6 Free Google Tools That All Marketers Should Use

Yes, as stated in the title, there are 6 free Google tools that all cross-border e-commerce practitioners, especially marketing people, should use. These free Google tools for SEO help to increase the rank of the website.

6 Free Google Tools That All Marketers Should Use

Yes, as stated in the title, there are 6 free Google tools that all cross-border e-commerce practitioners, especially marketing people, should use. These free Google tools for SEO help to increase the rank of the website.

First, let’s take a look at Google’s three-piece set,

  • Google Adwords
  • Google Analytics
  • The webmaster (Google Search Console)

These three free google tools should not be introduced to me. As a marketer, if you have not used it or have not heard of these three, you must reflect on your work!

The practical tools listed in this article, you must make good use of it, this is a recognized excellent tool in the industry, I hope these will help everyone!

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6 Free Google Tools For SEO

1 Google Keyword Planner

link address: https://ads.google.com/intl/en_in/home/tools/keyword-planner/

The first Free Google tools to enter into our list includes Adwords (out of which you have to have a user account) and includes all advantages of “Google Keyword Tool” and “AdWords Traffic Estimator.”

For example, I enter Content marketing in the search box, as shown below:

Then click the button to get the reference prompt, the following keyword prompts can appear:

In the above, we can see that in addition to giving us keyword tips, Google also gives us a rough listing of each keyword, the amount of search per month, and the level of competition for this keyword.

2. Google Analytics

link address: https://analytics.google.com/analytics/web/provision/?authuser=0#/provision

The Google Analytics tool is an action that I have to open every morning to the company, which is similar to logging in to QQ.

Through the background of google analysis, you can understand the total access rate of the previous day, which pages have the longest access time, and which posts users will jump out when they open.

And through what channels does the user know about your site, from which channel the most people come in, and which keywords the user came in. Even you can see how many users are currently accessing your website at this minute, and these are all queried.

Obviously, these data are very important. You will see what kind of articles users like, why some articles have a very long browsing time, and some articles users only jump out in less than 1 minute. This data improves the content for you, and objectively analyzes your website. Helpful.

Everyone must use google to analyze this tool, which is very useful. Also, there are tools for google analysis (configuration).

3. Google Search Console or Webmaster

Link address: https://www.google.com/webmasters/#?modal_active=none

This tool, I usually use to see the user’s search habits, which keywords to use to enter my website, and the number of google index changes, and even see what problems and vulnerabilities on the Internet, this Google Search Console will give information Improvement.

In particular, on this tool, certain websites must use structural data to test this function.

4. Google Trends

link address: https://trends.google.com/trends/?geo=US

Google Trends is similar to the domestic Google Index. The main functions are divided into two parts. One is to check the number of searches and trends of keywords in Google, and the other is to check website traffic.

It is very important to visually display the size of the keyword search and the trend over time. You can see the trend of a keyword search.

So let’s take the ‘Car’ as an example: We can see that in the past 30 days, the countries that search for the most keywords in the Car are:

1. United Kingdom

2. Ireland

3. Australia

4. United States

5. New Zealand

As shown below:

At the same time, google trend also gives a keyword-related prompt. This is also very important. You can use long-tail words for our articles, as shown below:

5 Google My Business

link address: https://www.google.com/intl/en_in/business/

This feature is that when the user searches for your website (brand name), it automatically marks the information on your website to the right category, which will display much information about your company:

1 Business hours
2 User comments on your website
3 Company-specific address
4 Company phone

Taking “Amazon” as an example, when I search Amazon on Google, I will automatically display the relevant information of Amazon in the right column of google. What kind of feeling does this give the user?

Yes, it is authority and trust!

Authority and trust are very important and critical for an independent station because users don’t know if you are fake or scam websites, so it is very necessary to display the company’s detailed address on Google

6. Google Drive

link address: https://www.google.com/drive/

The two cloud storages, Google Drive and Dropbox, are two virtual disks that I have always liked.

Usually, I will combine the Google Driver with two other Google classes, such as Google Docs and Google Sheet.

For example, usually, I first do a survey on Google Docs.

For example, if I want to report activity, I will first do a small-scale investigation, which gifts the fans like, or what they are interested in.

Or maybe, I want to research something (things) then I will also do a questionnaire in Google Docs.

Then you will ask, who is filling out the questionnaire?

Use Facebook or other social platforms. Because I have a lot of fans on Facebook, it is okay to let fans do a survey.

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These were the 6 free google tools we discussed on. But, Google has also other great products, such as Google Ad Manager, Google Assistant,
oogle Shopping, Gmail, YouTube, Google+, Google Calendar, etc.