Android App Development

Android software development is the process by which applications are built for devices running Android operating systems. In vmayo technology The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) can be used using the Kotlin, Java, and C ++ languages, while using other languages is also possible.

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Why Android App Development?

Android is an open source and Linux-based operating system for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android was developed by the Open Handset Alliance led by Google and other companies.

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iGSM/EDGE, IDEN, CDMA, EV-DO, UMTS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE, NFC and WiMAX.

Multi Touch

Android has native support for multi-touch which was initially made available in handsets like HTC Hero.


SQLite, a lightweight relational database, is used for data storage purposes.


Our Services

Ideation and Planning

Our iPhone app development team will become familiar with your project idea and its objectives. After refining the plan and preparing detailed information, we will create a design for each page that will have a smooth flow.

Design and Development

In this phase, we will add graphics, icons and features to create an attractive app. In this phase, we will also develop the app by adding essential functions and server-side elements to our iPhone development services.

Testing and QA

At this stage, our testing team will check the app for bugs and make necessary modifications to ensure that the app runs smoothly. The app will be finalized, and all issues will be resolved.

App Deployment

This is the last step! We will deploy the application in the Play Store. Now, your customers can download the app and you can generate a profitable ROI.

Some Common Factors Of Android Development

1. App Development Framework

Android app development frameworks help developers create apps faster. There are two types of frameworks: code libraries and API’s. Code libraries contain reusable components that developers can add to their projects, saving time that would otherwise be spent on reinventing the wheel. These components work together to give developers a leg up on developing more complex applications. They have many advantages including speed, flexibility, and cost savings. APIs let developers access services provided by Google without writing any additional code. This saves developer time as they only need to write and test a single piece of code instead of several different pieces. APIs are usually written in Java but are accessible from any language.

2. Android Studio

This is Google’s official IDE for Android development. Android Studio offers integrated tools for managing and testing your project, automating tasks, debugging, and running unit tests. It also provides helpful features for building and deploying apps to virtual devices. It offers a visual workflow for designing layouts, laying out views, drawing shapes, and animating elements using vector graphics. The UI designer tool allows users to drag and drop elements into place, adjust properties, align, scale, colorize, and move them around. Users can select widgets from a palette and drag and drop them onto the screen, adding them to rows and columns. By default, the layout editor creates horizontal and vertical linear layouts but users can switch to grid, relative, or absolute layouts depending on their needs.

3. Open Source Libraries

Open source libraries facilitate mobile app development. Developers can reuse existing code and customize it according to specific application requirements. They save time because they allow developers to focus on creating custom functionality rather than having to spend extra time rewiring preexisting code.

4. Maintainability

Maintainability refers to ease of maintaining your code. Most programming languages offer a variety of mechanisms to improve maintainability. For example, object oriented programming enhances maintainability by encapsulating data and methods within objects. When coding, developers should use variable names that are meaningful, self-explanatory, and easy to understand. Names should be short, concise, and descriptive. A good naming style helps other developers understand what a given method does. Variables should be named properly to indicate their type and scope. Methods should be named clearly to describe what they do.

Features Of Android Development

1. Android Studio - An IDE for developing apps in Android OS/Android Studio is a great tool for any developer to write apps and test their app on multiple devices at once. This tool provides debugging tools to check the errors and allows users to develop different versions of application without having to install an emulator or testing device manually.

2. Android SDK - An SDK package contains pre-installed software components needed to create apps for mobile phones running Android operating system. The SDK consists of various packages including API (Application Programming Interface), ADB (Android Debug Bridge), Eclipse, etc.

3. Genymotion - A virtual machine (VM) for Android OS which runs Android applications inside its own emulated environment. This tool helps developers to run apps on real hardware instead of using only emulator.

4. Google Analytics - Google analytics is a service provided by Google. It is used to measure visitor activity on websites and track user actions. With this tool, it becomes easier to understand how visitors interact with a website and what they look for.

5. Nexus 6P - This phone comes with an edge-to-edge display, along with a fingerprint scanner embedded into the power button. Users can take advantage of the best camera technology available on a smartphone.

6. Nexus 5X & 6 - Both smartphones feature a 5.2-inch AMOLED screen with Quad HD resolution. They both have similar performance, but the Nexus 6 has a faster processor and better internal storage capacity with 32GB.

7. Pixel C - A tablet computer developed by Google, which is equipped with a 10.2-inch touchscreen display. The device runs on Chrome OS and uses the Android Runtime Environment for running Android apps.

Advantages Of Android Development

1. Android runs on Java – which means you can create apps using any programming language you want.

2. Google Play Store makes Android devices easy to access – users can download apps from their favorite app store right on their device.

3. And the best thing about Android is that it comes with tons of great features such as GPS tracking, call recording, voice recognition etc.

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