Best ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Increase YouTube Subscribers: YouTube is the most popular video sharing network on this planet. It allows common people called creators to publish videos to audiences around the world. Once the video becomes viral the creator gains by gaining popularity. Many people have become popular, and have earned a lot of money through YouTube. And some

Best ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers

Increase YouTube Subscribers:

YouTube is the most popular video sharing network on this planet. It allows common people called creators to publish videos to audiences around the world. Once the video becomes viral the creator gains by gaining popularity. Many people have become popular, and have earned a lot of money through YouTube. And some have even become internet celebrities.

However, before this can happen, creators must first have a reasonable number of followers the community is called a subscriber. The success of any YouTube channel is determined by how many people have subscribed to it, that is, the more subscribers a channel has, the higher the chances of success.

7 Best Ways to Increase YouTube Subscribers:

1. Buy YouTube Subscribers:-

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The simplest and easiest way to increase YouTube subscribers is to buy YouTube subscribers. When a creator creates a new YouTube channel, they start with zero subscribers. In order to get subscribers on the channel, creators have to upload their videos and naturally attract traffic.

Often, most of the YouTube channel creators have to wait for months or even years to get a good number of subscribers. But for a manufacturer who doesn’t want to wait that long, there is an easier way, which is for customers to buy.

When a creator buys subscribers, their YouTube engagement dashboard will show that they have a lot of existing subscribers, which is a way of proving that an audience on Instagram already likes them. When random viewers see this, they will be convinced that the channel has some value to offer, which will lead to more organic subscribers.

2. Ask Viewers to Subscribers:-

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It is not uncommon that creators directly ask viewers to subscribe to their channel. After creating a useful and compelling video, the creator adds a section to the video asking viewers to kindly “click the subscribe button below” or something similar.

Naturally, YouTube viewers are aware of the “Subscribe” feature. And they know that this helps them stay in touch with the content of the channel. But sometimes they forget to press the subscribe button. For example, after watching a video of a channel, they simply exit from it. By asking viewers to hit the “subscribe button” directly, the producers ensure that their audience never forgets to do the needful.

However, before expecting viewers to subscribe to a channel, a producer must ensure that their content is enjoyable, engaging and returnable. This is the only way viewers will be encouraged to come back for more, and this is one reason why viewers would want to subscribe to a channel.

3. Add a Subscribe Button Watermark:-

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YouTube allows content creators to add small watermarks to all their videos. This is a feature that many content creators are not even aware of that they are present on the platform. Channel owners can go to their channel’s admin settings to find the watermark feature.

YouTube lets creators upload a small icon to serve as a watermark for all their videos. It will appear in the bottom right corner of each video. When someone clicks on the watermark, he/she will see a red colored subscribe button. All they have to do is click on the button and tap it. Or they will subscribe to the channel.

This is the best use of a watermark that looks like a YouTube subscribe button. viewers see the subscribe button in one or more places. So they are more likely to click on it.

4. Make Videos between 10 to 30 Minutes:-

This is where a lot of content creators mess up. They will make short videos for less than 10 minutes and wonder why no one watches them. While it is a fact that videos longer than 10 minutes are supported by YouTube, if a creator wants to compete with other creators and get a lot of views at the same time, it is recommended to make longer format videos.

It is common for content creators to upload one or more short videos. YouTube doesn’t want to display them all. System statistics show that longer videos take more time and thought. This is why they are featured more often than short videos. But don’t make the video too long.

The rule of general SEO is to make a video between 10 and 30 minutes. Because videos longer than 30 minutes lose traction in YouTube search engines. A good content creator will have videos in less than 30 minutes. Not only will this help with search rank, but it will ensure that people see all of their content from start to finish.

5. Share Videos on Other Social Media Channels:-

Creators don’t rely solely on YouTube traffic to help viewers find their videos. A producer has to do a lot to highlight the content on his channel. Social media is a good place to further increase the spread of a channel.

When a video is made and ready to go, the makers share the channel on social media. This traffic will be sent to friends, family members and acquaintances. Not to mention that these people can share your videos with other friends and family members.

YouTube makes it easy to share videos. You go to the video page and click on the share button. There is a list of social media channels for sharing purposes. Options include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Tumblr. Alternatively, creators can copy the URL address of a YouTube video and post it manually on their social media channels.

Most of these networks can embed videos in posts automatically. So, copying video URLs and converting them to actual videos is not a problem.

6. Buy YouTube Views:-

Increase YouTube Subscribers

This post started with a mention to buy YouTube subscribers. But apart from the channel, creators can also buy YouTube views. That is, bring artificial viewers to watch their videos. Sometimes this is better than buying YouTube subscribers, especially if the creators don’t want them to have a lot of purchased subscribers.

The advantage of buying YouTube views is that it gives more people a chance to discover videos from a channel, and then decide for themselves whether they want to subscribe or not. Also, since visuals are cheaper to buy, manufacturers may end up with more customers in the end. It all depends on whether the audience enjoyed the video or not.

One might ask, “How does buying YouTube views translate to more customers?”

The number of views potentially gives videos a better rank on the YouTube search engine. The algorithm responds kindly to videos with lots of views. Once YouTube knows that a video has been viewed enough times, they reward the creator with a better ranking.

Once a producer and his videos rank well in the algorithm, he starts seeing an influx of new viewers on his videos and channel. If the content of the channel is really entertaining, then these new viewers can subscribe to the channel.

7. Enter a Good Channel Description and Tags:-

Increase YouTube Subscribers

YouTube provides some free SEO tools. Which helps the creators to rank the videos better. Creators have the opportunity to enter their details and add tags to each video.

YouTube expects descriptions and tags to relate to the subject matter of the video content. The YouTube algorithm is smart enough to detect their relevance. YouTube creators send a warning strike if they are not found relevant.

To add keywords to the video description, video creators can use the same words or words that have been used for the tag. If creators don’t have an idea of the right keywords to use, they can search for popular keywords using a professional YouTube keyword tool.

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