7 Tips to Use Facebook Group Marketing for Your Business

The Facebook group has been running for a long time, but not every operator can tap its potential. Before deciding to use a Facebook group, you should consider the facebook group marketing tips.

7 Tips to Use Facebook Group Marketing for Your Business

As we all know, Facebook ‘s recent changes to the algorithm have greatly reduced natural coverage. If our goal is clear, paid advertising is naturally the most effective way to achieve good results. But beyond that, we can also do targeted marketing with some extra features. One of which is the Facebook group Marketing. If used properly, then the business can increase website traffic, increase sales, expand global technology fans, to get more potential customers.

The Facebook group has been running for a long time, but not every operator can tap its potential. Before deciding to use a Facebook group, you should consider the facebook group marketing tips.

7 Facebook Group Marketing Tips

1. Preliminary analysis

Before you begin working for facebook group marketing, we need to do some analysis. Because the Facebook group is not suitable for each of the different groups. Facebook groups function in B2C is more useful. In B2B probability of use will below. However, no matter what kind of business you are doing, you must understand the situation.

In the search box, you can enter a subject of interest, then click a group box. Use different keywords to explore the existence of the group. Many groups can have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of members, which has great potential for the company internationally.

Some groups are public, can be added directly, but many of the group is private, require management staff for approval. After joining the group, you must read the terms. Because not every group allows advertising posts to be posted, and they remove your content from the group at any time. Similarly, the frequency of posting posts to multiple groups at the same time may be flagged as spam by members of the group. And your posts may be suspended. Facebook does not specify restrictions in this regard.

Therefore, it is necessary for us to invest a lot of time in the analysis, thoroughly research. Select the group that suits your business, and only target a few groups.

2. Communication with the target market

The biggest advantage of the Facebook group is that there are a large number of users who focus on a topic in one place. This makes it easy to communicate with a small group of members of the public and to dialogue with them. Whether they are your post or posts, you can comment, let them know about your product or service. The Facebook group makes it possible to get along with each other effectively. They are a source of information about the target market and the interests and needs of users.

You can not the Facebook page, only through Facebook Join profile Facebook group. So you need to have a personal homepage. If you want to separate your business profile from your profile, you can create a new profile that is only for Facebook group collaboration and business purposes. You can also create a Facebook group association home page, and then publish directly within the Facebook name of the home page.

3. Existing group

In summary, there may already be related to Facebook groups in your target market/industry. In this case, just select the most appropriate one and request to join. Access to existing members in the group, and analyze potential customers. Before you can generate your own group, you can interact with the group members you have created.

4. New groups

Join an existing group to help you promote your brand, products, and business. But you must follow the rules of others. But as long as you create your own group, its management is entirely up to you. You can use it according to your needs. Finding a large number of members is not easy, but with all the effort and patience, everything is worth it.

You can focus on a wider range of topics and different industries. Such as fashion, sports, marketing or events. You can contact and invite members to join the fan page in a new group, but people often find groups according to their interests and recommend it to friends.

Before you start creating your group on Facebook, you must decide why and how to use it.

When you create a group, you can set it to :

public – anyone can see the contributions of all members

Closed – anyone can find this group, but only members can view the post

Private – only added members can search for groups and view their posts

The Facebook group provides a lot of tools for setting up. You can set up group administrator actions on posts. Which operations are better depends on your goals, and you need to thoroughly consider all aspects.

If you want to increase your participation, it’s best to choose a public group. So everyone can share it in the group. If you want to create a group as customer support, it’s best to turn it into a closed group. Private groups are good for team members or staff of different companies.

After selecting the type of group, complete the description, set a flag, location, and enter the sites and email address. After creating a new group, write some posts, so that new members can read some of the content, which is very interesting for them.

5. Post a post

An important benefit of using groups is that your posts will appear on multiple channels, unlike dynamic messages, which are increasingly difficult to see over time. From Facebook posts, groups will appear in the user notification, inform users to understand the post. However, it is recommended to use it when publishing a major event, otherwise, the user will block these notifications and eventually forget the existence of the group. Your goal should be to ensure that the group does not get value for customers and get them used to love.

6. Invite new members

If you are a Facebook group owner, you can invite new members to join your group from your profile and Facebook page. In addition, an invitation to post a group on the website, send a group message to all of your contacts via a press release and share a link to post a new group on all your active social media platforms. A good way to join a group.

7. Content Strategy

Before starting a new small group, it is necessary to determine the contents of a long-term strategy, to achieve the goals of the group. For example, contact a new customer who has purchased your product to enter the group. The content type can be educational, entertainment, etc. Here are some suggestions for the group content we collected:

1) Tutorial – A great way to engage users.

2) test – can be used as a tool, to collect data for you.

3) Survey – will help you get new content ideas.

4) Q&A – On-site Q&A has become very popular in many groups.

5) Challenges – has become a popular activity in the group. Ask the challenge and invite members to join. Challenges may also be available on a daily basis, allowing members to post information on specific topics, for example, you can ask members to post photos of your product or business.

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Facebook groups are a very effective tool for increasing engagement. That’s why you can unhindered what these groups can bring to you. Don’t forget that you should not only pay attention to the Facebook group marketing but also add value to its members.