Google-services.json for different productFlavors

Google-services.json for different productFlavors

Google included support for flavors in version 2.0 of the play services plugin. Since this version of the gradle plugin

you can do this

Step 1: add to gradle

// To auto-generate google map api key of google-services.json
implementation ''

Step 2: add to AndroidManifest.xml in the application tag

    android:value="@string/google_api_key" />

Step 3: download each flavor JSON file from firebase and add it


Version 3.0.0 of the plugin searches for the JSON file in these locations (considering you have a flavor flavor1 and a build type debug):


This worked for me even using flavorDimensions. I have free & paid in one dimension and Mock & Prod in the other dimension. I also have 3 buildTypes: debug, release, and staging. This is how it looks in my project for the FreeProd flavor:

enter image description here

How many google-services.json files will depend on your project's characteristics, but you will need at least one JSON file for every Google project.