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Linux VPS v/s Windows VPS

Linux VPS and Windows VPS


Linux VPS v/s Windows VPS


1. Linux VPS v/s Windows VPS, Linux Hosting is based on an open-source operating system. It provides free software to anyone. This allows them to easily use, modify, improve and redistribute versions.

2. Thus, Windows Hosting is based on the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft.

3. Windows VPS is less reliable than Linux VPS Hosting.

4. Linux VPS supports high technology such as Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP. Whereas Windows VPS supports VPS.Net technologies like, etc.

5. However, Windows VPS Hosting can be expensive compared to Linux VPS Hosting.

Linux VPS:-


Linux VPS v/s Windows VPS


Linux VPS is a Virtual Private Server. This means a VPS server with the help of Linux operating system. This type of VPS is running your virtual machine using the Linux operating system.

Linux VPS Hosting is the right decision for a business that has outgrown shared servers. It is based on the concept of Linux kernel. A VPS is running its own copy of the operating system. VPS customers probably have a super user level access to that particular operating system. Linux belongs to a family of free and open-source software operating systems. Linux VPS hosting is ideal for a server that has a super load of traffic.

Benefits of Linux VPS:

Flexibility:- Linux is very clean to add to VPS. Consumers can also install accessories and gear on this idea in their requirements.

Platform capacity:- A Linux server can simultaneously run more and more obligations than a Windows one.

Security:- Linux servers have many strong layers of security.

DrawBack of Linux VPS:-

You have to manage your server by yourself, everything you have to do with your knowledge.

Windows VPS:-


Linux VPS v/s Windows VPS


Windows VPS is the latest and most advanced service available in the web hosting industries nowadays. VPS hosting means hosting a solution in which resources are wholly owned by the user in a private environment.

Benefits of Windows VPS:-

Furthermore, it is completely easy to install, configure and support. Therefore, the company provides continuous support and updates.

Lots of third-party apps and hardware support.

DrawBack of Windows VPS:-

Initial Licensing Cost, Meeting support costs.

Windows Server does not have a good reputation in terms of server stability.

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Difference between Linux VPS and Windows VPS Difference between Linux VPS and Windows VPS

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