7 Email Sequence Examples and How to Create Them

What is an Email Sequence? Even marketers who haven’t actively reached out to customers with email sequences. Undoubtedly some of these correspondences have already been received. Email marketing is the process of using sequences and sending emails to people in different stages. Because they move through the sales funnel. Also, there are different sequences to

7 Email Sequence Examples and How to Create Them

What is an Email Sequence?

Even marketers who haven’t actively reached out to customers with email sequences. Undoubtedly some of these correspondences have already been received.

Email marketing is the process of using sequences and sending emails to people in different stages. Because they move through the sales funnel. Also, there are different sequences to use depending on the purpose.

How to create Email Sequence Template

We mentioned earlier. Key email orders depend on your content audience and your goals for the business. Similarly, the exact steps to create an email sequence depend on the tool the user uses.

For example, automizy is a brand of email indexing software that takes people through step-by-step processes to create automations and perform tasks such as sending campaigns and running reports.

But, in general, building an autoresponder chain gives results. Which means understanding the various needs of an individual that go through each part of the sales funnel.

Include such writing materials as well. Which shows that your company is in an accessible position to address them. The content must be understood in order to connect with the recipient. People want to know how many emails they should create in a sequence. It is a good idea to plan for four to six spreads in one to two months.

Why should you be aware of the audience and purpose when creating an email sequence?

It can be tempting to create just one or two email sequences and distribute them to everyone on your email list. In fact, it is a time-saving technique. But these are what you will almost certainly fall short of for your email campaign.

We have already talked about relevance. And there’s little chance that you’ll be able to create your own sequences that apply to every member of the audience.

For example, if you are targeting B2C and B2B recipients, the technology you use is different. Many decision makers may read B2B emails before the company takes action and begins the relationship.

But B2C consumers often buy one or two promotional materials, such as TV ads and banners at the top of a website. Sometimes you will also use drip campaigns for a relatively low but higher purpose. Such as product launch email sequences.

7 Types of Email Sequence Examples:

Now that we are familiar with some of the board characteristics of the types of email sequences in your organization. It’s time to take a deeper look at specific email automation examples that serve specific purposes.

As we study, you’ll probably start to identify with the automated email funnel technology mentioned earlier. Pay special attention to the provided screenshots of the sequences as well as the descriptive text. Both of those components should make it easy to create an email sequence that works for your audience.

1. Lead Nurturing Email Sequence:-

When someone connects with your lead magnet, there’s a nurturing email chain to start sending. That content could be a white paper, a downloadable checklist, or an eBook, to name but a few. The first email someone receives after requesting a lead magnet. He should deliver the item as promised. It’s ideal if you can keep your message on-brand like in the dims in furniture email examples.

Welcome home to Dims lead nurturing email sequence example

Try an autoresponder sequence. An attractive but straightforward welcome graphic with a mention of the person’s first name. Then in your first order, you can provide a reminder that the company has given the respondent free gifts in exchange for signing up over email.

2. Conversion Email Sequence Templates:-

The purpose of a conversion email sequence is to convert someone on your email list into a qualified, highly converted lead. Many companies offer something that minimizes friction. Which prevents a person from taking interest.

For example Check out this conversion email from the company that offers the Candy Crush Jelly Saga game. It provides people with a type of game currency that they can use to start playing without any upfront investment.

We can expect that those who use Free Gold Bars to join the game so that they will do it for them, will need more. The next email in sequence should come at a time when the average game player has recently used up their complimentary gold bars.

This should prompt a person to respond by purchasing more gameplay content and reminding them of what they missed through inaction. Always make sure your conversion email is appropriately specific and connects to what you want from the recipient.

3. Engagement Emails:-

Audible engagement email design "get 3 months of audible for just $8.95/mo"

You can probably guess from the name that a sequence of engagement emails should urge the recipient to delve into the email rather than ignore it. But the subject line should contain information that is interesting and if people feel that they are not able to read the message then they are missing.

For Example Audible, the audiobook brand, is excellent at attracting its members. A recent example of an email promoting a sale had a subject line: Escape in a Great Listen: Save on 300+ Titles.

The content of the email consists of a single linked image content. Which tells readers how to take advantage of sales. And how long does the discount last?

Then, if people don’t respond to the original email, Audible adjusts the subject line to read “Soon to end:,” followed by the subject line from the initial email. So if you use this type of email autoresponder chain, your automation tool should be such that it can identify whether the recipient acts on the offer.

4. Onboarding Email Sequence Examples:-

Petsmart "thanks for joining our new loyalty program" onboarding Email Sequence Example

An onboarding email gives the recipient everything they need to stay engaged and use your product. For example, the onboarding email logo is ready to book an appointment. Start using the product and find out the services being tested during the test.

The email above from AWS walks people through a three-step process to get the most out of the service. However, one thing it doesn’t do is mention the recipient by name.

Taking that small step to personalize content helps let a company know they don’t care about just one person.

Once a person has had a few days to work with the material in the first onboarding message, it is wise to send another one to clear any potential frustrations.

If a customer feels unsure about where to get help or feels that support is not available to them, they probably won’t be a customer for long.

5. Re-engagement and Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Sequence:-

amazon Re-Engagement and Abandoned Shopping Cart Email Sequence sample

The company works hard to earn leads. And the most successful companies know they have to work hard to keep up. This is where re-engagement and abandoned shopping cart emails can be especially helpful. The shopping cart is just a view. Where you may need a re-engagement sequence.

There are many other possibilities, such as people not understanding your product and service. or intends to use your company to meet a one-time requirement only.

This abandoned cart email from Birchbox, a personal care subscription box service, mentions a product that person did not purchase and includes links to guide the person through completing the purchase.

6. Follow-Up Sequences:-

UberEats "Your $0 Delivery fee is waiting for you" Follow-Up Sequence template

The first email sequence covered here was for lead nurturing. Our intention here was to make people feel happy signing up for a newsletter or anything that caused them to request your lead magnet.

But people don’t always download lead magnet content as soon as they receive it on the content. At that point, it’s time to prompt him with a follow-up sequence.

Autoresponder email chains may be more straightforward than you think. The first message is your welcome content. But, if people don’t retrieve the collateral you put inside the welcome content, the next email in sequence reminds them to do so.

If the downloadable content comes through a dedicated link that expires after a week or two, follow-up sequences work exceptionally well. If customers start creating products on their site and don’t finish them, Shutterfly sends a version of the follow-up sequence.

The email shown below is a discount code people can use to purchase their projects and complete them within a few days. Follow this approach and make people aware of the urgency and what they will lose by not following an action.

7. Renewal Sequences:-

Renewal sequences interact with users before their current subscription plans expire. As such, these email sequence templates usually tell recipients how much time they have before the subscription expires, as well as what happens if it expires.

HelpScout "Your account is scheduled to be deleted in 7 days" Renewal Sequence design

This material emphasizes that the company wants to have that person as a customer. Even if he is not the one to pay. Ultimately, the assumption is that readers may be quite happy with the service that they later upgrade to a paid plan. These email sequences may contain content that mentions how sorry you are for the customer’s departure.

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