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M-commerce (mobile commerce) is the purchase and sale of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets. As a form of e-commerce, m-commerce enables users to access online shopping platforms without the need to use desktop computers.

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Why Mobile Commerce?

With most m-commerce enabled platforms, the mobile device is connected to a wireless network that can be used to conduct online product purchases. M-commerce sites should offer very simple and easy navigation, as well as a pleasant experience from start to end to attract consumers, otherwise the consumer will shift their interest to another website.

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Why Traders Choose Us

Push Notifications

Push notifications can be treated like your email marketing campaigns. You can also send product updates, discounts, promotions and other offers. Except push notifications should be reserved for your best offers.

Location Tracking

A person’s physical location can also be used to personalize their app home screen.

User Profiles

A user profile gives you so much information in the mind of each customer. Being able to recommend relevant products based on your purchase history and browsing history.


Our Services

Online Sale and Purchase

With the help of our m-commerce app, you can buy and sell your product online, display all the details like price, color, size, quantity of the product on the m-commerce platform.

Filter Data

Simple Easy Filter option can be used for color, size, brand, price, discount and purchase as per our choice.


Manual and digital payment method is available, secure digital payment is done via data encryption.

Add-to-cart & Wishlist

Click the Add-to-Cart button or the wishlist button to add the product to add-to-cart for further purchase process and add the product to the wishlist for future purchases.

Track Order

Both the customer and the owner can track the order all the time till the order has been operated.

Notify Customer

Run an email campaign or SMS campaign to inform customers about new products, offers, discounts, sales or send abandoned cart email or message. Engage more customer and grow your business.

ABOUT Mobile Ecommerce Services

Mobile commerce is when consumers shop from their smartphones. They are able to shop from anywhere at anytime without being tied to a desk. This type of shopping could be done to purchase clothes, groceries, health care items, and anything else. Mobile commerce is becoming popular because many shoppers view this as an alternative to traditional brick and mortar stores. In addition, with the increasing use of smartphones, mobile commerce makes sense as a low cost method of advertising.

Mobile Commerce is a term used for electronic commerce conducted through wireless networks using advanced mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Mobile commerce apps allow shoppers to browse an online catalog, select items from the app, then purchase goods using a credit card or other financial instrument. They can even check out by scanning a QR code displayed on their device screen. Mobile commerce apps are downloaded onto phones and tablets and work on GPS navigation technology. This allows shoppers to find stores and navigate anywhere they may happen to be. Mobile commerce apps provide benefits including saving shoppers time and money by avoiding long lines at brick-and-mortar retail outlets. Also, shoppers can conveniently pay for purchases without having to carry cash or coins around. Many mobile commerce apps have special features designed specifically for consumers. Some offer coupons, discounts, and deals while others assist users in locating nearby merchants.

Best Services Of Mobile Ecommerce

1. Mobile commerce platform

Mobile commerce platform enables the consumer to perform online transactions through their smartphone device. It gives the consumers access to the websites from anywhere at any time they want. This technology allows the users to make purchases directly from their smartphones. There are different types of mobile commerce platform that helps the user to complete the transaction. They include online banking, credit card processing, loyalty programs, and payments.

2. Merchant account

A merchant account is an arrangement between the mobile commerce provider and the merchant. An example of this would be Paypal. A merchant account provides the ability for the consumer to pay for goods and services using a debit/credit card or electronic check.

3. Payment gateway

Payment gateways enable merchants to accept online credit cards without having to develop or maintain their own software and infrastructure. Instead, the merchant uses a service offered by a payment gateway. There are several benefits associated with using a payment gateway including ease of integration, elimination of PCI requirements, and improved security.

. SMS messaging

SMS messaging allows the mobile commerce operator to send messages to end-users to notify them of certain events. For instance, mobile operators can deliver coupons and offers to subscribers using SMS messages. A message might be sent to notify a subscriber when his monthly bill is due.

why does company use mobile commerce?

Mobile commerce refers to the act of conducting transactions using a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Mobile commerce differs from traditional retail and wholesale commerce in many respects; however, it still uses the same basic principles. While some believe that mobile commerce is only used for making purchases, this is not true at all. In fact, mobile commerce is an opportunity to reach a larger market and a greater number of potential customers than ever before. The reasons why companies want to use mobile commerce are varied, but they typically fall into two categories: consumer benefits and enterprise benefits.

Consumer Benefits Mobile commerce offers consumers several significant benefits. First, mobile devices allow consumers to complete their purchase while on the go, whether it be buying groceries at the grocery store or booking a hotel room through a mobile app. Consumers often prefer convenience and speed over waiting in line, so having the option to perform their transaction without leaving home makes them feel better and increases their satisfaction level.

Second, mobile commerce enables consumers to conduct financial transactions with little or no interference from merchants. This means that even if a consumer doesn’t have time to wait in line or get off of work early, she can still pay her bills or transfer funds between accounts.

Third, mobile commerce allows consumers to access information about their orders and inventory while on the move. For instance, if a consumer needs to check the status of an order or confirm that an item is available, it can be done quickly and efficiently by scanning a barcode.

The fourth reason is price. Retailers often offer discounts and deals during promotional events. Customers, especially those on tight budgets, benefit greatly from having the opportunity to take advantage of these deals when they are needed most. Enterprise Benefits Another key reason why businesses decide to use

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