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IoT software development covers requirements engineering, IoT architecture design, IoT platform and user apps development, testing, support, and more. With 10 years in IoT, ScienceSoft offers full-cycle IoT application development services and covers all components of an IoT architecture.

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Why IoT Application Development?

We keep in mind the diversity of your IT infrastructure and pay due attention to integrating your IoT application with enterprise software you already use. We are ready to carry out IoT application monitoring and performance management, proactively diagnose and fix application defects, and perform daily administration tasks including security updates, user and access management.

We use modular, inheritably scalable IoT architecture that provides for painless application maintenance, fast vertical and horizontal scale-up and allows adding new functional modules and expanding the existing functionality to new device models with reasonable effort.

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Augment your team

We offer a wide range of services including firmware and IoT application development, ETL, data analytics and visualization, etc.

Develop IoT Applications

We can design and develop convenient and functional web and mobile applications that will help users to easily navigate through your system and make sense of the data it collects.

Build MVP and PoC

We will help you define the critical features for your MVP, find the right balance between basic functionality and uniqueness, and build the test version of your system at optimum cost, in a short time.

Some Of Our Innovative IoT solutions

By using these solutions a company can create a connected network and use it to boost its operational excellence. This network also infuses autonomy in the architecture of an industry that further helps them to cut labor costs and increase return on investment ratio.

Advanced analytics

Synergistically pursue accurate initiatives without economically sound imperatives.

We have created quintessential IoT solutions that counter some of the major issues that a company or industry faces. These commercial off the shelf solutions are already packed with both hardware and software capabilities to facilitate seamless and flexible integration. This flexibility allows us to provide our solution to a company within weeks.

Included with...
  • High-converting
  • Personal branding
  • Modernized prospecting
  • Clean and modern
  • Showcasing success
  • Bootstrap latest version
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Energy Monitoring Solution

Our energy monitoring solution offers complete transparency in monitoring energy consumed by any facility or workshop. This solution hence helps facilities to manage energy consumption, enhance asset management practices, and reduce operational costs.

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Level Monitoring Solution

Our specially built wireless level monitoring solution allow companies to measure the level of any liquid. The solution is highly beneficial for chemical, oil & gas, and water industry, as it allow them to monitor the quantity of their fungible and expensive liquids at all times.

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GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

We have used geolocation tools and features to develop telematics powered GPS fleet tracking solution. This solution allow fleet managers to monitor the location of their fleet trucks and track the route they take to reach their destination while ensuring timely cargo delivery.

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Smart Contract Solution

Vmayo, combine the technologies of IoT and Blockchain to offer amazing smart contract solutions. This solution is an evolved version of a bill of lading (BOL) that ensures that the compliance is met according to the standards set by the concerned parties, eliminating even the minute chance of contract manipulation.

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Smart Contract Solution

Vmayo, combine the technologies of IoT and Blockchain to offer amazing smart contract solutions. This solution is an evolved version of a bill of lading (BOL) that ensures that the compliance is met according to the standards set by the concerned parties, eliminating even the minute chance of contract manipulation.

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Smart Water Meter Solution

Our smart water metering solution uses special water flow meters that measure the amount of water/fluid flowing through a pipeline at a particular time period. The versatility of this solution especially lies in water and oil & gas industries that strongly depend on their pipeline network.

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Smart Farming Solution

With a blend of Internet of Things in the agriculture sector, we present smart farming solutions that are revolutionizing conventional cultivation practices. This solution helps farmers to monitor farming-related attributes like weather, pest presence, and soil’s quality.

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Oil/Fuel Theft Solution

We at Vmayo are working collectively to fight the theft of crude and its by-products. Our solution is extremely beneficial for the oil and gas industries as it allows them to ensure the security of the black gold. This solution allows the monitoring of crude while it is stored or is in transit via trucks.

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Cargo Monitoring Solution

Supervise your cargo from any place at all times with IoT driven cargo monitoring solutions. Monitor parameters like temperature, humidity, weight, etc. of the shipment to ensure that it is safe and its quality doesn't depreciate until it reaches the destination.

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Asset Monitoring Solution

The smart asset monitoring solution is a combination of IoT devices, assets, workflows, and analytics, providing a centrally consolidated monitoring for asset-intensive industries such as power, oil & gas, transportation, supply chain, etc.

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Advantages Of IOT Applicatoin

1. Smart home automation

The Internet of Things technology opens doors to create smart homes where everything from lights to appliances to security cameras can monitor themselves automatically through sensors in the environment. This allows monitoring of conditions, maintenance and even control of certain functions without any human intervention.

2. Automotive telematics

In automotive sector, IoT plays a significant role in car navigation services to enhance driver safety and comfort by providing real-time road condition updates. There is a great demand for connected cars as they offer advanced driving assistance features like lane detection, collision avoidance, accident notification etc.

3. Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT involves data collection at the physical level of manufacturing processes, production environments and distribution networks. Through industrial IoT technologies, manufacturers are able to gain insights into their operations and improve productivity.

4. Healthcare and wellbeing care

With the help of IoT devices, healthcare and wellness solutions can be enhanced by collecting patient health data from the mobile apps installed in patients' smartphones.

Categories Of IoT application

• Industrial IoT—This type of IoT applications helps us to monitor our production lines and track material flow to ensure quality assurance. An example of this would be using sensors placed at different locations in order to detect problems before they occur. This is also known as machine-to-machine communication
• Smart Cities—The second category is smart cities. These are designed to improve urban life through the real-time monitoring and analysis of data collected from various sources, including vehicles and buildings. Smart cities use sensor technology to monitor everything from public transportation to crime rates and air pollution levels.
• Agriculture—In this case, there are lots of sensors that work together to collect and analyze data related to weather patterns, crop production, animals, etc.
• Healthcare—Using wearable medical devices, healthcare providers can monitor patients to prevent diseases early on. Healthcare providers can even prescribe medication based on the measurements taken by the patient.