.

IT Department

It goes without saying that the IT department plays a key role in BI. They are responsible for the infrastructure and equipment available in the company and they manage the rights and roles of employees.

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